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Shonen Jump (Issue 28, April 2005)


*Yes, and VHS, too

Dragon Ball Z Broly: Second Coming Uncut Movie
FUNimation Productions, Ltd.
April 2005
DVD (Uncut): 45 min. $24.98
VHS (Uncut): 45 min. $19.98
VHS: 43 min. $14.98

Card collectors will definitely want to try to place their orders early for this anime. Why, you ask? For the double foil Broly Dragon Ball Z trading card, of course! It comes with the Dragon Ball Z Broly: Second Coming Uncut Movie DVD available everywhere in April!

Fan of Broly? Not a fan of Broly? Either way, his second coming will satisfy your appetite to see the burly foe get some major face time and battle action with the usual heroes of the series. This time add Videl, the daughter of Hercule. She plus Goten and Trunks are searching for the ever-elusive Dragon Balls but find themselves in a kafuffle not too long after they begin their journey. Big surprise.

However, in true friendship fashion, when they chance upon an enraged Broly, Videl, Goten and Trunks must do all they can to fend him off before Gohan is at an optimum fighting level. Get this package to find out how the trio face off against the mad bull that is… Broly!!!

Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta Saga Volume 1: Saiyan Showdown Ultimate Uncut Special Edition
FUNimation Productions, Ltd.
April 2005
DVD (Uncut): 75 min. $24.98
DVD Starter Set (with Exclusive Goku figure and Collector’s Box): $39.98

As winter ice thaws off the branches of cherry trees in Washington, budding onto the American anime scene is the first release of the Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Uncut Special Editions. Aren’t you excited? You should be because with the first volume, you’ll get a chance to purchase an exclusive Goku figure and Collector’s Box along with it! Too cool!

For the serious and informed collector, this first volume offers a slew of features. Well, we’re being a little facetious, but really, this first volume of Saiyan Showdown does offer more than just the episodes.

Check out interviews with the voice actors, original Japanese footage and special bonus featurettes. There’s even a little Nimbus Cloud that allows a true fan to oscillate back and forth between edited and uncut changes in the anime.

Transcription & Notes: VegettoEX