DragonBall Genesys TTRPG

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DragonBall Genesys TTRPG

Post by ProtectorCross » Wed May 19, 2021 4:31 pm

Have you ever wanted to transform into a super saiyan and fight super strong opponents? Ever wish you could collect the DragonBalls and fulfill your dreams? Can you say you enjoy epic adventures? I know I can! That is why I spent 1 entire year of my life dedicated to making a DragonBall Tabletop RPG utilizing the Genesys narrative dice system by FFG. Here I have created a TTRPG that is easy to get into, themed around everything DB and, is narratively driven without need for excessive numbering. All within the year 2020.

This game is in development still by being updated and expanded upon. I currently am adding lore about locations. I will also be adding time travel mechanics for those complicated GMs who want to include that.

Url: https://discord.gg/yKqqndys4G

If interested join my discord dedicated to a DB TTRPG using the genesys game system.

We have:

1. 7 primary races (along 2 sub races) one race is a build it yourself generic alien template.
2. Weapons tables which include melee and ranged guns
3. New talents that are DB inspired
4. Transformations
5. Fusion rules for potara and dance
6. Android modifications if you wish to be a cyborg like 17 and 18.
7. Rules on handling Ki and using Ki attacks.
8. Lore from all DragonBall media.
9. Careers based on primary DragonBall characters, along with how to build a custom career.
11. An actual PDF.
12. Transformations taken from dbz, dbGT, super, and heroes.

It has plenty of room for growth, and my community has plenty of room for you! Especially if you're overly tired of super number focused games and wish to just roll the dice and have a beautiful narrative experience that also translates well to combat situations as displayed in the anime and manga.

If you would like to join the team, just join my discord and @ProtectorCross and I will gladly see where, and if you would fit in. We also welcome homebrew, and are currently finishing up an entire namekian focused pdf supplement which adds new subracial abilities for nameks.

Curious about races? Well here's our list:

1. Alien (generic build your own race.)
2. Core people
2.1 Demon race (sub species.)
3. Earthlings
3.1 half saiyan (Sub species)
4. Freeza classes
5. Majin
6. Namekian
7. Saiyan

For those who love saiyans and their array of colors, I'd like to mention we've had every single form of super saiyan canonically used by goku and vegeta from z, gt, and super FROM RELEASE. Non canon forms and transformation techniques still in dev.

I hope that you please take the time to visit and review my material, everything needed to play would be found in the discord #resource channel. I will be updating as I go, as this is only the second public post since release on a forum.

Come join my community. Helpful advices and design critiques welcome. Some things will be addressed, some are there due to how it needs to work in a ttrpg.