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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: just stitching it all together!)

Post by ShadowBardock89 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:01 am

So, who got to do Vegetto?

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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: just stitching it all together!)

Post by TheShadowEmperor8055 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:50 am

Herms wrote:Sorry, forgot to update the thread until now, but currently all the individual characters have been drawn and it's simply a matter of Kaboom stitching the complete picture together.
Oh man, this is nice. Can't wait to see the final product! :thumbup:

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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: just stitching it all together!)

Post by Herms » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:18 pm

ShadowBardock89 wrote:So, who got to do Vegetto?
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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: just stitching it all together!)

Post by Kaboom » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:33 pm


It certainly took me long enough, but after tons of fixes and edits, a few fill-in redraws, and even a total start-over at one point... that's right, I've finally completed the final, full, composite image. Are you ready for this?

Feast your eyes! Spoiler tag'd, obviously, because it's a huge image and I just know some of you clowns will end up quoting it otherwise.

And if you want to get REALLY up-close for a detailed look, here's the full-resolution 2000-by-20,000 pixel version to download if you'd like!

I'll have more to share in the coming few days, including a little bonus collage of the various extra character art that we didn't end up using for some reason or another. In the meantime, Herms is going to follow up on this post with more information and some credits!

Okay... commence nitpicking!
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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: ALL DONE)

Post by Herms » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:02 pm


I probably should have prepared a speech.

I've updated the initial post, but for just for emphasis I'm reposting the credit list here. Since this project spanned so many years there have been some hiccups when it came to bookkeeping, so if you notice any misattributions please let me know at once. Also, any forum members who have Twitter accounts that aren't listed along with their forum names and would like to be thanked on Twitter, please let me know.

Kaboom of course worked tirelessly, both in contributing countless characters and stitching the whole thing together. Next to him, DetectiveX contributed the most characters and got to do Super Vegetto. My deepest thanks to them and to everyone who contributed.


Main Image
[spoiler]===DB Hunt
Kid Chi-Chi (DBZ Rocks; @DBrockFormation)
Rabbit Gang thugs (@MrNoski)
Hawaiian shirt Roshi (@MareGoku23)
Goku+Yamcha (Sandra; @sandraD10S)
Oolong+Puer (Chauvel; @SChauvel)
Oozaru Goku (@DetectiveX)
Bear Bandit (@DetectiveX)
Sea Turtle (dae428)
Pilaf (Tzigi)
Shu+Mai (Tzigi)
Gyumao (The Time Traveler)
Bulma (AnzuMazaki)
Boss Rabbit (Todd Moshier; @Burdrehnar)
Big Fish (Tomislav; @tomislavartz)

===Training+21st TB
Bacterian (Kaiwai; @CutDbs)
Jackie Chun+Goku (Drews; @drews_draws)
Oorin Temple #1 (Chou; @ChouGokuOozaru)
Oorin Temple Kuririn (Christian Cotter; @c_crapple)
Good Lunch (mrs. francis; @acaprofessor)
Bad Lunch (@SsjBulk)
Ran-Fan (Chauvel; @SChauvel)
Namu (MadSpecialist)
Giran (DBGT101)
Great Lee (AgitoZ)
21st TB Yamcha (CanSnake)

Black (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)
Upa (@brylightning27)
Colonel Silver (@RicochetNert)
Metallic (@Z_A17)
Murasaki (Morse Lewis; @Forgetme000)
Bora (Saad Sohail Art; @SaadSohailArt)
General Blue+Kuririn (Morse Lewis; @Forgetme000)
General White (Luis; @SmugStick)
Colonel Yellow (Gabe; @DaemonCorps)
Colonel Violet (Chris Hernandez; @RE5_Chris)
Pilaf Robot (Zero; @Zerokohai)
Battle Jacket (@DetectiveX)
Mummy (@DetectiveX)
Karin (dae428)
No.8 (ciccioDM)
Buyon (Tzigi)
Skeleton robot (DBGT101)
Dracula Man (Beerus-sama)
Grandpa Gohan (Beerus-sama)
Invisible Man (dae428)
Tao Pai Pai+Goku (nite_jay)
Upa (Bryan H.; @brylightning27)
Devil Man (Ian Dimas de Almeida; @iandimass)
Dr. Briefs (Justin Batista; @BATISTABUS)
Arale (rococomomo; @spiritbathbomb)

