Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

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Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Herms » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:26 pm

Right, so I translated this years ago for Kanzentai, and it didn't make the move over to Kanzenshuu for one reason or another. Since my other Daizenshuu 7 translations are posted on the forum already (see my Guide Guide), I might as well post this back up for completion's sake. I haven't updated or revised this translation at all, so there might be some mistakes, and the naming conventions match what was used back on Kanzentai, rather than Kanzenshuu's current standard character name spellings or the ones I use personally. All entries have been re-organized from the original Japanese alphabetical order into English alphabetical order.

Aerobics Woman
An instructor
First Appearance: chapter 24
Special Characteristics: She performs in “Wide-Thigh Aerobics”, which Kame-sennin never fails to watch.

Uranai Baba’s fighter
First Appearance: chapter 103
Special Characteristics: The strongest of Uranai Baba’s fighters next to Grandpa Son Gohan. He’s a genuine devil, born in Hell, and has an older sister named Majon.
Techniques:Besides the Aku-Mite Beam, he can use materialization magic to produce a pitchfork.
Battles: He lost when the Aku-Mite Beam failed to work on the pure-hearted Goku.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He has won the tournament twice in the past.

A warrior in The Tullece Corps
Tenkaichi Budoukai [?!]: Appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”, where he came to plant the Shinsei-ju on Earth.
Special Characteristics: His long hair is tied into braids, and he wears earrings on both ears. Despite being the largest of the Tullece Corps, he moves agilely. He knocked back Krillin’s Kienzan by rapidly spinning his body.
Techniques:His punches have outstanding destructive power
Battles: He defeated Krillin, receiving hardly any injuries, but was defeated in one blow by the furious Goku. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

Gohan’s classmate
History:A student in Orange Star High School.
Special Characteristics: She happened to be on the school roof when Gohan changed back from the Great Saiyaman. She has a cat-like personality, being assertive but having her feelings change constantly. Gohan thought that she had uncovered his true identity, and reluctantly went out with her on his first date. However, it turned out that what she had seen was not his true identity, but rather the baby bear underwear that he was wearing, and Gohan had simply been worried over nothing. (Daizenshuu 5, p.148)

A warrior of the Demon Clan
History:Appeared in “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. He is incredibly conceited about his beautiful face.
Special Characteristics: He came to Earth as one of Slug’s underlings. He has two small horns on his forehead.
Techniques:He can move freely through the ground, and fires a powerful energy bullet from his mouth.
Battles: He teamed up with Medamaccha to battle Goku, but lost when Goku knocked back his energy bullet. (Daizenshuu 6, p.70)

Taijouroukun [a Taoist deity]
History:She has managed the Furnace of Eight Divinations for tens of thousands of years.
Special Characteristics: She can transform from being gigantic to being the same size as Goku.
Techniques:She attacks by freely manipulating the antenna-like decorations on her head.
Battles: She fought Goku after becoming enraged when he called her an old lady, but stopped fighting when she learned that Goku had the Bashousen. (Daizenshuu 3, p.118)

Freeza’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 247
Special Characteristics: A low-level warrior, his battle power is below that of an ordinary Namekian. Members of his race are common throughout the organization.

An afterlife martial artist
History:A participant in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai, he comes from the East Galaxy. He fought Goku in the finals tournament.
Special Characteristics: He has the unique power to turn anywhere into water. Since he has fins and scales, he seems to be an amphibian-type alien.
Battles: Specializing in underwater battles, he covered the ring in water and gave Goku a tough fight. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

Artificial Human No.8
An artificial human created by Doctor Gero
History:Being a human-base, he’s a formal human. At Goku’s suggestion, he changes his name to Hacchan. He had a self-destruction mechanism equipped inside his body, but it has now been removed, and he lives with the mayor of Jingle Village.
First Appearance: chapter 62
Special Characteristics: An artificial human prepared as the defensive trump card of the Red Ribbon Army’s northern base, Muscle Tower. He has tremendous power, but doesn’t like to fight, and becomes friends with Goku. Furthermore, all the artificial humans from No.9 onward were made for the purpose of killing Son Goku. (Daizenshuu 2, p.172/Daizenshuu 4, p.160).
Battles: Furious at General White for injuring Goku, he sent him flying far off into the distance.
Anime: He was established as having been created by Doctor Frappe. Perhaps Doctor Gero and Doctor Frappe were both members of an artificial human development team?

*Artificial Human No.13
An artificial human
History:An artificial human created by Doctor Gero’s computer after it inherited his desire to kill Goku.
Special Characteristics: The leader of No.14 and No.15. After they were destroyed, he absorbed their computer chips and engines to become the gigantic Merged No.13.
Techniques: His specialty technique is the SS Deadly Bomber, an energy bullet which pursues his opponent anywhere. Its destructive power is said to be great enough to blow away half the Earth.
Battles: After No.14 and No.15 lured Goku to him, he challenged him to battle. He absorbed his comrades to become Merged No.13 and tormented Goku, but was defeated by Super Saiyan Goku after he gained the power of the Genki-Dama. (Daizenshuu 6, p.96)

*Artificial Human No.14
An artificial human
History:An artificial human completed by Doctor Gero’s computer after it inherited his will to kill Goku.
Special Characteristics: He has a muscular physique and specializes in physical combat. He operates together with No.15.
Techniques: He specializes in attacks where he uses his power to strike, but on the other hand is also dexterous enough to stop Trunks’ sword with his fingers. He fires energy bullets.
Battles: He attacked Goku together with No.15. He was defeated by Trunks, and absorbed into No.13. (Daizenshuu 6, p.96)

*Artificial Human No.15
An artificial human
History:An artificial human completed by Doctor Gero’s computer when it inherited his will to kill Goku.
Special Characteristics: Though his body is small, he has a considerably high battle power, and is equipped with a barrier. His machinery is exposed when his hat comes off.
Techniques:Directly connected to Doctor Gero’s computer, he can instantly analyze his battles, predicting his opponent’s movements.
Battles: Together with No.14, he attacked Goku and his family as they were eating in a department store. He was destroyed by Vegeta, and absorbed into No.13. (Daizenshuu 6, p.96)

Artificial Human No.16
An artificial human made by Doctor Gero
History:A mechanical type, and an eternal model
First Appearance: chapter 350
Special Characteristics: The strongest artificial human besides Cell. However, he has a gentle heart, and doesn’t like to hurt things. Because of this, Doctor Gero regarded him as a failed creation. His gives the impression of a taciturn, silent giant. He resembles No.8 in his gentleness, but is forever faithful to his duty to kill Goku.
Techniques:Rocket Punch, Hell’s Flash, Eye Beam, self-destruction, etc
Battles: During the Cell Games battle, he was destroyed by Cell, but his tragic end became the trigger for Gohan awakening to Super Saiyan 2. (Daizenshuu 2, p.176/Daizenshuu 4, p.159)
Anime: Artificial Human No.16 appeared hiding many mysteries. He didn’t participate when Vegeta and the others fought No.17 and No.18, and just played with the baby birds the entire time.

