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Our “Press Archive” is a collection of international (non-Japanese) Dragon Ball media coverage. This includes — but is not limited to — magazine articles, media interviews, press releases, etc. While the vast majority is editorial in nature, some inclusions may be advertisements or partner promotions; these can and will be obvious from the included context. While historical notes are provided on many articles, not every statement can be evaluated. Therefore, it should be understood that articles as-printed over the years may have contained factual errors; these are presented as-is without editorialization in the transcriptions themselves.

This section will generally only include items that are (1) at least 10-15 years old, and (2) from sources no longer available for purchase. In going along with our overall site mission, we believe it is important to document this history and the sentiment of the time. While we are happy to work with rights-holders if they disagree, we at Kanzenshuu feel that this historical importance should be recognized. All of the inclusions listed on this page are specific Dragon Ball-related selections from their respective publications, and in no way replace the entirety of the source.

Archived press transcriptions are listed chronologically by publication date, and further by page number (if applicable). Search parameters — such as an individual’s name, related topic, or publication — may be entered in the box below to search through the archive. Searches can also be filtered by selecting any of the filtering parameters listed below, which include specific series, collected releases, type of publication, general format, and publication year.

For media coverage and interviews sourced from their original Japanese language, please also see our “Translations” section.

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