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Dragon Ball Super Volume 2 (Manga)


Toyotarō-sensei‘s Super Anatomy!!!

People ask “Who’s your favorite Dragon Ball character?” It would probably cause a stir if I said Oolong or Pilaf or somebody like that, but I can’t lie to myself. Naturally, my favorite character… is Son Goku!

When did you start drawing manga?!
When I was in elementary school, I’d fill my notebook up with Dragon Ball drawings without even realizing it. Back then I was already daydreaming about making a Dragon Ball spinoff manga. My first idea was a story starring Chiaotzu.
Which characters are tough to draw?!
New Dragon Ball Super characters like Beerus and Whis, since there’s nothing for me to use as a reference. Whis has an eye shape we haven’t seen in Dragon Ball before, so he’s extra tricky!!
What’s your process working with Toriyama-sensei?!
I draw a rough draft based on Toriyama-sensei‘s original story, then I send it to my editor, who gets sensei to check it. It’s an honor to be able to give concrete form to sensei‘s ideas, but sometimes sensei will send over a part he drew himself, which sends me into an uproar, going back and forth between being all hyped up and feeling really down in the dumps.


[Caption] In Toyotarō-sensei‘s rough draft, at this stage the planet was smaller, and there was no dialogue.

[Caption] Toriyama-sensei does corrections, making the planet larger and adding dialogue. Toyotarō-sensei then makes the final image based on these corrections.

What will happen in the rest of the “Future Trunks arc” and afterwards?!
The rest of the “Future Trunks arc” will take a slightly different approach with how things play out, compared to the TV anime. And after that…? “That promise” everyone is waiting for will be fulfilled! But you know Toriyama-sensei! Things won’t go as you expect! Look forward to it!!

[Caption] Huh?! Trunks is wearing the same outfit his mentor Gohan once wore?!

[Caption] There’s a secret in this volume’s picture of the author?! Wait for the next volume to learn the truth!

Toyotarō goes to New York Comic Con!!
An annual anime and manga convention held in New York. This year Toyotarō-sensei was there signing autographs!! Even in America, there are plenty of Dragon Ball fans!! He says that interacting with them renewed his love of manga.

English Translation: Herms