Artificial Human No.17
An artificial human created by Doctor Gero
History:He used to be a human.
First Appearance: chapter 349
Special Characteristics: An artificial human who is a modified human boy. Equipped with an eternal energy engine, he never tires out. Though he likes to fight, he always thinks of battles as games. His power is on par with Piccolo after Piccolo merged with God, but like No.18, the original purpose for which he was created was as food to allow Cell to reach his perfect form. Also, the No.17 and No.18 in the future where the adult Trunks came from are somewhat inferior in power, but are cruel and inhumane. (Daizenshuu 2, p.176/Daizenshuu 4, p.160)
Techniques:Barrier, etc
Battles: He faced off against first-form Cell, but was caught off guard and absorbed.
Anime: The inhumane artificial humans are depicted in “Resistance to Despair!! The Remaining Super Warriors, Gohan and Trunks”. (Daizenshuu 6, p.170)

Artificial Human No.18
An artificial human created by Doctor Gero
History:In the future where Goku died from his infectious disease, she and No.17 pushed the limits of evil and reduced the Earth to ruins. Trunks survived as a warrior, but when Gohan died even he could no longer see any escape, and so he used the time machine his mother Bulma created to go to a world where Goku was alive. Through this, a different future was created where Goku survived. Having powered up, Trunks then returned and defeated No.18. In the world of the present she marries Krillin, and gives birth to a daughter named Marron. She’s the mightiest of wives: extremely beautiful, strong, and eternally youthful. She and No.17 are actually twin siblings.
First Appearance: chapter 349
Special Characteristics: An eternal model type equipped with an eternal energy engine, and made with a human as a base. She’s the only female out of all the artificial humans. She has a habit of running her hands through her short, blond hair. She’s a beautiful girl, but has a harsh personality, hating unfashionable things. (Daizenshuu 2, p.176)
Techniques:Kienzan, bullets of light, etc
Battles: She easily won in her battle with Krillin, Vegeta, and the others. She ran away from second-form Cell, but was absorbed and lost.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: During the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai’s Battle Royale, she defeated Jewel with one kick, and exposed Mighty Mask’s true identity. In the finals, she lost to Mister Satan on purpose, demanding 20 million zeni, twice the prize money for winning the tournament. (Daizenshuu 4, p.123)
Anime: In “Resistance to Despair!! The Remaining Super Warriors, Gohan and Trunks”, she appeared as a cruel warrior. (Daizenshuu 6, p.170)

Artificial Human No.19
Doctor Gero’s creation
History:A completely artificial construct, and energy-absorbing model.
First Appearance: chapter 337
Special Characteristics: The artificial human with the highest degree of completion. However, because Gero returned to the old energy-absorbing model, his battle power is inferior to No.17 and No.18. He oversaw Doctor Gero’s restructuring into an artificial human. Though he’s completely mechanical, he can still feel fear.
Techniques:energy-absorption, etc
Battles: He defeated Goku, who had an infectious disease at the time, but was smashed to smithereens by Vegeta, who appeared next (Daizenshuu 4, p.159)
Anime: When firing a beam from his eyes, he flips his earring with his finger. However, it’s unclear whether or not this acts as a firing switch. Maybe it’s just a habit of his?

Artificial Human No.20
His true identity is Doctor Gero
History:Known as a mad scientist, he was employed by the Red Ribbon Army. Even after the army’s destruction, he immersed himself in developing artificial humans in order to get revenge on Goku.
First Appearance: chapter 337
Special Characteristics: This is Doctor Gero’s form after he restructured himself into an artificial human to gain eternal life. Though he’s stronger than No.19, he’s still considerably inferior to No.17 and No.18. Even so, Doctor Gero is truly a genius, familiar with everything from cutting-edge mechatronics to biotechnology.
Techniques:energy wave, energy-absorption
Battles: After being cornered by Piccolo, who had increased his power more than expected, he was ultimately killed by his own creation, No.17 (Daizenshuu 4, p. 159)
Anime: In “Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans”, No.20’s hatred transfers to his computer, and manufactures No.13 and co. (Daizenshuu 6, p.96)

Axe-Wielding Old Man
First Appearance: chapter 5
Special Characteristics: The father of the girl who Oolong was after.

A wizard
History:He’s lived for millions, even tens of millions of years.
First Appearance: chapter 446
Special Characteristics: The son of the wizard Bibidi. An evil wizard like his father, he revived his father’s creation, Majin Buu, and plotted to take over the entire universe. What’s more, he uses magic to skillfully manipulate evil hearts, and commands numerous demonic beings and strong warriors gathered from throughout the entire universe as he sees fit.
Techniques:He has extremely low power, but moves through space with a spell called “Papparapah”, and uses magic to manipulate evil hearts by grasping onto their weaknesses.
Battles: He fulfilled his wish of reviving Majin Buu, repealing those in his way, like Gohan and Kaioshin. For the moment he was triumphant, but while Buu obeyed his orders, he also gradually gained the intelligence to oppose him. Buu ultimately rebelled against him, killing him with extreme ease.
Anime: After his death, he obviously dropped into Hell. He bragged to Freeza, Cell, and the others in Hell that Buu had been his servant.

Baby Gamera
First Appearance: chapter 13
Special Characteristics: The turtle known as Baby Gamera is a small monster summoned by Kame-sennin. He flies through the use of spinning jets.

A participant in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:His normal occupation is as a cook, but he’s often mistaken for a homeless person. Height: 210 cm, Weight: 196 kg. Address: WWS 87754 F.
First Appearance: chapter 35
Special Characteristics: An extremely filthy man who is said to have never bathed once in his life. His teeth are yellow from lack of brushing, and some have fallen out due to periodontitis. His hobby is training fleas. He doesn’t just rely on his smell, but also uses his great strength as a weapon.
Techniques:every kind of smelly technique
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost to Krillin in the first round of the 21st tournament

Goku and Raditz’s father, and a low-level Saiyan warrior
First Appearance: chapter 307
Special Characteristics: He resisted Freeza until the very end
Anime: A run-of-the-mill low-level warrior, born on Planet Vegeta. Since Paragus mentioned Bardock’s name in “Burn Up!! A Close—Intense—Super-Fierce Battle”, it seems that his bravery was well-known among the Saiyan warriors. Despite being a lowest-level warrior, his battle power is close to 10 thousand. His battle power increased each time he invaded planets and came back on the blink of death. Still, he has little love towards his son, and insulted the new-born Kakarot for his low battle power. The blood-stained bandana wrapped around his head is a memento of his comrade Toma.
Techniques:The Kanassaian Tooro gave him the ability to predict the future. With this ability, he knew of the Saiyans’ extermination, Freeza’s betrayal, and the eventual confrontation between Goku and Freeza. He also uses the same techniques as a normal Saiyan warrior, such as the Oozaru transformation, energy bullets, etc.
Battles: When he took control of Planet Kanassa, he was struck by Tooro’s counterattack, and gained the ability to see the future. He also defeated Dodoria’s men, after Dodoria killed his comrades. However, he was done in by Dodoria’s energy bullet, and was heavily wounded to the point of being half dead. Then in his battle with Freeza, he single-handedly challenged Freeza in order to change the future, but was sucked up by Freeza’s super gigantic energy ball, and was scattered through space along with Planet Vegeta. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

*Battle Robots
Soldiers of the Big Gete Star
Special Characteristics: They have tough armor, and so Gohan and co.’s physical attacks were of no effect. However, they were defeated when Gohan and co. gathered their ki into their fists, and concentrated their attacks on one spot.
Techniques:Their right hands transform into energy cannons. They’re also equipped with nets for capturing people. (Daizenshuu 6, p.88)

Mister Satan’s pet dog
History:Born in Age 774.
First Appearance: chapter 483
Special Characteristics: A puppy that Majin Buu found. He bonded with Buu and Satan after Buu healed his injured leg, even though Buu’s real objective was to frighten and torment him. He is an extremely clever dog, since he was the impetus for the fat Buu to stop doing evil deeds, though you could say that this was just due to his injury. Currently, he has grown up and is the pet dog at Satan’s house, and has lived for a very long time. (Daizenshuu 4, p.70)

Bespectacled Pig
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A resident of Penguin Village, he’s a pig whose job is to announce the time.

