Our features are in-depth, researched presentations that go further than our standard guides. Each feature documents a specific subject matter and either reveals new information or presents material in a fun and engaging way that all types of fans can take something away from.

Current Feature Article

The Dragon Ball Z American Debut Date

Published: September 2021
FUNimation’s English dub of Dragon Ball Z began airing in syndication in September 1996. Which exact date did it debut, though? And is there more to the story of Dragon Ball Z‘s broadcast in America?

Past Feature Articles

A Different Missing Link: From Zero to Goku (Again)

Published: May 2020
In 1994, the same year that they became a company, FUNimation produced an English dub of the first Dragon Ball theatrical film, titled “Curse of the Blood Rubies”. Perhaps you have seen their 2011 re-release with the Texas voice cast. Perhaps you have seen their 1995 release with the Canadian voice cast. It is unlikely that you have seen the original 1994 version.

DB30YEARS: Special 30th Anniversary Magazine

Published: November 2014
In celebration of Dragon Ball‘s 30th anniversary, we have collected articles, reviews, critiques, artwork, and more from fans across the globe. Read this special magazine online or download to your favorite device for free!

Kenji Yamamoto Retrospective

Published: March 2011
In early 2011, with only two episodes left to broadcast, Dragon Ball Kai had its entire musical score by Kenji Yamamoto stripped out, including the music in all subsequent repeat and international broadcasts. What exactly happened, and what had Yamamoto been doing with the franchise’s music for over twenty years?

The Evolution of Dragon Ball Kai

Published: March 2011
Dragon Ball Kai was a fascinating experiment — by digging into their archives, Toei was able to monetize a show that had already been released in a new way, and potentially lay the groundwork for an entirely new generation of fans to pump money into the system. The big question is, though: did the experiment work?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Ball – Otakon 2010

Published: August 2010
At Otakon 2010 we were proud to present an informational panel filled with tidbits about our favorite franchise that many fans (probably!) did not know. What are some of the more obscure name puns in the series? How involved with Dragon Ball GT was original author Akira Toriyama? Is there any basis for the AF rumor…?

My Dragon Box Isn’t Perfect?!

Published: April 2010
While the Japanese Dragon Boxes remain the most consistent and complete releases the Dragon Ball franchise has ever received, there are plenty of fair points to make about missing video content. What is our “wish list” for what could (and should!) have been included, and is any of that actually realistic or even possible?

A Decade In Review: 2000-2009

Published: January 2010
The ten years spanning 2000 to 2009 saw a jaw-droppingly massive amount of new merchandise and surprise reveals. From the first home release of the series in Japan to an American live action movie, it seemed that the sky was the limit for Dragon Ball. What, in our opinion, were the top five stories of this fabulous decade?

Dragon Box Z: The Comparison

Published: November 2009
No-one saw the surprise announcement coming: FUNimation, a mere two months after completing the orange bricks, would begin releasing a Dragon Box version of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. How does the domestic release hold in terms of technical performance as well as the impressive packaging for the collector sets?

FUNimation Dragon Box History & Significance

Published: July 2009
The Dragon Box release would mark the fourth version of some Dragon Ball Z episodes making their way to DVD alone. For many long-time fans, it was a cause for celebration and relaxation, not claims and accusations of being taken advantage of. How did both we, the fans, and FUNimation themselves get to this point?

Toriyama Exhibition Essays

Published: June 2009
For his second appearance in a touring Japanese art exhibit, Akira Toriyama was the subject of essays from prominent art critics, game developers, editors, and even other artists. What did these other well-regarded folks have to say about the Dragon Ball author and his various (quite successful!) series?

Fan Thoughts: The Dragon Ball Ending

Published: July 2008
For the final kanzenban released in 2004, original author Akira Toriyama altered the ending to the series by adding several new pages of content with a refined focus on Oob, but with plenty of other minor tidbits. What were these changes, how do some of today’s fans feel about the ending being changed, and is it for the better?

Dragon Ball Z Complete Song Collection Box (“Chōzenshū”)

Published: April 2008
The Dragon Ball franchise’s music was no stranger to repackaged collections, but a thirteen disc “Complete Song Collection Box” behemoth was a music aficionado’s dream. Is this truly the definitive and complete vocal song collection it claims to be, and was it therefore worth the money and time it would take to obtain it?

“Dragon Box: The Movies” Arrives

Published: April 2006
The final Japanese “Dragon Box” release contains all of the franchise’s movies in one gorgeous collection. Do the technical merits of this set stand up to (or blow away?) the prior releases? What special bonuses come packaged with this set? Is it really the holy grain of Dragon Ball movie goodness we were all expecting?

Manga Comparison

Published: November 2005
While many fans know that the Dragon Ball manga had quite a few special color chapters (which were republished in the kanzenban), it is not as widely known that the coloring and special additions were often more elaborate in the original Weekly Shōnen Jump versions. Check out an entire chapter’s comparison!

The Dragon Ball Z You’ve Never Seen (AnimeNEXT 2005 Panel)

Published: July 2005
At AnimeNEXT 2005 we were proud to present a panel filled with rare video material from the history of Dragon Ball. From funny commercials, to live music performances, to dub comparisons, to live action movie clips… we had a little bit of everything for all types of fans! Think you have seen it all? Think again!

The “Arrival” of the “Ultimate Uncut Edition”: DVD Showdown!

Published: April 2005
After regaining the home distribution license to the first 67-or-so episodes of the Dragon Ball Z TV series (having left it in Pioneer’s hands for many years), FUNimation returns with the “Ultimate Uncut Edition”. Does the first volume of three episodes finally deliver what we’ve been looking for, and does it showcase any promise in the re-dubbed episodes?

The 2004 “Dragon Ball AF” Prank

Published: April 2004
The Dragon Ball AF rumor had already been kicking around for several years, so we took it upon ourselves to solidify the infamy of the fake series for years to come with a print ad and video commercial. How did we construct such a massive prank, and what was the community’s response that fateful day?

The 2003 Resurgence of Dragon Ball in Japan

Published: January 2003
When Dragon Ball GT ended in 1997, the franchise was ready to take a much-needed break. After a few years, it seemed as if it were ready to jump right back into the game again. New video games, a re-release of the manga, and the first home release of the TV series are only the beginning of its rise to the top once more!