===22nd TB
Pan-Poot (@Christopher4371)
King Chapa (@hocolate_milk)
22nd TB Tenshinhan+Goku (rococomomo; @spiritbathbomb)
Man-Wolf (AgitoZ)
22nd TB Kuririn+Chiaotzu (@DaemonCorps)
Pan-Poot (Flash21; @Christopher4371)
22nd TB Yamcha (DragonDuck)
Tsuru-sennin (Ccrapple)

Cymbal (rococomomo; @spiritbathbomb)
King Castle Guard (@DetectiveX)
Old Piccolo (EasterHhands)
Tambourine (MadSpecialist)
23rd TB Yajirobe+Chiaotzu (Easterhands)
Mutaito (@DetectiveX)
Drum (@DetectiveX)
Young Piccolo Daimao+kid Goku (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)
Yajirobe, Piccolo arc (AgitoZ)
Piano+Dende (Easterhands)
Mister Popo (Tzigi)
The King (Morse Lewis; @ForgetMe000)

===23rd TB
23rd TB Chi-Chi (Chauvel; @SChauvel)
Cyborg Tao Pai Pai (@DetectiveX)
Shen+Kami (@DetectiveX)
23rd TB Piccolo+Goku (Chuquita)
23rd TB Tenshinhan (shinmaru)
23rd TB Kuririn (shinmaru)
23rd TB Yamcha (shinmaru)

Saiyan arc Chiaotzu (@Ikazvyr)
Tenshinhan+Saibaiman (@oly_db)
Great Ape Gohan (Joe Candelaria; @ElJoseffo)
Saiyan arc Piccolo (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)
Kaio-Ken x3 Goku (Tomislav; @tomislavartz)
Kaio-Ken x4 Goku (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)
Saiyan arc Yajirobe (Saiyan Pride; @SaiyanPr1de)
Gohan vs Saibaiman (Mu; @JaoOzaki)
Great Ape Vegeta (Nert; @RicochetNert)
Saiyan arc Gohan Masenko (PancakeGod; @GodPancake)
Raditz arc Gohan (Beerus-sama)
Kaio (KameRule)
Angry Raditz arc Gohan (Beerus-sama)
Farmer with Shotgun (Tzigi)
Nappa+Saiyan arc Goku (DaemonCorps)
Enma Daio (KameRule)
Saibaiman #2 (dae428)
Raditz+Saibaimen (Big Momma)
Saiyan arc Vegeta+KK Goku (NitroEX)
Saiyan arc Yamcha+Saibaiman (Ian Dimas de Almeida; @iandimass)
Saiyan arc Kuririn (ciccioDM)
Bardock (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)

Mullet guy and mullet guy's partner (@Drew_TheLegend)
Early Namek Vegeta (@RicochetNert)
Mid-Namek arc Vegeta (@BotMarley)
Monster Zarbon (Rion Joseph White; @imanissupercool)
Kuririn+Gohan, fighting Gurd (are you itchy; @fuyunyans)
Appule (@4BitsComic)
Ginyu-Goku (Matrix; @trixter127)
Kaio-ken Goku, vs Ginyu (Zakriya A; @Z_A17)
Recoom+Burta+Jheese (ciccioDM; @ciccioDiemme)
Third-form Freeza+Gohan (Markedjani; @MareGoku23)
Ginyu (Zakriya A; @Z_A17)
Namekian Trio (@DetectiveX)
Kewi (DBGT101)
Zarbon+Dodoria (NitroEX)
2nd form Freeza+Piccolo (Ian Dimas de Almeida; @iandimass)
Goku arriving on Namek (Luis Macias; @LuisZmacias)
KKx20 Goku+Freeza (Allan)
Nail (Bee Artistic)
Muri (Trovao; @pedro_matos48)
Cargo (PancakeGod; @GodPancake)