Bojack’s underling
History:One of the underlings of Bojack, who ravaged the universe in the past. He appeared at the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai sponsored by Gyosan Money, and attacked the participants.
Special Characteristics: The biggest man out of Bojack’s subordinates. He possesses physic powers that bind his opponent’s movements.
Techniques:Aside from shooting energy bullets from his hands, he mainly uses physical attacks. (Daizenshuu 6, p.114)

*Big Gete Star
A gigantic machine planet.
History:Appeared in “Clash!! 10 Billion Powerful Warriors”. A computer chip in a “space graveyard” filled with discarded artificial satellites kept on multiplying itself for a long time. It absorbed various things in space, and grew into a machine planet.
Special Characteristics: Coola’s brain merged with this planet, becoming its core and ruling the entire planet. (Daizenshuu 6, p. 88)

One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Clan, Garlic Jr.’s subordinates.
History:A member of the Demon Clan, whose home world is Planet Makyo. Together with his master Garlic Jr., he plots to take over the Earth.
Special Characteristics: The largest of the Four Heavenly Kings. He has two horns.
Techniques:Together with the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings, he spreads out a magical barrier of red thread. He specializes in physical combat, but also fires energy balls.
Battles: He has enough power to stop Krillin’s Kienzan with one hand and throw it back. After being defeated once by Gohan, he revives through the influence of Planet Makyo. He became gigantic, but was defeated by Gohan’s Masenko.

The legendary Super Saiyan
History:He’s the legendary Super Saiyan, defeated twice by Goku, Gohan, Goten, and co. Mister Satan’s childhood friend Baron Jaga Badda used bio-technology to revive him from some blood collected by the shaman of Natade Village.
Special Characteristics: Though he looked normal inside the cultivation capsule, since his cultivation procedure was still in progress, the moment he left the capsule his body began to collapse, turning him into a ghastly form with no resemblance to his prior self.
Techniques:He fires beams from his eyes and mouth, and can take cultivation fluid into himself to become a giant.
Battles: He was defeated by Goten, Trunks, Krillin, No.18, and co. after a fierce battle on Baron Jaga Badda’s island. (Daizenshuu 6, p.132)

Artificial life-forms
History:Grunt warriors created by Dr. Kochin, they attack Kame-sennin’s house. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

Artificial life-forms
History:Warriors made by Professor Kori. (Daizenshuu 6, p.132)

Black, Assistant
The assistant commander of the Red Ribbon Army
First Appearance: chapter 56
Special Characteristics: The man with the number two position in the Red Ribbon Army. Because of his height, he was told by the midget Commander Red to not stand too close to him. He is loyal to his post, but when he learns that the objective of the Red Ribbon Army is not to conquer the world, he shoots Commander Red dead. He is somewhat small-minded, as he offered Goku to join him before they battled.
Battles: Seeing that he couldn’t match Goku physically, he challenged Goku to battle with the Battle Jacket, but was ultimately defeated.

Blind Boy
The first human who Majin Buu opened his heart up to
History:Unable to buy milk since all the stores were closed, he met Majin Buu on his way back home. He was very grateful when Buu randomly healed his eyes, and to a limited extent made Buu feel joy in something outside of killing.
First Appearance: chapter 478
Special Characteristics: He’s a poor boy who went alone into town to buy milk in the midst of Majin Buu’s reign of terror. He was blind due to a congenital illness.

Blue, General
A general of the Red Ribbon Army
History:Born in Age 722. His hobby is karaoke. Height: 181 cm, Weight: 69 kg. In Age 750 he was blamed by Commander Red for failing his mission, and was executed by Tao Pai Pai.
First Appearance: chapter 70
Special Characteristics: He commanded the search for the dragonball that was in the vicinity of Kame House. He is an attractive blond, and furthermore a kenpou master, the sort of man who makes not just Bulma but women in general swoon. But the truth is that he is a disagreeable person, and a narcissistic homosexual. He can’t stand dirty things.
Techniques:psychic powers
Battles: He made Krillin and Goku suffer with his psychic powers, but panicked at the sudden appearance of a rat.
Anime: Appeared in the movie “Makafushigi Adventure”. He was a soldier of the Miphan Empire, but was killed by Tao Pai Pai. (Daizenshuu 6, p.32)

Blue Corps Member
First Appearance: chapter 70
Special Characteristics: A pitiful person who was executed because he was picking his nose.

An evil galactic warrior
History:Long ago he rampaged through the 4 galaxies (north, south, east, and west), and so was sealed away by the 4 Kaios. Due to Kaio’s planet being wiped out by Cell’s self-destruction, and the North Kaio dying, his seal was lifted and he was resurrected. He then plots to take over the Earth.
Special Characteristics: By heightening his ki, he is capable of enlarging his muscles to power himself up. When he does so, his hair changes from orange to red.
Techniques:He fires powerful energy bullets from his hands, and has the ability to project barriers.
Battles: He made Gohan and co. suffer with his great power, but Goku came from the afterlife to rescue Gohan, and when Gohan put forth his true power he fell before it. (Daizenshuu 6, p.114)

King Gurumes’ subordinate.
History:A soldier who, together with his partner Pasta, leads troop of soldiers in order to dig up the Rich Stones.
Special Characteristics: With his huge body and power, with a punch he overwhelmed any villager who opposed his excavation of the Rich Stones. However he’s not just powerful, but is also good with machines, and piloted the plane which attacked Goku and Bulma.
Techniques: He has considerable superhuman power, and gave Goku a tough fight riding on a flying machine and swinging around huge, nunchuck-like weapons. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

The guardian of the Karin Holy Land
First Appearance: chapter 84
Special Characteristics: He’s Upa’s father, and their family have guarded the Karin Holy Land for generations. A strong, kind-hearted man, he’d gladly die to protect Upa, and for his mission. His body is tough enough to repel machinegun bullets, and he is considerably skilled in the martial arts. He’s the first character to be resurrected with the dragonballs. (Daizenshuu 2, p.172)
Techniques:He mainly relies on his skill with a spear.
Battles: When Tao Pai Pai comes to kill Goku, he resolutely challenges him to battle, but is absolutely no match and is cruelly murdered.

