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Original Illustrated Stories

Three products given the title “Original Illustrated Story” (オリジナル イラスト ストーリー; originaru irasuto sutōrī) were written and illustrated by various members of the anime production staff and printed in miscellaneous publications of the time.

The first, In the Name of Demon King Piccolo, was written by Takao Koyama with illustrations by Minoru Maeda in 1989. The short, six-page story was published in a special “mook” (combination magazine/book) for the Dragon Ball series that covered various aspects of the franchise. It focused on the second Piccolo, beginning with his birth and covering events up through the arrival of the Saiyans.

The second, High Pride!! Saiya Prince Vegeta, was produced by the same team of Koyama and Maeda in 1991, and published in the second of the special “mook” releases for the franchise. It focused on Vegeta, beginning with his childhood back on his Saiyan home world and covering events up through the battle on Planet Namek.

The third, The Lonely Future Warrior! Trunks, was produced by a slightly new team in 1993, with the story written by Aya Matsui and illustrations again by Minoru Maeda. As opposed to the first two “original illustrated stories” which focused both on illustrations and text, the third is primarily text with the occasional picture; in this regard, it is somewhat like a “light novel” (only much shorter). It was published as a bonus inclusion in the “Film Animation Comic” version of the first Dragon Ball Z TV special.

Jump Magazine Specials

Original Illustrated Story #1: Piccolo

Pikkoro Daimaō no Nani Kakete
In the Name of the Great Demon King Piccolo
Softcover | A4 (21 × 29.7 cm) | 6 pages
Released: 18 October 1989
Retail: ¥550
Publisher: Shueisha
Leading up to the battle against the Saiyans, Piccolo reminisces about being born from his demonic father, plotting to kill Son Goku, and ultimately being tasked with training and caring for his nemesis’ son.

Original Illustrated Story #2: Vegeta

誇り高き!! サイヤの王子ベジータ
Hokoritakaki!! Saiya no Ōji Bejīta
High Pride!! Saiya Prince Vegeta
Softcover | A4 (21 × 29.7 cm) | 6 pages
Released: 06 June 1991
Retail: ¥550
Publisher: Shueisha
Having been killed by Freeza during the battle on Planet Namek, Vegeta recalls a lifetime filled with battle and slaughter. He vows to return to kill both Freeza and Kakarrot, and finally fulfilling his goal to be the strongest.

Film Animation Comics

Original Illustrated Story #3: Trunks

孤独の未来戦士!! トランクス
Kodoku no Mirai Senshi!! Torankusu
The Lonely Future Warrior!! Trunks
Softcover | New Book Format (11 × 17 cm) | 13 pages
Released: 12 January 1993
Retail: ¥670
Publisher: Shueisha
Trunks tells the story of his future timeline, seeking out and desperately hoping for the acceptance and love of his father, and meeting Son Goku.