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Nintendo Power (Issue 1, July/August 1988)

Dragon Power™


I’ll make all of your dreams come true Goku!!

This exciting adventure game is based on the classic Chinese story, “Hsi Yu Chi” (Monkey). There are lots of Kung Fu-like movements. You begin deep in the mountains where Goku and Nora start their incredible mission to find seven crystal balls. Ahead lies a long, dangerous and fantasy-like escapade as the two search for the crystals. The journey takes them through sultry deserts, deep into caves, and through battles with incredible monsters. But if they succeed in finding and claiming the crystal balls, Goku and Nora will be granted one wish by the Dragon Emperor. And this wish is their ultimate goal. Will they make it? Only time and many adventures will tell.

Goku’s death-defying adventure now begins.

Take this powerful jump kick!

Transcription & Notes: VegettoEX