Kai Episode 122 (21 September 2014)

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Re: Kai Episode 122 (21 September 2014)

Post by Cold Skin » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:34 pm

Kei17's track doesn't work with Cell's death (we don't need a goofy "Mr. Satan" or "Goten and Trunks' kid adventures" music).
Puto's track would work with Cell's death, it's in the "it's a beautiful moment" catergory.

For example, Dragon Soul's orchestral version is a happy track and would work with Cell's death as soon as Goku says "now" and Gohan pushes.
If it's a happy moment, a happy track works. Giving a final blow to a monster we've fought for long or revealing an awesome new form that has more power than anything seen previously can be considered a happy moment, with everyone yelling "yahoo!!" (including the viewer). Simple.

This wouldn't be the interpretation I'd go with for the Super Saiyan 3 scene, but it is a valid one.
What don't you tell us what you would consider good for the Super Saiyan 3 BGM, Kei? That way, we'll see if it matches your expectations when it's aired.

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Re: Kai Episode 122 (21 September 2014)

Post by dbboxkaifan » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:44 pm

Cold Skin wrote:^ Wouldn't call it "ruining" anything when the Super Saiyan 3 can indeed be interpreted as a triumph, much like Vegeta's sacrifice.

Actually, many tracks could fit the Super Saiyan 3: it can either mean
- "this is a triumph" --> Wow, such a triumph!
- "this is beautiful, have tears in your eyes in front of this magnificence that you're watching" --> Wow, such a beautiful sight to behold!
- "this is badass and so cool" --> Wow, such a badass!
- "this is a happy event, Goku will save the day once again, please jump around in joy" --> Wow, so happy that there's a new impressive form!
- "this is sort of scary new overwhelming form, please be worried about what Goku may have changed into" (much like when he first turned Super Saiyan where there was a worrying music) --> Wow, kind of scary!
- "things are going to get serious now, heavy atmosphere track" --> Wow, time to get serious now!
- etc...

I think that for almost every moment, 75% of tracks would be acceptable choices that don't ruin anything and are various, valid interpretations of a same scene. Often, only "total paradox" contrasts can't work (sad music for a happy moment or happy music for something that can only be perceived as sad).
There's never such a thing as "this scene must go with that kind of music - or lack thereof - and that's the only way to make it good". There's more tracks that can work than tracks that can't work.

In that case, only a sad (there's nothing sad about it that viewers or characters could feel) or comedy track (there's nothing funny about it that viewers or characters could feel) couldn't fit, but any track that is either triumphant, epic, badass, beautiful, worrying, panic, eerie or happy could work.

I'd take Vegeta's Atonement BGM for Goku's Super Saiyan 3 moment than some lousy cheaply made tune and unfitting (let's say, something similar to that disco/track they used for Goku's arrival at the Tenkaichi Tournament grounds).

I don't see the issue if the BGM is properly inserted than randomly placed (this reminds me of Kikuchi-Kai, lol).
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