4th form Freeza+Goku (@WaniRamirez)
1st form Freeza (@amontanoart)
Vegeta (vs Freeza I) (@pxbart)
Saiyan armor Kuririn (@MajinLoo)
Pouty Vegeta (Chuquita)
4th form Freeza+Goku (Allen)
Super Saiyan Goku+full power Freeza (@DetectiveX)
Namek arc Gohan Saiyan armor (GOATKU; @Ryuuito; colored by @ZeSaiyan)

Grade III Trunks (Beau Johnson; @DragonLeague1)
Android arc Kuririn (@ChouGokuOozaru)
Android No.20+Piccolo (Joe Candelaria; @ElJoseffo)
Post-RoSaT Trunks (Peter X. Blanco; @pxbart)
Android arc Yamcha (Chance; @EatMyMaymays)
No.16+imperfect Cell (Dan; @Dpete016)
Trunks+Mecha Freeza (Olympia; @oly_db)
Yardrat Goku (NitroEX)
King Cold (DBGT101)
Android arc Gohan (DBGT101)
No.19+sick!Goku (BigMomma)
No.17+Piccolo (NitroEX)
2nd-form Cell (BigMomma)
No.18 (NitroEX)
Android+Boo arc Tenshinhan (Ajay; @AnimeAjay)
SS Vegeta (Ajay; @AnimeAjay)
Super Vegeta (Maria MsDBZbabe; @MsDBZbabe)
14 year old Future Trunks (Hasaki; @SOLID3ST)
Future Gohan (DragonBallAffinity; @EymSmiley)

===Cell Games
Cell Junior 1 (@imanissupercool)
Cell Junior 2 (@IgnacioCaviM)
Cell Junior 3 (Yoe; @hoyo_yoe)
Cell Junior 4 (AKA DBZ; @DbzPro64)
Piccolo+Cell Junior 5 (Maya the Mint; @MayaTheAnana)
Cell Games Trunks+Cell Junior 6 (Ian Dimas de Almeida; @iandimass)
Cell Games Vegeta+Cell Junior 7 (DarkPrince_92)
Cell Junior 8 (Emperor Omega; @DarthAlpha)
SS2 Gohan+SP Cell (@stellar_vee)
SS Gohan (@jyunpow)
SS Goku+Perfect Cell (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)
FP Cell (Malik Torihane; @MALIK_DBNA)
SS2 Gohan+SP Cell (ciccioDM)
SS Gohan (Bee Artistic)

===25th TB
Jewel (@36Ekinci36)
Killer (Orb)
Punter (@ChouGokuOozaru)
Mighty Mask (@ABCcube101)
Tournament Announcer (Sebastian Aguiar; @Seba_Aguiar2804)
Jewel (Jubo; @Jubo_Thomas)

SS2 Goku (Josh; @ShiversSmash)
Super Vegetto (@DetectiveX)
Majin Vegeta (@Niicasso)
Kibito-Kai (@sandraD10S)
Pui-Pui (@Forgetme000)
Skinny Boo (Gabe; @DaemonCorps)
Kaioshin (jevo; @xvwzz)
Buu arc Kuririn (Noah Segura; @SolotheYoloRolo)
SS Kid Trunks (Alejandro Colunga; @opunu)
Buu arc Yamcha (Korn; @ko_jokai)
Ultimate Gohan+Gotenks-Boo (Metalwario64)
SS Goten (Camilo; @NekNekis13)
Kibito (Nert; @RicochetNert)
SS3 Goku+Pure Boo (Joe Candelaria; @ElJoseffo)
Yakon (@DetectiveX)
Gohan-Boo (Tomislav; @tomislavartz)
SS Gotenks+Ghost (KameRule)
Yamu+Spopovitch (KameRule)
Videl+Mister Satan (KameRule)
Fat Boo (The Time Traveler)
SS2 Vegeta (DarkPrince_92)
Dabra+SS Gohan+SS2 Gohan (Big Momma)
Evil Boo+SS3 Gotenks (Captain-Sora)
Boo arc Piccolo (jeff memington69; @XenoWarrior)
Mister Boo (Morse Lewis; @Forgetme000)
Buff Boo (Noelux; @Noelux_Comics)
Great Saiyaman (DB Kansou; @db_kansou)
Boo arc Chiaotzu (Sir Carter AND Rumi; @Mr_Pablo_)
Bee (PancakeGod; @GodPancake)
Bootenks-Ghosts (Todd Moshier; @Burdrehnar)
Erasa (Abomb)