An influential man in Chazuke Village
History:He’s the man behind the construction of the Shelter Dome.
Special Characteristics: A character who believed a rumor that Cell never attacked the same place twice. He hired Tao Pai Pai as a bodyguard. He took lots of money from the people, and used it to build a dome to take refuge from Cell in. He’s a coward who, when started by a rumor that Cell had come, hid inside the dome all by himself. (Daizenshuu 5, p.36)

Trunks’ little sister
History:Born in Age 778.
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: Though she’s Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter, her eyes, hair color, and skin color are all just like her mother’s, and she hasn’t inherited any of her father’s distinguishing characteristics. It seems that instead of Goku and Goten, who are like two peas in a pod, the opposite phenomenon occurred here. Personality-wise, she is a precocious girl who’s a bit impishness.

Brief, Doctor
History:Graduated from the West City College department of science and engineering. He completed his doctorate in the department of science and engineering graduate program at that same college. His major was physical science. He established Capsule Corporation after his invention of the revolutionary item, the Hoi-Poi capsule, and is the current representative director and president of that company. His hobby is collecting dirty magazines. He is the most successful individual of the 700s.
First Appearance: chapter 69
Special Characteristics: As befits Bulma’s father, he was a commendable personality. He has extravagant hobbies, as he collects dirty magazines and he lets dogs, cats, and dinosaurs run free indoors. But on the other hand, he has created many ground-breaking inventions, most prominently the Hoi-Poi capsule, and as the establisher of the world-leading corporation of the generation, he is certainly an incredible person.
Anime: Right before the artificial human arc, he restructured a spaceship at Vegeta’s request. He was made against his will to build the 300G special training gravity room.

The legendary Super Saiyan
History:Born on Planet Vegeta, on the same day as Goku. Their incubators were also right by each other.
Special Characteristics: Because he had a high battle ranking from the time he was born, King Vegeta felt he was a threat, and tried to have him and his father Paragus done away with. He and Goku’s fate became intertwined after Goku, who was in the incubator next to him, made him cry.
Techniques:He becomes the legendary Super Saiyan and displays an uncontrollable violent personality.
Battles: He was defeated by Goku on New Planet Vegeta after Goku received power from his allies (Daizenshuu 6, p.106). Afterwards, he flew to Earth in a space pod, and battled Gohan, Goten, and Trunks (Daizenshuu 6, p.124).

Kaio’s pet
First Appearance: chapter 210
Special Characteristics: A gentle, mysterious monkey who the bachelor Kaio keeps as a pet in the Heavenly Realm. He’s not a dead monkey, but rather one who lives in the afterlife. He is ridiculously fast due to living under the powerful gravity of Kaio’s planet, which is 10 times that of Earth. When Cell self-destructed with Goku, he was unfortunately brought down with them, becoming an actual dead monkey.
Anime: Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and the others underwent the same training as Goku when they came to Planet Kaio after dying in the battle with the Saiyans.

Bojack’s underling
History:One of the underlings of Bojack, who had previously rampaged through the universe. He appeared at the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai sponsored by Gyosan Money, and attacked the participants.
Special Characteristics: Though his body is small, he possesses psychic powers that make his opponent unable to move.
Techniques:He fires energy bullets from his hands.
Battles: He used his psychic powers to make Gohan and the others suffer, but was defeated by Gohan after Gohan let loose his true power. (Daizenshuu 6, p.114)

The only daughter of Dr. Brief, and Vegeta’s wife
History:Born in Age 733. Her address is WST 3338926 K. Wanting an attractive boyfriend, she set out on a trip in search of the dragonballs, which she knew would grant any wish if all seven were collected. Following the signal of the 4-star ball on her dragon radar, she met Goku, who was carrying a large fish at the time. Seeing his toughness, she made him accompany her as a body guard on her search for the dragonballs. Over the course of the trip, she was turned into a carrot by Toninjinka, and met and befriended Yamcha. When she journeyed to Planet Namek, she lived in a capsule house set up in a cave. After that she married Vegeta, and was blessed with Trunks. In the tragic future, she built the time machine for her son Trunks, and instructed him to give the infectious disease medicine to Goku.
First Appearance: chapter 1
Special Characteristics: She’s the heiress of Capsule Corporation, and the first person to figure out the mystery of the dragonballs. Though she looks cute, she has a selfish personality and is easily angered. She is extraordinarily gifted with machines, and through the influence of her father’s genes has invented many things.
Battles: She shot Goku with a pistol when they first met, but surrendered when he broke her car.
Anime: Bulma usually gets involved in Goku’s adventures. She had a rough time during the Planet Namek arc, being fooled by the False Namekians and switching bodies with the frog-Ginyu. Her feelings for Vegeta are also depicted, as she nursed Vegeta after he had passed out from his special training.

Bulma’s Mother
First Appearance: chapter 69
Special Characteristics: A person who, no matter what the danger, always thinks of love and cake.

A boy who rode in the mirror-covered spaceship
History:His parents were killed before his eyes when his home planet was attacked by Freeza’s army. The bandage on his face is to hide the scar that he received then. Because of this, he has an intense hatred of Freeza’s army. Thinking that Gohan and the others were Freeza’s underlings, he advised Zeshin that they should be immediately killed. (Daizenshuu 3, p.182)

A Ginyu Special-Squad member
First Appearance: chapter 272
Special Characteristics: A member of the Ginyu Special-Squad, he boasts the fastest speed in the universe. He’s the tallest out of all the squad, and his favorite food is chocolate parfait.
Battles: Though he was supposed to be the #1 fastest in the universe, he was outstripped by Goku, and became only the universe’s #2. What’s more, he was knocked unconscious by a single elbow blow from Goku, and was then killed when Vegeta broke his neck with a knee drop.
Anime: He uses the Purple Comet Crash, a joint attack with Jhees. After dying, he appeared on Planet Kaio and battled Tenshinhan together with Jhees.

Buu, Majin
A magical being created by the wizard Bibidi
History:He killed the North and West Kaioshin, absorbed the South Kaioshin, and then when he took in the gentle heart of the Dai-Kaioshin, his ferociousness and power were somewhat weakened. Afterwards he was sealed away by Bibidi, and many centuries passed. In the year Age 774, his seal was broken by Bibidi’s son Babidi, and he was once again resurrected as a fearsome majin. Though he befriended Mister Satan for a time, afterwards he changed into an evil Buu. This evil Buu powered up by successively absorbing Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan. In his battle against Vegetto, the good portion inside him was cut off, and he transformed into his original form, the pure Buu. In the end, he was annihilated by a Super Genki-Dama collected from the ki of all humanity. Meanwhile, the good Buu came to live with Mister Satan, and changed his name to Mister Buu.
First Appearance: chapter 460
Special Characteristics: As long as all of his cells aren’t wiped out, he is capable of reviving from tiny pieces of flesh, or even smoke. He loves candy, is simply-minded, short-tempered, and enjoys killing people. (Daizenshuu 2, p.198-201/Daizenshuu 4, p.62)
Techniques:Transfiguration Beam, Human-Extermination Attack, Arm-Breaking-Off Attack, etc
Battles: He turns Dabura into a cookie and eats him. He wins against Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan by absorbing them. He suffered a humiliating defeat against Vegetto. He was wiped out by Goku’s Genki-Dama.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He participated in the main tournament of the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai, though the results are unknown. (Daizenshuu 4, p.124)
Anime: The pure evil Majin Buu was created by Babidi’s father, Bibidi. At the time of his birth, Buu is defiant towards Bibidi’s orders. However, after absorbing the Dai-Kaioshin, he came to like candy. Bibidi used this to his advantage, and succeeded in having Buu obey his orders by feeding him cake every day. Also, in the area of techniques, after absorbing Piccolo and Gotenks he used the Makankosappo and some other of those super warriors’ techniques against Ultimate Gohan.

