Advice for a fan work project

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Advice for a fan work project

Post by Bebi Hatchiyack » Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:38 am

Welp I decided to create a topic for helping me create my fan work project about Dragon Ball.

The idea of my project is kind of similar to The Devil Corpses except my project will include my own created characters into the lore of Dragon Ball and personnal ideas. The name of my project is Dragon Ball Re★Story.

Currently I am facing several challenge as of now:

How include the movie of Dr Uiro knowing that Raditz is reformed villain could he fit with the Garlic Jr mini arc ?
How fuse Dragon Ball Legends story with Dragon Ball Fusions ?
How mix together the Bio Broly movie the A-21 story arc ?
If I make A-21 survived how can she fit future arc such as Goku Black, ToP, Moro, etc ?
Also not a question but if you have advice for a remake of GT taking into account Super give me some I am not there yet but I do like opinion and idea that can be inspiring.

If you can help me and give me advice to those three difficults questions I would be happy.

I will lead you now to my Deviantart where you will see some of my ideas and ressearch of how my Dragon Ball fan work project will be.
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