===28th TB
Older Dende (@JustChillingDom)
Kirano (Trovao; @pedro_matos48)
Oob (Eric Lide; @ericlide)
Otoko-Suki (Peter X. Blanco; @pxbart)
Captain Chicken (8397aotCUBER; @ABCcube101)
Mo Kekko (@gip_set)[/spoiler]

These people were nice enough to draw pictures for me, but he these were not incorporated into the final image for one reason or another, usually due to spacing issues.

Moon Buster Roshi (Tyson; @TeeHallums)
Baba (medbrider)
Jackie Chun+Kame-sennin (@snacknite)
Royal Army (Loyale to the Grind; @IAmLoyale)

Alternate Saiyan arc Piccolo (Dan; @Dpete016)
Alternate Kaio-Ken x4 Goku (Saad Sohail Art; @SaadSohailArt)

Frog-Ginyu (trenton; @trebvv)
Great Elder (Michael Abbott; @AbbottUltra)
Alternate Namek arc Gohan Saiyan armor (Kevin Beaver; @kbeavermusic)
Alternate 4th form Freeza+Goku (Kaboom; @KaboomKrusader)

16's head (Simo DOUMA; @SimoDOUMA)
Future 17+18 (Sebastian Aguiar; @Seba_Aquiar2804)
Larva Cell (corby; @coobcakes)

===Cell Games
Alternate SS Goku+Perfect Cell (Drews; @drews_draws)
Self-Destruct Cell (Alejandro Colunga; @opunu)
CJ9 (Vex; @sexyvexby)

===25th TB
Adult SS Gohan (Dan; @Dpete016)
Idasa (Colin; @Kakarot2112)
Ikose (Asiduki)

Buu arc Yajirobe (@ChouGokuOozaru)
South Kaioshin (DragonbllXpert; @DragonballXpert)
Chocolate Boo (ZuRu; @ZTsuru)
Candy Ball Vegetto (ZuRu; @ZTsuru)
Babidi (Sir Carter AND Rumi; @Mr_Pablo_)
Base Gotenks (Jayson_F; @JaysonFields122)
Z Sword Gohan (@stellar_vee)
Elder Kaioshin (olympia; @oly_db)
Barry Kahn (SaikyoHero; @CKaiser14)
Grand Kaioshin (Not Fillmore; @Ya_Fil_Me)
Bonus Babidi minion (medbrider)

===28th TB
Bra (Sir Carter AND Rumi; @Mr_Pabol_)
Pan (Susan Sayers; @SusieSayers1)[/spoiler]
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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: ALL DONE)

Post by Herms » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:10 pm

So this image is supposed to work both as a cool collage and also something that can in many ways be used as a handy reference when it comes to character strength. Of course, when those goals came into conflict we at times had to favor making it look good over complete accuracy ("accuracy" in this case just means accuracy to DB's fictional world, but still, we tried to take it seriously). My initial thoughts on where to place all the characters were first hashed out in this old thread, although the way I wrote it is often difficult to follow, even for me now. I thought about rewriting it, but settled for just writing out the following notes on points which I expect might be controversial or simply confusing:

1. So yes, we went with Gohan-Buu as strongest Buu, and Ultimate Gohan and SS3 Gotenks above SS3 Goku. If you go only by the manga, then this makes the most sense in my book, but your mileage may vary. Anyway, we’ve got Arale there to stop anyone from taking this too seriously.