A monster that lurks on the fifth floor of Muscle Tower
First Appearance: chapter 64
Special Characteristics: With a body fortified with the elasticity of gummy candy, he easily repels even the Kamehameha, to say nothing of punches and kicks.
Techniques:Antenna Beam, Stretching Tongue, Tail Attack
Battles: After being frozen by cold wind, he was instantly shattered to pieces by Goku’s kick. (Daizenshuu 4, p. 70)

Captain Chicken
A participant in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: A gaudy masked man.

Captain of the Guards
The King’s bodyguard
First Appearance: chapter 149
Special Characteristics: He futilely tried to resist Piccolo Daimao and died.

A veteran martial artist of the afterlife
History:He entered the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai as a representative of the South Galaxy, and squared off against Goku.
Special Characteristics: His body looks just like a caterpillar’s.
Techniques:An attack where he uses his ten arms to seize his opponent and tickle them.
Battles: He fought against Goku, but was too weak to be any match for him. Accordingly, he made a cocoon for himself right in the middle of the match and became a chrysalis, in an attempt to transform and power up. However, when it was learned that it would take him 1,200 years to emerge, the judges decided that he had lost. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

The ultimate artificial human created by Doctor Gero
First Appearance: chapter 361
History:In the year Age 762, cells were harvested from Goku and the other warriors, which were then mixed together in an underground manufacturing device, and his creation began. He was born in the year Age 786. In this future, where No.17 and No.18 had been defeated by Trunks, he stole the time machine and came to the present. In this world, he absorbs No.17 and No.18 in order to make himself into the ultimate life-form, but is ultimately wiped out by Gohan’s Kamehameha. Knowing that Cell stole his time machine, Trunks returns to the world of the future and kills Cell before he can steal it.
Special Characteristics: He has no interest in destruction or slaughter, and only desires to fight with strong people. He’s a speckled, green, insect-like life-form, and is capable of developing through 3 stages by absorbing the other artificial humans. Because he was created from the genetic information of the Earth’s major warriors, he acquired their individual abilities. In his first form, he displays a certain disgusting quality, by sucking out people’s life energy and the like. (Daizenshuu 2, p.194-197)
Techniques:barrier, Kamehameha, etc
Battles: Having absorbed No.17 and No.18, he opened the Cell Games. After fighting with full-power Goku, he battled Gohan and eventually transformed into his self-destruct form, but thanks to Goku’s Shunkan-Ido he did not manage to take Gohan and the others out as collateral damage. He was able to transform into his perfect form, but in the end was wiped out by the Father-Son Kamehameha fired by Goku and Gohan.
Anime: When first-form Cell was fighting Piccolo, in addition to the Kamehameha, he also used the Makankosappo (Daizenshuu 5, p.64). After being beaten by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, perfect-form Cell falls into Hell. There, he gains Freeza and his father as subordinates, but is defeated with one blow by Paikuhan (Daizenshuu 5, p.140). Together with Freeza and the others, he used a giant crystal ball in Hell to watch Super Saiyan 3 Goku’s battle with Buu in the Kaioshin Realm.

Cell Junior
Cell’s doppelgangers
First Appearance: chapter 406
Special Characteristics: Children which perfect-form Cell births through his tail. In the story, he gives birth to 7. Their appearance is like perfect-form Cell, only small and cute. However, their power was equal to Vegeta and Trunks at the time, and their personalities were cruelty itself.
Battles: All 7 were obliterated by Son Gohan.

A village girl
History:She lives in a poor village which the two outlaw brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku raid for food. She has a strong sense of responsibility, and went out in search of a strong person to save the village from Kinkaku and Ginkaku. In the midst of her journey, she was about to be eaten by a tiger man, but was saved by Goku, who happened to be passing through. Seeing Goku easily defeat the tiger man, she asked him to come to her village. Goku then finally defeated Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and peace returned to the village. Chao had done a splendid job.

A martial artist
History:Height: 138 cm, Weight: 33 kg. Together with Tenshinhan, he trained in assassin techniques under Tsuru-sennin. After participating in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he and Tenshinhan quit being Tsuru-sennin’s pupils, and the two trained simply to make themselves even stronger. When Piccolo Daimao summoned Shenlong, he tried to prevent Daimao from achieving his goal, but was killed a moment before he could. He was revived through Shenlong’s power, but this proved to be fleeting. In an attempt to stop Nappa and Freeza’s [sic] invasion of Earth, he grabbed on to Nappa’s back and self-destructed. After being revived again through Porunga’s power, he set out to train with Tenshinhan.
First Appearance: chapter 113
Special Characteristics: A small character with white skin, like a jiang shi [a Chinese vampire]. He can use psychic powers by sticking his index fingers out. He has just one strand of hair on his head, and circles on his cheeks. His weakness is that he’s not good with calculations, being unable to add or subtract without using his fingers. He always does things with Tenshinhan, who he loves to call “Ten-san, Ten-san”. (Daizenshuu 2, p.131/Daizenshuu 4, p.69)
Techniques:Bukujutsu, Paralysis Arts, and psychic powers such as being able to change lottery numbers.
Battles: He tries to stop Piccolo Daimao from achieving his goal, but was killed in one hit. In the battle with Nappa, he wiped himself out by self-destructing.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost to Krillin in the first round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. In the preliminaries of the 23rd, he was defeated by Tao Pai Pai, who had become a cyborg. (Daizenshuu 4, p.121)
Anime: Like Tenshinhan, his first appearance in the TV series was in Mentanki Village, where Inoshikacho was rampaging. When Artificial Humans No.19 and No.20 appeared, he waited at Kame House, demonstrating his skill at cooking, which received lots of praise. His first movie appearance was in the role of an emperor. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72/Daizenshuu 6, p.32)

Chapa, King
A participant in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:Born in the year Age 710. A martial artist. Height: 185 cm, Weight: 82 kg. Address: SSR 249905 C.
First Appearance: chapter 114
Special Characteristics: A world-famous master of martial arts. His prowess is such that in the previous Tenkaichi Budoukai he entered, he won the tournament without his opponents even touching him. However, he has a somewhat immature side as well, underestimating Goku, and getting truly angry. He has a wife and 3 children.
Techniques:Hasshu-Ken, Hiryuu-Ken, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: Though he won one of the tournaments prior to the 21st, he lost in the preliminaries of the 22nd and 23rd.

An afterlife martial artist
History:A warrior from the East Galaxy. In the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai, he fights against Oribu, a representative of the North Galaxy.
Special Characteristics: He is abnormally small, and has a charming face, despite his beard.
Techniques:He has greater speed than Oribu, and a body-division attack.
Battles: He attacks with rapid movement that makes it look as if he is actually many people. In fact, he really did split up into several people. They surround Oribu and charge him together, but are easily parried. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

A baby
History:A baby in the village attacked by the outlaws Kinkaku and Ginkaku. These outlaws had a man-eating gourd which would swallow you up and melt you down if you didn’t reply when called by name, and so they gathered the villagers up and called out their names. However, there was no way that the 2 week old Chenshi could reply. Kinkaku forced Chenshi’s mother to tell him his name so that he could call it. But Goku had come to get ride of Kinkaku and Ginkaku at Chao’s request, and unable to tolerate this he dashed in and put a stop to it, and Chenshi was spared.

