Thanks to the work of our fantastic translators, Jake Schutz and Julian Grybowski, we have completely new romanizations and translations of a wide variety of songs. Not only will you find lyrics from the original Japanese version of the Dragon Ball series (as well as movies, video games, etc.), but also from the various English themes done for FUNimation’s dubs over the years (and hopefully some additional “international” songs, as much as our language skills allow!).

The Japanese lyric files have a romanization on the left hand side, with an English translation on the right; the lines for the romanization and translation line up with each other, so that you can not only read along with the song, but understand what’s being said, line by line.

Japanese Song Lyrics

Songs are sorted in alphabetical order by their romanizations under their appropriate series or entity, which are listed in chronological order.

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English (FUNimation) Song Lyrics