A never seen DBZ Arabic Dub Poster

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A never seen DBZ Arabic Dub Poster

Post by ZODX_750 » Tue Mar 09, 2021 3:57 am

As a guy who grew up with Spacetoon and watched many Arabic Dubs of other animes including DBZ ofc. This is a poster that my older sister had since the 2000s I asked her but she doesn't remember the exact year when she got the poster and she immediately gave it to me lol. It's basically a traced version of that Broly Second Coming Promo Art but with a Cooler Bluish Background.
I also realized it's horizontally reversed for some strange reason but I prefer it in that way. What's more strange but also funny is they traced a promo art from Movie 10 and Venus Center (The Company that is responsible for the DBZ Arabic Dub and many Arabic Dubs as well) didn't even Dub Movie 10 lol

Btw, This is the Poster

The OG Promo Art Image

But hey, at least it's cool to have something that a lot of ppl don't know about amrite? 🙃