Chi Chi
Gyuumao’s daughter
History:While searching for Kame-sennin so that he could put out Mt. Frypan’s fire, she resolved to become Goku’s wife after he patted her on the crotch. When Goku failed to come take her as a bride, she entered the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai (calling herself “Anonymous”) in order to meet him. After losing in battle she revealed her true name, and married Goku on the spot. After the tournament, the two rode off on Kinto-un to start their honeymoon. A year later, she gave birth to a boy named Gohan. She had the sort of checkered life you’d expect of Goku’s wife, losing her husband during the battle with Raditz, and being turned into an egg and smashed by Majin Buu. She is now the mother of two sons, Gohan and Goten. (Daizenshuu 2, p.132)
First Appearance: chapter 11
Special Characteristics: She’s cute, but has a very harsh personality. She is quick to jump to conclusions, and persists in these assumptions until the end. Due to the influence of her father Gyuumao, she’s been proficient in the martial arts since a young age. After becoming a mother she becomes abnormally obsessed with her son Gohan’s education as she raises him. Her strength of will is second to none. She teaches kumite to her second son, Goten, training him a little in the martial arts, something she had hated when raising Gohan.
Techniques:cutter throw, a beam fired from the forehead, etc
Battles: She fought a dinosaur, beating it easily with the weapons in her helmet. While watching the Tenkaichi Budoukai, she defeated the mother of Goten’s opponent with one punch.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: In the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, she passed the preliminaries and fought Goku in the first round, and though she lost, she achieved her true objective. (Daizenshuu 4, p.122)
Anime: She kissed Goku when they announced their marriage. Before their wedding, she and Goku went through great efforts to put out Mt. Frypan’s fire. The dress she wore at their wedding ceremony was a memento from her mother. In the movies, she displayed courage in fighting the Demon Clansman who abducted Gohan.

*Chin Shouken
A martial artist in the making
History:The only son of Chin Taiken, an urban martial artist.
Special Characteristics: He respects his father more than anyone else, and has a strong “never give up” spirit, but as a martial artist he’s still immature. He wished to take his sick father’s place and fight in a royally-overseen match against Tenron of the Leopard-Fang School, but his father opposed this and he gave up. However, he couldn’t accept it when Goku participated instead, and put laxative in Goku’s food. This caused Goku to have stomach problems during the match, making it a very difficult fight for him. Even so he kept on fighting, and Shouken became ashamed of his own actions.

*Chin Taiken
A martial artist
History:Shouken’s father, he uses the Chinke-Seikyoku-Ryuu-Ken [Chin Family Star Extreme School Fist]
Special Characteristics: A famous martial artist in the city, his strength is the real deal. He was to fight against Tenron of the Leopard-Fang School in a match held before the king. He staked his name as a martial artist on defeating Tenron, and aimed to restore the Chinke-Seikyoku-Ken, but an illness caused him to abandon the match. He then asked Goku to participate in his place. When he had a match with Goku, he fought using a free command of the main points of the Chinke-Seikyoku-Ken, but was not even able to realize when he had been attacked by Goku.

*Chuu Lee
A girl who Goku met as he trained under God in the Heavenly Realm in order to fight Ma Junior. She lived at the foot of Goro-Goro Mountain, which Goku came to as part of his training, and saved Goku after he was struck by lightning and lost consciousness. She kept a baby bird named Pippi as a pet, and doted on it. One day, this baby bird goes somewhere far away. As Chuu Lee waited for its return, she simply sensed when it came back, even though the bird was not seen or heard. From this, Goku learned the art of sensing someone’s presence.

Clothes Store Man
First Appearance: chapter 359
Special Characteristics: An employee at the hick town boutique that No.18 stole clothes from.

Cold the Great
King of the universe
First Appearance: chapter 329
Special Characteristics: Freeza’s father. He is a shadowy presence in the organization, and nobody knows of his existence apart from his family and his direct subordinates, not even the Ginyu Special-Squad. Though he’s the head of the strongest family in the universe, he is somewhat inferior to Freeza.
Battles: When Trunks defeated his son Freeza with extreme ease, he saw that fighting Trunks directly was not to his advantage, and sweet-talked Trunks into giving him his sword. However, he was ultimately obliterated in one blow.

Freeza’s older brother
History:A space invader, like his younger brother Freeza. He’s a warrior with greater power than Freeza. He came to Earth to challenger Goku after Goku defeated Freeza, and a fierce battle unfolded between him and Super Saiyan Goku. Previously, he had let Goku’s space pod slip by when it was launched from Planet Vegeta.
Special Characteristics: Personality-wise he is aggressive, proud, and even crueler than Freeza. He ordinarily has a form equivalent to Freeza’s final one, and can perform one further transformation.
Techniques:Planet-destroying energy bullets
Battles: Super Saiyan Goku’s energy wave knocked back him and his energy bullet all the way into the sun. (Daizenshuu 6, p.78)

Copper, General
First Appearance: chapter 93
Special Characteristics: A general in the Red Ribbon Army, and the person who Captain Violet was scheduled to hand the Dragon Radar over to.

CQV Reporter
First Appearance: chapter 360
Special Characteristics: Immediately after going to cover the events at Ginger Town, he became a victim of Cell.

Piccolo Daimao’s underling
History:born in Age 753. Height: 181 cm, Weight: 115 kg
First Appearance: chapter 137
Special Characteristics: A dragon-type Demon Clansman who Piccolo Daimao gives birth to for the purpose of collecting dragonballs. Like Tambourine, he has wing and therefore can fly without using Bukujutsu.
Techniques:electric wave, tail attack, etc
Battles: He stubbornly demanded Goku and Yajirobe to hand over their dragonball. However, he was sliced in two by Yajirobe, then roasted whole, and finally eaten with gusto. His lifespan lasted only a few hours.

An air car training facility instructor
History:One of the pair of teachers at the air car training facility which Goku and Piccolo attended as a result of Chi Chi’s hysterics.
Special Characteristics: She’s beautiful and stylish, and talks sexy too, but she’s really a Pspeed demon, and her personality completely changes the moment she takes the wheel. Even her speech style changes, becoming extremely rude.

King of the Demon Realm
History:Though his exact age is unknown, he has lived for over 300 years.
First Appearance: chapter 446
Special Characteristics: The man who boasts the greatest power in the Demon Realm, a place said to exist on the opposite side of the universe which Goku and co. inhabit. He had his heart manipulated by Babidi, and became his underling. On top of having battle power equal to Cell’s, he is also skilled in magic. After dying, Enma Daio judged that as king of the Dark Demon Realm he would be happy in Hell, and so he sent him to Heaven.
Techniques:petrifaction, various forms of magic
Battles: A fairly even battle unfolded between him and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Afterwards, he sensed that the revived Majin Buu was dangerous, and tried to defeat him, but was turned into a cookie and eaten. Despite being the strongest in the Demon Realm, feared even by Kaioshin, he came to an extremely pathetic end…

First Appearance: chapter 440
Special Characteristics: A character who lives on Planet Dai-Kaio, and supervises the 4 Kaios (north, south, east, and west).
Anime: The greatest person in the afterlife. Still, he has an easy-going and informal personality. He’s a great lover of the martial arts, and holds the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai, in both the TV series and movies. (Daizenshuu 5, p.140/Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

The leader of the Kaioshins
First Appearance: chapter 508
Special Characteristics: A character who long ago was absorbed by Buu, weakening Buu’s power. (Daizenshuu 4, p.54)
Anime: He loves to eat. He confronted Majin Buu to save Shin, but was absorbed by Buu.

