Krillin the Destroyer

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Krillin the Destroyer

Post by Ziegander » Fri Jul 16, 2021 7:59 pm



I've been planning a Super-Era rework of Krillin for a while now, a new chance, a new awakening of power and dignity for our little bald badass in which he builds upon the teachings he learned from the Turtle Hermit and refines his existing techniques.

In the Tournament of Power, my version of Krillin was going to be running around like a mini Captain America, maintaining a Destructo Disk at all times as a shield, its powerful, concentrated Ki and rotary action, able to dissipate even overwhelmingly powerful concussive blasts like a Kamehameha with ease, and even hurling and directing a few at a time (the way Goku did against Jiren), and doing his best to press foes with its lethal power without actually killing any competitors.

But beyond the ToP, Gohan and Piccolo train the Z-Fighters together and to combine their most powerful moves together into something more than the sum of their parts. One of my plans for this was a Destructo Beam Cannon. :o Krillin contributing a rotary, refracting series of three Destructo Disk "lenses" through which Piccolo's formidable Special Beam Cannon passes through, is accelerated and amplified into a wide, swirling "beam" of energy in the shape and style of a Kamehameha or Galick Gun, but with the penetrating power of Special Beam Cannon.

My thought was, this technique is employed during the Moro Arc, during my rewrite of it, to surprising and devastating effect, and perhaps in a desperation move, maybe Piccolo is incap'd, Krillin cobbles together his own Destructo Beam combining the principles of his Destructo Disk to his understanding and capabilities with the Kamehameha, and the result is less powerful than the Destructo Beam Cannon but still punches way beyond his own weight as a fighter.

And then... in the wind down after the climax of my version of the Moro arc, Beerus speaks with Whis, incredulous that a human being, and such a feeble one at that, could wield something so similar to Destruction Energy. Whis reminds him that even Roshi very nearly replicated the principles of Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power, if only for a few brief moments and Beerus ponders this for a while. Later, Beerus approaches Krillin, impressed with his work, asks him to demonstrate his Destructo Disk and tells him perhaps there is something he could teach the human. :shock:
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