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Bit by Bit, I’m Falling Under Your Spell

Dragon Ball GT English Dub Opening Theme (2008–09 FUNimation DVD version)

Original Japanese Lyrics

Izumi Sakai

Original Music Composition

Tetsurō Oda

English Vocals

Vic Mignogna

Translator’s Note
As with most localized theme songs, this is not an actual translation of the original Japanese lyrics, due to the constraints of making the lyrics rhyme and fit the song’s meter. A direct translation of the Japanese song can be found here. This is also the TV-Size version, as the English version has not been released outside of the TV show.
Lyrics in English
Bit by bit, I’m falling under your spell
Your smile’s all I need to see to know we’ll
Leave this endless darkness, saying, “Come along with me!”
Hold my hand
Back when you first came into my life,
I recalled a place that I knew as a child: a special place, one that I held close to my heart
Won’t you lead me in a dance down this winding road,
Where light and shadow entwine to take hold of the thoughts of the one left far behind?
Know that sometimes, I want to turn around and see the things that I’ve passed on the journey,
But know with love on my side, with courage and pride, I’ll fight; I will carry on
Bit by bit, I’m falling under your charm
You’ll keep me and all the world far from harm
Bring hope to everyone; take in your hands eternity
Even when it seems that I don’t need you,
Just know that I am in love, can’t wait to
Leave this endless darkness. Won’t you come along with me?
Hold my hand
Transcription: Julian