A warrior
History:One of Tullece’s corps, he appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”.
Special Characteristics: His long hair is tied in the back. Like the rest of the corps members, he can move through the air.
Techniques:he emits an energy ball from his hand, and throws it like a ball
Battles: When he fought Goku he was sent flying by Goku’s kiai, but soon recovered. However, like the rest of the corps members he was ultimately defeated in one blow by an enraged Goku. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

History:The master of an icy labyrinth in the far north, it guards the Super God Water, and gives various tests to any who try to obtain it.
Battles: In order to defeat Piccolo Daimao, Goku wished to get the Super God Water which would draw out his hidden power, and so he set out for the icy labyrinth. Goku wasn’t led astray by the various illusions created by the Darkness (including an ice giant, Kame-sennin, Bulma, Yamcha, etc), and cleared every barrier. At last Goku encountered the Darkness, which appeared as a dark mass in an underground lake, and was granted the Super God Water. (Daizenshuu 3, p.94)

A Dragon Clan Namekian
History:Born on Planet Namek, as the Eldest’s 108th child. He lived in peace until Freeza and his men invaded. As his friends were killed one after the other by Freeza, who was seeking the dragonballs, he ran away in fear and met Gohan and Krillin, after which the two Earthling’s power saved him from this pinch. The planet was destroyed by Freeza, but he stayed on Earth for awhile, and then migrated away when a new Planet Namek was found. When the Earth’s God merged with Piccolo, as an excellent Dragon Clansman he was chosen to become God of Earth, and came to watch over the Earth.
First Appearance: chapter 252
Special Characteristics: He has green skin and antenna, the distinguishing features of all Namekians. Besides the Namekian language, he is also capable of speaking the languages of other planets. He is enough of a prodigy to create dragonballs, and increased the abilities of the dragonballs on Earth. In this way Shenlong became able to grant up to 3 wishes, rather than just 1. (Daizenshuu 2, p.175/Daizenshuu 4. p.50)
Techniques:stamina restoration, and the ability to heal wounds
Battles: Freeza and co. attacked Elder Muuri’s village, but he was saved by Gohan. After healing Vegeta’s wounds, he was killed by Freeza’s beam technique.
Anime: He appeared in “Clash!! 10,000,000,000 Powerful Warriors”, and alerted Goku to the danger on New Planet Namek.

Dirty Old Hag Magician
First Appearance: chapter 502
Special Characteristics: The character who long ago merged with the Elder Kaioshin through the Potara.

History:Killed by Vegeta in the year Age 762.
First Appearance: chapter 247
Special Characteristics: Freeza’s aide, and the type of man who tries to solve problems through force. He’s ridiculously strong. Namekians are said to have strength uncommon in the universe, yet he defeated 3 young ones in 10 seconds. His battle is about 22,000.
Battles: While moving on his own around Planet Namek, he was attacked by Vegeta and was killed in an explosion.
Anime: When attacking the Namekian village, he used a technique where he split into doppelgangers, which didn’t appear in the original story.

First Appearance: chapter 12
Special Characteristics: A dolphin who told Goku and Chi Chi the location of Kame House. When speaking, it always appends “iruka” to the ends of its lines. [iruka=dolphin; the joke is that lots of Japanese sentences tend to end in “iru”, so all it does is add a “ka” onto that to make this pun on dolphin.]

A member of the Coola Armored Squad
History:Appearing in “The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest”, he pledges absolute loyalty to Coola.
Special Characteristics: The largest member of the Coola Armored Squad. He wears a scouter that’s part of his helmet, and has long hair in the back. Also, like the Ginyu Special-Squad, the Armored Squad has their own unique poses.
Techniques:He uses a bear hug where he squeezes his opponent with his superhuman strength.
Battles: He was defeated by Piccolo, who came to save Gohan as he was tormented by them. (Daizenshuu 6, p.78)

Slug’s Demon Clansman underling
History:Appeared in “Super Saiyan Son Goku”.
Special Characteristics: He has wings on his back, and can fly. He has 2 small horns on his head.
Techniques:Despite his large body, he is considerably fast. His weapons are his powerful punches and kicks.
Battles: In a pinch, he proposed to Piccolo that they join forces, but this only got him his head blown off. (Daizenshuu 6, p.70)

Dracula Man
History:Born in the year Age 176. Height: 168 cm, Weight: 51 kg.
First Appearance: chapter 99
Special Characteristics: One of Uranai Baba’s fighters, and a user of Muay Thai-style kick boxing. He’s a tricky, slippery opponent, who besides being fast can also transform into a bat and flee through the air.
Techniques:blood-sucking, knee-kicks, etc
Battles: Though he defeated Krillin by sucking his blood, he lost to Upa and Puar’s combo when they seized his weaknesses as a vampire: garlic and the cross.

Piccolo Daimao’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 153
Special Characteristics: A Demon Clan warrior who the rejuvenated Piccolo Daimao birthed to fight Tenshinhan. He has such fearsome battle power that there’s no comparing him to Tambourine or the others who the elderly Piccolo gave birth to. Despite his large, fat body, he is tremendously fast.
Battles: He beat Tenshinhan black and blue with his superior power and speed, but when Goku appeared he had his head smashed in with one kick, killing him instantly. His lifespan was just a few minutes.
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A warrior
History:Created by Dr. Kochin through biotechnology. Appeared in “The World’s Strongest Guy”.
Special Characteristics: He has a sturdy build and his body is light pink. He rarely speaks.
Techniques:He fires a technique called the Freeze Fist from both hands, which freezes everything. This ice is rather hard to melt, and it’s difficult to escape once you’re captured by it.
Battles: He battled Goku, freezing him with the Freeza Fist, but Goku escaped using the Kaio-ken, and defeated him with a punch. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

Elder Kaioshin
Kaioshin’s ancestor
History:In the distant past he was a handsome young Kaioshin, but after accidently merging with the dirty old witch through the potara, he took on the appearance of a geezer. After that, he was sealed within Z Sword by a certain strong evil-doer.
First Appearance: 479
Special Characteristics: He’s the present East Kaioshin’s ancestor of 15 generations ago. Outwardly he is an ancient geezer and a hopelessly perverted old man. However, he has the wealth of discernment and education that you’d expect of a Kaioshin, and he inherited all the magic that the old hag he merged with could use.
Techniques:Magic that draws out a person’s dormant power beyond their limits. (Daizenshuu 2, p.176/Daizenshuu 4, p.55)
Anime: The dance song for when powering up Gohan where he goes “Funfun…yei~ii” was actually adlibbed by his voice actor.

