Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

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Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by VegettoEX » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:53 pm

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Episode #0432! Mike, Heath, and Ajay discuss the upcoming conclusion to the "Dragon Ball Super" television series. With all partners bringing in impressive revenue numbers, how does it make any sense to take the show off the air? We put everything in context, from the show as it stands now, to the upcoming theatrical film, to the rest of Toei's project load, and try to predict what the logical next steps should be for Shueisha and Toei.

00:13 - Opening
06:27 - Topic
61:44 - Wrapup

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by KBABZ » Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:53 pm

Woo, new episode! Thoughts as I listen:
  • Funnily enough there is a previous example of more than one supervisor per episode, thanks to a technicality. Kai would often credit more than one supervisor in the common occurrence that an episode includes content from more than one Z episode. And the ones for any of the remade shots.
  • Would it be possible to have graphs of the numbers you guys discuss mid-way through the episode? I'm interested to see them!
  • My theory is that Toei is avoiding using words like "hiatus" and "break" so that they can then hype up how much Super is "back from the dead!!".
  • IMO Dragon Ball can absolutely work without Goku, because I find its world just as appealing as its main character. I'm kinda surprised how much people hold to this idea given how much people complain that GT and Super are so Goku-centric. Too much the other way, methinks?
  • Figured I'd mention this here since the GT Review of Awesomeness is coming next week, but I've actually watched all of the relevant episodes covered so far... only I'm watching the DUB via the Green Bricks with the japanese audio, with subs on. I've jotted down my thoughts as I go, as I felt a dub-angle would be a neat supplement, particularly since I've never seen GT before and my main point of familiarity is with the dubs of DB and Kai. I'm not sure how to handle the notes for episodes 1-18, but I'm definitely gonna post my notes for 19-21 when the next Awesomeness thread pops up!

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by Chuquita » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:00 am

I haven't entirely decided what I'm going to do during Super's hiatus, but I think that'll partly depend on things like "Will Super end on a cliffhanger?" and "More details on what exactly this movie will be about." both of which will happen in late March. I'm going to miss weekly dragon ball a lot, but it'll be nice to be able to get more control over my schedule when it comes to fan-art. Maybe I can actually go back to full color full page fan-comics like I did before I was stuck chasing an actual deadline for episode relevance. Or maybe I'll just stick with the comic strips and do those in full color. Who knows. There's still a whole 2 months to sort this out.

I'm so left wondering if all these universes they introduced were originally planned to have their own arcs with the Z fighters before the ToP. Additionally wondering what you guys said about that possibly-shaved-off 40 minutes of what would've been 132 and 133. Very curious.

I really, really like the Time Patrol exclusive outfits the cast gets in Heroes, but I wouldn't watch an actual DBH series because it looks like a mess outside of the collectable virtual card game it lives in. I already responded in the thread mentioned about Dragon Ball without Goku and friends. Goku is Dragon Ball to me. Create a series without him, or with him as a mentor instead of the main character and I won't watch it. If I gotta be all psychological I think it has to do with the impermanence of life and by removing Goku or regulating him to the sidelines as a mentor it's just a reminder that one day we and all our loved ones will eventually grow old and die; which I think is something most people can only accept and make peace with once they're elderly themselves. Like...there's a reason there's a whole bunch of live action movies out there starring older people; everyone sees themselves as the main character of their story. You don't want to see the character you identify with as the supporting cast. Same thing with teenagers wanting to see fiction that stars teenagers and maybe that's who it is that primarily wants to see a next gen or Heroes series? But I'm a lot younger than Goku and most of Team 7 (how old is Gohan in Super at this point?) so maybe it isn't quite that. I dunno. I'm mostly just navel gazing after a super-long day. Maybe I'm also just not as attached to the Dragon World itself as I am to the characters that inhabit it.

My other theory is people who don't like Goku and are looking for a replacement they can also use as a self insert character with a personality more to their liking (maybe they want someone edger or typical boilerplate modern shounen youth) and do want Goku gone or pushed aside. Who knows. I know I'd be disappointed to lose Goku (and Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan), but I wouldn't have to watch the replacement's show and I'd go find something else.

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by Zephyr » Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:40 pm

My conspiracy theory:

Toyotaro's Super manga wraps up after the Universe Survival arc. He moves into retelling GT, as a manga series, within the confines of Super's continuity. Toei animates that manga series.

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by Atp23 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:00 am

Thanks for the great episode guys. Listening to you start to explain the context of behind the scenes production details as well as the finance data (very interesting) I found myself coming to the same conclusions as you argued for to wrap up the episode. Disregarding the discussions of future TV series speculations for a second, this made my hype for the upcoming movie skyrocket that much more!

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by Kerunou » Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:43 pm

Great show. Some interesting theories therein. I'm thrilled Super is taking a break/ending for now.

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Re: Episode #0432 (21 January 2018)

Post by AJFay77 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:20 pm

Hello guys
Long time listener, long time website lurker. Absolutely love this whole community but I've never stuck my nose in prior to now.

I wanted to throw my thoughts on the whole topic of the arc ending in March but beyond that....?

I think one reason they may be doing this, beyond the ones suggested on the show, is perhaps to keep the suspense at a high. Think about it, if we know the series continues beyond this arc, then we know that either universe 7 will win, or the other will wish for 7 to not be destroyed (the latter being unlikely). That ruins the suspense and excitement and severity of the entire arc as we can presume the outcome.

I can't think of anytime we've had this situation before to this degree. The outcome being so important to the entire series that if they lose it's over. If Goku died with Freeza on Namek, the series could've (and as we know from Toriyama's original plans, would've) continued.

Cell and Buu are debatable I guess except that after Buu the series was over, so again the bad ending is still a possibility you couldn't rule out.


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