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Dragon Ball Super Manga Series

Series Information

Original Run:  20 June 2015 – ongoing
Chapters: 80+ chapters
Page Count: TBD
Author: Toyotarō (Shueisha)
Supervision: Akira Toriyama (Bird Studio)
Publication: V-Jump (Shueisha)

The Dragon Ball Super manga series debuted in the August 2015 issue of V-Jump on 20 June 2015, two weeks prior to the Dragon Ball Super TV series’ debut. The manga series is written and illustrated by Toyotarō with supervision and guidance from original Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama. While both the manga and TV series are based on the same general story developed by Toriyama, each is considered a separate entity not directly related to, or directly based on, the other. This is in contrast to the development of the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z TV series, which were nearly direct adaptations of the original Dragon Ball manga series.

In his interviews included in the series’ first, second, and fourth tankōbon, Toyotarō discusses the rough process of creating the manga series. To begin, Toriyama provides a written plot of the general story that Toyotarō then expands upon, adding in his own ideas and events between Toriyama’s established main story elements. The story is then broken out into chapters and Toyotarō draws a rough draft of that month’s chapter, and via his editor, submits it to Toriyama for review and comment. Toyotarō then draws and inks the final draft based on any of the notes or corrections provided.

Each month a new chapter of the series is published in V-Jump. The series began with chapters running anywhere from roughly 15 to 30 pages, but eventually settled into 45 pages per chapter. Chapters are primarily produced in black and white, with very few color pages, and thus far have only been compiled in a tankōbon format.

Series Story Arcs

Select a story arc to view a chapter-by-chapter break-down of that specific arc, with additional information pertaining to the original serialization. Detailed pages have also been included for each individual chapter, which contain title pages, chapter summaries, notes, and page breakdowns. Documentation of additional bonus chapters is available here.

It should be noted that prior to the debut of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, Toyotarō penned a three-chapter introductory manga to the Resurrection ‘F’ movie in the April, May, and June 2015 issues of V-Jump. While not officially confirmed, it is believed that for this reason the Resurrection ‘F’ story arc that appears in the TV series was omitted from the manga, and instead jumps straight into the God of Destruction Champa story arc.

Battle of Gods arcChapters 01–04

Beerus, God of Destruction, has awoken after a 39 year slumber. Having had a dream about “Super Saiyan God”, he sets out in search of this mysterious Saiyan. After visiting Kaiō, and eventually ending up on Earth, Goku must find a way to summon the power of “Super Saiyan God” and battle the irritable god before he destroys the Earth!

Publication Dates: 20 June 2015 — 19 September 2015 (4 months)

Gods of Destruction Champa and Beerus have decided to hold a team battle featuring select warriors from their respective universes, with the grand prize being Universe 7’s Earth, and all of the delicious food that comes with it! With so much on the line, Earth’s heroes must defend their home and find the last remaining Super Dragon Ball before it’s too late.

Publication Dates: 21 October 2015 — 21 June 2016 (9 months)
Future Trunks arcChapters 14–26

The future is in danger once again, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Future Trunks resists, but even the power of a Super Saiyan is no match for this mysterious man called “Black”. With no option left, Trunks travels back to the past once again to enlist the help of Goku and Vegeta. Even with Beerus on their side, can they stop Black’s shocking plan?!

Publication Dates: 21 July 2016 — 21 July 2017 (13 months)
Universe Survival arcChapters 27–42

Having enjoyed watching the martial arts tournament between Universe 6 and 7 firsthand, the Omni-King holds his very own between all 12 universes! With the warriors assembled, the Universe’s Greatest Martial Arts Tournament is set to begin. While Goku is filled with unabashed delight, Beerus and Whis are fraught with fear at the consequences of losing…

Publication Dates: 21 August 2017 — 21 November 2018 (16 months)

Goku and Vegeta volunteer to help the Galactic Patrol capture Moro, an escaped prisoner who had been imprisoned for 10 million years. However, Moro wields powerful magic that allows him to steal other’s power. As Moro shifts his attention to obtaining the Namekian Dragon Balls, can the Galactic Patrol stop him before he makes a universe-changing wish?!

Publication Dates: 21 December 2018 — 21 December 2020
Granolla the Survivor arcChapters 68–ongoing

All seems at peace across the Universe as our heroes receive accommodations from the Galactic Patrol for their efforts battling Moro. But in the shadows Granolla moves to retrieve Seven-Three’s remains, which have already been recovered for replication by Goichi, the lifeform’s original owner. What secrets does Seven-Three hold, and what is Granolla’s grand scheme?!

Publication Dates: 21 January 2021 — ongoing

Supplemental Works

Bonus Chapters1–ongoing

North Kaiō’s planet is restored back to its small size. Pilaf and co. are wished into babies. Gohan wishes to visit Trunks’ future timeline. Goten and Trunks babysit the island. Anyone remember Broli? These short bonus chapters have been published in each year’s “Jump Victory Carnival” attendee guidebooks since the series’ debut.

Publication Dates: 18 July 2015 — ongoing