2. Uub is there next to Kid Buu on the assumption that he has all Kid Buu’s power, in dormant form if nothing else. Besides, we had that great Uub picture and wanted to put it somewhere.

3. That second, smaller Fat Buu is Mister Buu. The original Fat Buu splits up into Skinny Buu and Mister Buu, but the skinny one gets the majority of the power (meaning neither is as strong as the original).

4. And the second, smaller SS2 Vegeta is supposed to be his weaker, non-Majin SS2 form. Personally we think Vegeta probably kept his Majin power-up even after the M left his forehead, which means technically this picture depicts a pre-Majin power-up SS2 Vegeta who never actually appears in the series, but he’s there for scale and (once again) because we wanted to include that picture.

5. The three Perfect Cells are (from lower to higher) his suppressed power when fighting Goku, his full power he uses against Gohan, and then his “Super Perfect” form after he self-destructs.

6. We assume Buu arc Gohan is regular Super Saiyan when fighting Dabura, and only goes SS2 at the tournament. Hey, there’s no sparks in the Dabura fight in the manga! Yes, we checked. Anyway, as a result, we’ve got Dabura as weaker than Cell’s full power, but he’s still stronger than Cell was when fighting Goku. There, Goku’s comment still makes sense! Goodie.

7. Shin’s higher than Piccolo. Please don’t hurt me. I really can’t bring myself to explain the precise Japanese wording of Piccolo’s resignation for the umpteenth time, but look at it this way: Shin was able to paralyze SS2 Gohan. Surely, if push came to shove, he could paralyze Piccolo too, and then just kick him to death. There, sorted.

8. Oh yeah, since regular Shin is so high, that means Kibitoshin is up there with Cell Games SS2 Gohan. Look, it was a really cool picture of Kibitoshin. How could we possibly have put it any lower?!

9. Piccolo seemed pretty alarmed when Goten and Trunks showed off their full power, so they’re both a bit higher than him. Now I know what you’re thinking, but remember: Goten and Trunks are only in their base forms when they’re found inside Buu. Therefore the fact that Buu starts wearing Piccolo’s clothes when Gotenks’ fusion ends proves nothing about Super Saiyan Goten/Trunks vs Piccolo. I swear I don’t actually hate Piccolo.

10. More Piccolo news: we figure he really isn't exactly as strong as the Cell Juniors or Vegeta and Trunks, but we wanted to keep all the Juniors roughly parallel and it would've looked silly to have Piccolo and his Cell Junior upside-down.

11. The way things are arranged, it sort of looks like semi-perfect Cell and Super Vegeta are equal, but notice that Vegeta’s feet are way higher. Higher feet=stronger. In this instance, anyway.

12. The two imperfect Cells are from before and after he absorbs all those people (he was weaker than Super Namekian Piccolo before doing this, and stronger afterwards).

13. OK, so we’ve got Android arc Piccolo higher than SS Trunks, even before merging with Kami. This whole area was a real nuisance to arrange, and while I do think Piccolo probably is Super Saiyan caliber even before merging with Kami, the fact that he’s so much higher than Trunks/Yardrat clothes Goku/etc is for practical reasons more than anything else. Anyway, we made Buu arc Piccolo weaker than Shin for God’s sake, so we had to make it up to him somehow. Besides, Piccolo probably WAS at least a little stronger than killing-Mecha-Freeza-Trunks after the 3 years, given his self-proclaimed "confidence." If Future Trunks got stronger between his time-travel trips, then his slightly-stronger self is irrelevant and not on the chart.

14. So Goku gets back from Yardrat, gets stronger by training for three years, and then gets weaker thanks to the heart virus (and 19 sucking his energy). Which is why Yardrat clothes Goku and early Android arc Goku are right next to each other. The heart virus essentially cancels out his training gains. That’s our story anyway, and we’re sticking to it. Did I mention arranging this area was a pain?

