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The Name of Lunch’s ‘Evil’ Blonde
Alter-Ego is ‘Kushami’

Rumor Status

This one comes to us from Curtis Hoffmann’s old Dragon Ball manga summaries (which he wrote while the manga was still being released in Weekly Shōnen Jump in the mid-90s!). Lunch is never actually referred to as “Kushami” in either her “good” or “evil” forms in the series. Rather, it seems as though Hoffmann invented the nickname (which is Japanese for “sneeze”) as shorthand so he would not have to write out “Blonde Lunch” or “Lunch’s evil side” every time she appeared in said form.

Since these manga summaries were pretty much the only thing comparable to an actual translation out there until 1998 (aside from some scanlations of dodgy quality), fans took Hoffmann’s words as gospel, assuming the name “Kushami” was present in the Japanese version. Despite its widespread use, it is really a fan-created term.