What's so wrong with having Broly be a Universe 6 fighter

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Re: What's so wrong with having Broly be a Universe 6 fighte

Post by SingleFringe&Sparks » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:59 am

Broly is the dead-horse of the series, he doesn't need to be beaten again. Not only would that completely screw up the canon even more for the fanbase but he's just so placed out. His first movie imho should have been self-contained and the book on him. If anything I miss about him, it's his SSJ-Movie 10 design. If the creator wants Broly back, then work with Toriyama to design something similar, but I doubt Toriyama would ever use anything not his own, without the exception of Bardock (which he redesigned.)
The thing with Bardock is that he actually expanded the lore for Goku so much that he was useful to the series pre-EOB. Broly however adds nothing. He's just a really strong monster of the day and over-milked.
Zephyr wrote:The fandom's collective fetishizing of "moments" is also ridiculous to me. No, not everyone needs a fucking "shine" moment. If that's all you want, then all you want is fanservice, rather than an actual coherent story. And of course those aren't mutually exclusive; you could have a coherent story with "shine" moments! But if a story is perfectly coherent (and I'm really not seeing any compelling arguments that this one is anything but, despite constantly recurring, really poorly reasoned, attempts to argue otherwise), and you're bemoaning the lack of "shine" moments as a reason for the story's poor quality, then you're letting your thirst for "shine" moments obfuscate your ability to detect basic storytelling when it's right in front of you.

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Re: What's so wrong with having Broly be a Universe 6 fighte

Post by BluePiccolo » Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:59 am

Zephyr wrote:Champa isn't an alternate Beerus. He's literally Beerus' brother. Vados isn't an alternate Whis. She's literally Whis' sister.

That means that there's no reason to assume that there will be an "alternate Goku", since we haven't seen any alternate anybody. Granted, there may be some individual that sort-of corresponds to Goku. However, it in all likelihood will not be Goku.
I just wanted to give praise to the best explanation of why there won't be "alternate versions" of the main protagonists from universe 7. And hopefully a lot of people will read these posts and put a stop to this nonsense because it never made sense to me ever since I heard the idea for the first time.
Back to topic:
I'm all for Broly, but his backstory is weak and ridiculous. Someone pointed out that if they bring him back and update his character i.e. a better motive for hating Kakarot, expanding his personality in terms of complexity and adding an additional dimension to an otherwise 1-dimensional character in 3 movies, it just wouldn't be the same character and it defeats the point in bringing "him" back in the first place. They might as well just write a completely new character with a similar heritage, give him a complex back story and call him Coulier™ (from cauliflower).
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