15. The anime claims King Cold is stronger than Freeza, but that’s not in the manga, so we’ve ignored it. Especially since in both versions Freeza calls himself “strongest in the universe” in front of Cold. Also, Mecha Freeza says he’s powered up and can probably beat Goku on his own now, so Mecha Freeza is presumably stronger than his Namek arc self. We’re just taking his word for it.

16. To avoid cluttering this picture up more than it is already, we’ve only included the Saiyans’ base forms up to the Namek arc. The exceptions are early Android arc Gohan (since it’s before he acquires Super Saiyan), and Great Saiyaman (because how could we not include Great Saiyaman?) However, while the other base Saiyans aren’t in the image, we’ve stuck to Beerus’ statement in BoG/Super and assumed that no non-fused base Saiyans surpass Full Power Freeza, even into the Buu arc. So that’s why Great Saiyaman is there kicking around with Kaio-Ken Goku and Freeza.

17. On that note: in the special manga chapter Trunks: The Story, one-armed Future Gohan in his base state is able to hold his own against 14-year-old Super Saiyan Trunks. Yes, this really happens. Gohan may have slacked off after the Cell Games, but he’s probably still stronger than his one-armed future self who got killed by 17. Therefore, Super Saiyan 14-year-old Future Trunks is below Great Saiyaman. Trust us on this.

18. Furthermore, Gohan says that he and Goku fighting together can beat Yakon even without going Super Saiyan. Therefore Yakon is stronger than a Buu arc base Saiyan, but not stronger than two. Therefore we’ve stuck him directly above Great Saiyaman, because screw it, he had to go somewhere.

19. Also, Gohan thinks he might have trouble fighting Kibito in the tournament. They never actually fight, and Kibito can’t lift the Z Sword whereas base Gohan can, but we’ve still stuck Kibito just a bit below Great Saiyaman because, once again, he had to go somewhere. Anyway, Kibito’s Daizenshuu 7 bio says his battle power is high enough to challenge base Gohan, so there! Our collage is scientifically valid.

20. Because of the perspective used in the 3rd-Form Freeza/Gohan picture, it was more or less unavoidable that 3rd-form Freeza doesn’t actually rise above 2nd-Form Freeza. But his feet are still higher up! Look at the feet! For that matter, it looks like angry Namek arc Gohan is maybe too close to Namek arc Goku, but this is just another slight fluke caused by the perspective.

21. Pui-Pui looks kind of like 3rd-Form Freeza. Therefore Pui-Pui must be roughly as powerful as 3rd-Form Freeza. NOBODY CAN PROVE TO ME OTHERWISE

22. Now we reach the part of the picture where sometimes character placement is based on power level numbers (either from the series or other official sources) but at other times we just ignore numbers if it suits our purposes. Hooray! In this case, V-Jump says Vegeta and Gohan from the start of the Freeza fight are supposed to be 250,000 and 200,000 respectively, hence them being together here (but note how Vegeta’s a bit higher).

23. Kuririn is the strongest Earthling. Toriyama said it, I believe it, that settles it. Your mileage may vary.

24. That being said, I pretty much arbitrarily decided that I didn’t think any Earthling ever got close to First-Form Freeza, and so stuck all the Namek/Android/Buu arc Earthlings around here.

25. Oozaru Vegeta’s placement is based entirely on the “Oozaru=power level x10” rule (and by “rule” I mean “a thing Vegeta said once that I’ve decided to take absolutely literally”). Goku using the Kaio-Ken against Ginyu was 180,000. Vegeta when he went to Earth is supposed to be 18,000. 18,000 x 10=180,000. But making the Power Ball to transform was said to lower Vegeta’s power, so we’ve placed him lower than Kaio-Ken Goku. Still, shooting him in the eye is effective no matter what your power level.

26. V-Jump pegged Kuririn from the Freeza battle as 75,000, so we’ve stuck him between Recoom et al and Ginyu. Something something Great Elder power-up something something.

