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Main Title (“Gotta Find That Dragon Ball!”)

Dragon Ball FUNimation English Theme (Ocean Studios / TriMark dub, 1995)


Brian Griffith


Peter Berring

Translator’s Note
This is the theme used by FUNimation’s initial attempt at an English dub of Dragon Ball in the 1990s. Thirteen episodes were produced using voice talent from Ocean Studios and released through TriMark / Lion’s Gate Films. This dub used a completely different musical score from the Japanese original, composed by Peter Berring; this is the opening theme they used. It is known simply as “Main Title” on the official soundtrack, but commonly referred to by the first line in the lyrics. It is actually quite catchy…
Lyrics in English
Dragon Ball! Gotta find that Dragon Ball!
Don’t stop until you got ’em all, the seven magic balls
It’s all you gotta do to have your wish come true!
Get that Dragon Ball! Dragon Ball!
The greatest test of all is to find that seventh ball
Danger all around you, villains everywhere
Evil, it surrounds you; keep on searchin’, but beware
(Goku! He’s gonna show you!) He’s gonna help you find the way
(Goku! He’s gonna show you!) He and his friends are gonna save the day
Dragon Ball! There’s always evil lurkin’ till the Dragon calls
You won’t believe the magic in those seven balls
Everybody’s searchin’ for the Dragon Balls!
Transcription: Julian