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Dragon Ball Super: Granolla the Survivor

Arc Information

Original Run: 21 January 2021 – ongoing
Corresponding: Dragon Ball Super Chapters 68 – ongoing
Page Count: TBD

Arc Synopsis

All seems at peace across the Universe following Moro’s defeat, with Goku and co. receiving medals of honor from the Galactic King to commemorate their heroic battle with Moro. As time passes by, Jaco is performing his important “Cyber Patrol” duties, but is convinced by another to assist in rounds at the Galactic Prison. While doing so, they encounter Saganbo’s henchmen, and after some provocation Jaco realizes he should have further investigated to ensure Seven-Three was indeed destroyed along with Moro. To clear his conscious, they travel back to Earth only to find the crater is empty. Thinking Seven-Three was certainly destroyed, they fly off to gather some delicious food; however, just prior to their arrival Seven-Three had been recovered by others.

A few months later, far off in a remote area of the universe, an attendant informs his master Goichi that the data from Seven-Three has been copied into their other units, meaning all should hold his same abilities. Goichi is ecstatic to hear this, considering all seemed lost after Seven-Three was stolen from them by Saganbo. Suddenly their ship is boarded by the mysterious Granolla, who quickly dispatches the guards and OG units sent to stop him. As he makes his way through the ship, Granolla finally stumbles onto what he has been searching for — OG73-i!

NOTE: The Granolla the Survivor arc technically begins with the final pages of chapter 67.

Chapter List

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68Pages: 45
Seizonsha Guranora
Granolla the Survivor
21 January 2021
V-Jump March 2021
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69Pages: 45
Shiriaru-sei no Sen’i
The Succession of Planet Cereal
20 February 2021
V-Jump April 2021