27. Ginyu was stronger than Goku before Goku used the Kaio-Ken, but here they look pretty close just because of how tall that wonderful Namek arc Goku picture is. Again, look at their feet! Although in this case, Goku’s feet are actually on the same plane as Burta’s feet. Well, whatever.

28. In much the same way, KKx4 Goku almost looks like he’s stronger than Burta et al because of how high his aura is, but just accept this as another concession towards picture arrangement.

29. Vegeta pointing up is from when he first arrives on Namek (when he’s stronger than regular Zarbon but beaten by monster Zarbon). Vegeta holding the Dragon Ball is from once he’s powered up after losing to Zarbon.

30. Goku with a scouter is of course Ginyu in Goku’s body, during which time he clocks in at 23,000.

31. That’s Oozaru Gohan next to Saiyan arc Vegeta. When all beat up, Vegeta claims that if he had been in peak condition then fighting Oozaru Gohan would be no problem, so his placement is based on that.

32. Gohan/Kuririn were at over 10,000 when fighting Gurd, which means they should perhaps be higher up relative to Saiyan arc Goku, but once again please accept this as a concession to picture arrangement. Besides, Gohan is a bit higher up anyway. Kuririn too, if you ignore Goku’s hair.

33. We’re assuming adult Dende is about as strong as those Namekians who took out Freeza’s minions, and that Muri is a bit weaker due to age. You might argue that Dende isn’t really a fighter, but we had this awesome adult Dende picture. How could we leave it out?

34. Toriyama wrote in a memo that Raditz was a bit stronger than a Saibaiman, so while roughly on-par they’re not actually dead even. Still, the picture of Raditz here is so tall that it makes him look as strong as Saiyan arc Piccolo, but yet again just accept this as a picture arrangement thing.

35. After Goku beats Piccolo, both Mister Popo and Kami pretty easily outclass him. Maybe that’s due more to skill than raw power, but it’s all the same as far as placement in this picture is concerned. On that note, we’re ignoring the Weekly Jump feature that puts Kami at 220 and Popo at 1,000+, although we could’ve rationalized either if we were so inclined.

36. The placement of Oozaru Kid Goku is based on the vague implication in the series that drinking the Super God Water unlocks the power he had as an Oozaru. Hence him being right next to post-Super God Water Goku. This probably contradicts the “Oozaru=x10” rule, but the heck with it. Also, the picture has Oozaru Goku clutching a piece of Pilaf’s castle, but perhaps this placement only makes sense with Oozaru Goku from the tournament. Well whatever, he looks cool where he is.

37. I’m assuming that 23rd TB Tenshinhan could have at least stood a chance against God Water Goku/Piccolo, which his initial confidence against Goku at the tournament implies, although he could just be deluded (and obviously he was no match for 23rd TB Goku). Meanwhile, I’m assuming 23rd TB Yamcha and Kuririn are at least a match for Drum and perhaps even old Picccolo. If nothing else, it only takes a year to turn all of these guys into Saibaimen-busters, which is already pretty crazy but would be even crazier if they were all still weaker than Drum before that point.

38. As Tenshinhan’s master, the Crane Hermit surely had a good understanding of how strong Tenshinhan was at the 22nd TB, and he was quite confident Cyborg Tao could beat him. Therefore, even though Cyborg Tao was obviously weaker than 23rd TB Tenshinhan, he must be stronger than 22nd TB Tenshinhan. QED.

39. Also, Mutaito is stronger than 22nd TB Tenshinhan, because he has a cool moustache.

40. Karin says Goku has surpassed him by the Piccolo arc, but until then Goku seemed to think Karin was still superior, so Karin is between RR arc Goku and 22nd TB/Piccolo arc Goku.

41. I was originally going to include both Piccolo arc Yajirobe and 23rd TB Yajirobe with the wrestling mask, but eventually decided not to bother having a separate 23rd TB version. The Yajirobe that’s a bit above Grandpa Gohan has his Piccolo arc Dragon Ball necklace, but arguably this placement makes more sense for a powered-up 23rd TB version. Or maybe not. Whatever.

