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Published by 03 November 2021, 12:41 PM EDTComment

With the release of Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 77, Bardock — “Burdock” if you rather… or, heck, even “Barduck” — is back in the fandom chatter all over again. This isn’t actually about how you spell the character’s name, though — that’s another story for another time! For now, let’s talk about titles. Dragon

Published by 18 June 2020, 3:08 PM EDTComment

While Dragon Ball Super‘s manga-exclusive “Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc” is still ongoing (beginning back in chapter 42 in the January 2019 issue of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine, and continuing today in chapter 61), the fight has been brought to Earth, and the Galactic Patrol — beyond just Jaco himself, now — has seen a great deal

Published by 25 September 2019, 2:43 PM EDT4 Comments

While the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter certainly gave us plenty to speculate about, in typical Kanzenshuu fashion, what we want to talk about is not necessarily the content of the story itself, but something a little more behind-the-scenes: in this case, puns and possible name sources, particularly with regard to and in response

Published by 19 November 2017, 1:36 AM EST2 Comments

I will be honest: this post took me nearly three days to compile. The raw emotions experienced in this situation are just something we have rarely had to deal with as a community, let alone such remorse as something I have personally had to deal with. As someone intimately familiar with the series for nearly

Published by 04 December 2015, 9:09 PM ESTComment

Here at Kanzenshuu, we have inadvertently produced a podcast mini-series on critical thinking over the years: back in 2013 with a supposed new series announcement, and again just recently with a supposed new movie announcement. In each case, we tracked information back to the original source, dissected various statements, provided independent translations, etc. We of

Published by 11 November 2015, 6:55 PM ESTComment

Over the past few weeks, the Dragon Ball fanbase has been inundated with reports and articles of a new Dragon Ball Z movie being produced to complete the “trilogy” of recent films, as was supposedly confirmed by veteran Dragon Ball animator, character designer, and director Tadayoshi Yamamuro in Spain. We at Kanzenshuu have not reported