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Gotenks and/or Pilaf Are Playable
in Dragon Ball: Final Bout

Rumor Status

The rumor that Gotenks is a playable character in Final Bout goes back a long way. There have even been corresponding “codes” to go along with this rumor (the most prevalent/widespread being that you must beat the game nine times in a row on hard difficulty with Trunks). However, Final Bout came out in 1997. You would think that over the course of all these years someone would have a screen shot or even hacked the game’s coding to reveal some images, some sound files… something.

Alas, there is nothing, because it’s not true.

Meri (of ye’ olden fansite Temple O’ Trunks) took advantage of people on April Fool’s Day in 2002 with a screen shot showing Gotenks and Pilaf as playable characters on the character selection screen:

Final Bout April Fool's Day

You would think having Pilaf on there would give it away (never mind it being April Fool’s Day), but unfortunately people are NOW asking how to play as Pilaf when they ask how to play as Gotenks!

(In retrospect, Pilaf wasn’t blurred well enough to match the rest of them. Gotenks was pretty good, though!)