42. The Roshi next to Android No.8 is his Piccolo arc self. He trained in secret for the 22nd TB, which means he’s stronger than he was fighting Goku at the 21st TB.

43. Android No.8 got killed by the Battle Jack in the movie Path to Power, but that was an alternate version of the Battle Jacket that was vastly larger than the one in the main series, so I’m assuming the original version is weaker than 8. If nothing else, we know Gero worked on 8, but we don’t know if he worked on the Battle Jacket.

44. Weekly Jump gave 23rd TB Chi-Chi’s power level as 130, and in the series even Roshi said she was quite a master. Anyway, she lasts way longer against Goku than King Chapa. So surely she deserves to be that high up.

45. Tao Pai Pai and Grandpa Gohan are right next to each other because I’m assuming that Goku was fighting harder in his death match against Tao than in his more friendly tournament match against Gohan. This distinction between Goku’s tournament match strength and real battle strength is even a plot point in the 22nd TB immediately thereafter, so I feel like I’m on safe ground here. I think there was some other problem that was solved by assuming the two are equal, but if so I’ve forgotten by now.

46. Yamu and Spopovitch’s placement is basically the weakest they could possibly be, because anything else seemed a bit arbitrary. Especially since I don’t consider flight skills to have any direct correlation with power (heck, this is the same arc in which Super Saiyan Goten can’t fly at first). If nothing else, you can just assume this is merely the power they were using at the tournament.

47. 21st TB Kuririn is in his underwear next to Blue. The Kuririn under bad Lunch is from when he first appears, before he trains with Roshi.

48. The placement of Piano/kid Dende/Cargo really is very arbitrary, but even if none of them are fighters I assume their Namekian nature puts them well above ordinary Earthlings.

49. As we get to the bottom, there’s a general layer of “martial artists and armed soldiers who are strong by ordinary Earthling standards” and then below that a general layer of “ordinary Earthling non-combatants”. Even here we tried to make character placement as logical as possible, but past a certain point it’s mostly a matter of who fit where and who looked good next to each other. After all, no man truly knows what would happen if Bee were to fight Pilaf.

50. And finally, we’re pretty much ignoring the Rabbit Gang boss’s ability to turn people into carrots.
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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by Orb » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:04 am

Ayyyyy it's done! Hope you liked it. It's nice to see all the different art styles!

Until the next one! :wink:

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by TheShadowEmperor8055 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:21 am

:o :clap: Look at all those contrasting art styles! Well done!

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Re: Big Picture: help wanted (update: just stitching it all together!)

Post by Bullza » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:42 am

Kaboom wrote:Okay... commence nitpicking!
Why is Good Buu's cape pink even though it was purple in the anime?

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by Hasaki » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:12 am

Ah I love, my teen trunks made it at the top :)

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by Chuquita » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:16 am

Whoa! Finished version is awesome! I'm happy to have participated in the project!
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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by ShadowBardock89 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:57 am

Wow! This is great!
I am very impressed with everyone's effort!

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by RoarkVegeta » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:17 am

This is absolutely beyond awesome. This is why I'm happy a part of Dragon Ball fandom.

Well done to everyone!

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by Ikazvyr » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:49 am

I had so much fun drawing Saiyan Arc Chiaotzu for this project! It's an honor to see my drawing alongside the work of so many talented artists! I also had a lot of fun recognizing every scene in the picture. Everyone did a splendid job! Thanks to Herms for the conception and for allowing me to participate, and kudos to Kaboom not only for the arrangement, but also for his amazing illustrations!

Also, my girlfriend did Saiyan Armor Kuririn. I definitely must encourage her to do more Dragon Ball fanarts

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Re: Big Picture: ALL DONE

Post by FoolsGil » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:08 am

This is so cool, everyone who contributed is so awesome, and of course Herms, thank you for coming up with this!

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