The Mid-Buu Arc Drama cassette tape

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The Mid-Buu Arc Drama cassette tape

Post by tronk21 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:48 pm

I've found a very interesting tape. As some of you may know, there are Dragon Ball cassette tapes that contain the audio from movies and episodes. While there are some slight differences in the sound between those what you may call "drama tapes" of DBZ films and other releases, they both use the same recordings of voice actor performances.

What I'm about to present is of entirely different caliber. I've stumbled upon a tape that contains 6 songs from Hit Song Collection 16. But from time to time these songs are quieted down and played in the background so that something else can go into the audio foreground. It's voice actors' performances of dialogues from the mid-Buu saga! But the most important thing is that these voices are not taken straight from the show. After analyzing them, I've concluded that these are newly-recorded performances! Meaning that voice actors have performed their lines just for the sake of this little tape!


I was shocked to discover this! Don't take my word for it, listen to my samples for yourselves!

The drama-song hybrid tape begins with Buu turning some people into cookies. Now in the show, he first turns citizens of some city into candy and in another instance a crowd gets turned into chocolate. So he never shouts the words "Turn into cookies!" like in the tape. That alone can serve as a proof that this is an exclusive recording of voice actors: ... mple-1.mp3

The second sample I wanted to show is this tape's version of the emotional scene in which Trunks and Goten become distrusting of Goku for letting their close ones die while he was "sleeping": ... mple-2.mp3

Next moment I would like to present is how well the drama portion fits with the beginning of the following song: ... mple-3.mp3

As the song continues, the fighting continues so the dialogues are sometimes heard in the middle of songs: ... mple-4.mp3

Here's the reenactment of the classic (is it classic though?) Super Saiyan 3 scene just for fun: ... mple-5.mp3

The following scene I wanted to show because it's another sweet one from the show with Goten wishing to hug his dad: ... mple-6.mp3

And the last drama-type moment on the tape is the narrator's talk after Gotenks is properly created: ... mple-7.mp3

I hope you enjoy those samples. I think this is a big deal like finding some cutscenes from some old DB game that one have never seen. These lines are performed differently and the wording of them differs slightly from the show. And these reasons were enough for me to make this thread. So have a nice read and listen!

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Re: The Mid-Buu Arc Drama cassette tape

Post by Xeogran » Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:37 pm

That's interesting! I like hearing unique voice clips. I wonder if there's more, or from other sagas too.

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