*Elderly Couple Who Picked Up Ma Junior’s Egg
History:While doing her laundry in the river, the old woman discovered Piccolo Daimao’s egg floating down the river. She thought it might be a dinosaur egg, but the old man was convinced that God had given them a child, and so he took the egg back to their house. However, Ma Junior hatched from the egg in no time at all, and burned down the house where the old couple lived.

*Elder Scholar
History:In order to revive the Fire-Eating Bird, said to be extinct, he continued his research alone inside the caves of Mt. Kiui. He installed a large incubation device inside the cave in order to incubate the remaining Fire-Eating Bird egg.
Special Characteristics: He has the courage to have not yielded an inch when Pilaf and his gang came to steal the Fire-Eating Bird’s egg. After that, he shed tears when he saw the living Fire-Eating Bird appear and safely retrieve its chick. He also told Goku and Chi Chi that the Bashosen was in Frappe Mountain to the north.

The highest authority and ruler of the old Planet Namek
History:He was the sole survivor of the weather anomaly that occurred over 500 years ago. Afterwards, in order to guard against his race’s extinction, he built up his race’s numbers, and established peace. However, he died due to Freeza and his men’s invasion.
First Appearance: chapter 264
Special Characteristics: He has a very large body, and truly looks like the leader of his race. His declining stamina renders him mostly immobile, and he always sits in a giant throne. He can increase a person’s abilities simply by placing his hand over their head. He can lay eggs, and during his life left behind a total of 109 children. (Daizenshuu 4, p.50)

A girl who was in the mirror-covered spaceship
History:Her home planet was destroyed by Freeza’s army. Only the children escaped, and they tried to find a safe planet. She met Gohan and co. as they were on their way to Planet Namek.
Special Characteristics: She mistook Gohan and co. for some of Freeza’s underlings, and hid herself behind Zeshin. She always carries around as stuffed animal. (Daizenshuu 3, p.182)

Enma Daio
A government official in the afterlife, who passes judgment on the souls of the dead
History:In the distant past, he crossed the Serpent Road and trained on North Kaio’s planet.
First Appearance: chapter 205
Special Characteristics: Based on his grade book [enma-chou], he determines whether people will go to Heaven or Hell. Having trained under Kaio, he is powerful enough to subdue any violent spirit. His ears are as sharp as his body is large, and he hears any voice, no matter how small. Under special circumstances he will provide nifty arrangements, such as giving dead people physical bodies, or having them reborn. Though he looks frightening, he’s actually a pretty nice old man.
Anime: He was surprised when Goku took the road out of Hell and arrived in his office (Daizenshuu 3, p.162). In “The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta”, he was sealed inside of Janenba’s magical barrier, causing the laws of both this world and the afterlife to go haywire. (Daizenshuu 6, p/142)

Gohan’s high school classmate
History:Born in the year Age 756. When she first appears, she is a 2nd year student at Orange Star High School.
First Appearance: chapter 421
Special Characteristics: She’s a social butterfly, and her short-cut blond hair suits her well.

*Fake Super Warriors
History:They appeared inside Buu’s brain. There were fakes of Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo.
Special Characteristics: Illusions made from Buu’s memory. Their power is on par with their real counterparts, and even when defeated they immediately revive. When he saw them, Goku realized right away that they were fakes.
Techniques:They use the same techniques as their real counterparts. In particular, Goten and Trunks used Fusion to become Super Gotenks 3 right off the bat.
Battles: They fought with Goku and Vegeta, giving them a lot of trouble, but when some cake grabbed Buu’s attention, the fakes all turned into cakes as well.

Female Newscaster
First Appearance: chapter 365
Special Characteristics: An oriental woman who reported on Cell’s movements.

*Fire-eating Bird
A legendary bird
History:A phantom bird said to live in the crater of Mt. Kiui, it supposedly can eat fire. It was thought to have died in a volcanic eruption 40 years ago, leaving behind only an egg. However, in the end it turned out that the Fire-eating Bird was alive, and it returned to its newly hatched chick. Believing some nonsense written by Kame-sennin that said its feathers were a raw material to make the Bashousen, Goku and Chi Chi go there in order to take its feathers.
Special Characteristics: It resembles a giant ostrich, and apparently cannot fly. Its egg was preserved by an elderly scientist.

*Frappe, Doctor
A scientist who lives close to Sno’s home in Jingle Village, which Goku visited during his search for the dragonballs.
History:The individual who built Artificial Human No.8 at the request of General White of the Red Ribbon Army. However, because he created a gentle artificial human rather than the brutal one they were hoping for, the Red Ribbon Army slightly resented him. After Goku wiped out the Red Ribbon Army, the doctor removed the explosive device within Hacchan, so that he might live peacefully with the mayor. (Daizenshuu 3, p.48)

A transforming alien life form
History:He repeatedly conducted planetary invasions, collecting the outstanding warriors from various planets. He sold off the beautiful planets, and also collected them as a hobby. He acted as a land shark. Feared for his terrible band of followers, he is also the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta. He and his men came to Planet Namek, where they suffered for the first time. Even after bringing in the superior squadron known as the Ginyu Special-Squad, the tide of battle took a turn for the worse. During his battle with Vegeta, he transformed willingly for the first time. After transforming, he utilized power far above what he had shown before, making Vegeta suffer severely, and cruelly killing him after reaching his final form. As he defeated his opponents one after the other, he killed Krillin, and was only outmatched by Super Saiyan Goku. Though he was thought to have died when Planet Namek was wiped out, he was revived as a mecha. However, he was then reduced to atoms by a boy who had come from the future, a wretched end. (Daizenshuu 2, pp.190-193)
First Appearance: chapter 247
Special Characteristics: He is an evil life form capable of transforming as far as a fourth form. With a cruel mentality, he is distinguished by his speaking style, which is somewhat like that of the nobility.
Battles: He attacked Planet Vegeta and battled the king in his first form, and achieved an overwhelming victory. He transformed into his second form during his battle with Gohan and the others. After transforming into his final form, he slaughtered Vegeta and Krillin. Even at his full power, he was completely defeated by Super Saiyan Goku. He attacked Earth after becoming Mecha Freeza, but was pulverized by Trunks.
Anime: The anime depicts how after he was thought to be dead after his battle with Goku, but as he floated through space on the brink of death, he was saved by the spaceship of his father King Cold. With the help of scientists, the lost portions of his body were restored with machines, and he became Mecha Freeza (Daizenshuu 5, p.46). Apart from that, in the anime version he also appeared in Gohan’s dream. It was a frightful dream where Gohan was having a moving reunion with Goku, but the vision of Goku quickly turned into Freeza and attacked him.

Freeza’s Reconnaissance Team
First Appearance: chapter 248
Special Characteristics: Lowest-level warriors who were defeated in the blink of an eye by Gohan and Krillin; their battle powers were below 1,500.

Afterlife martial artist
History:A warrior born in the Southern Galaxy who participated in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai.
Special Characteristics: He looks just like a frog. He is capable of inflating his body hundreds of times over.
Battles: During the finals tournament, he squared off with the superhumanly strong Maraiko, a representative of the Western Galaxy. He tried to inflate his body to take up the entire ring and force Maraiko out of bounds, but Maraiko picked him up like that and threw him out of bounds. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

Garlic Jr.’s father
History:About 300 years ago, he was a candidate to be God’s successor. However, after not being chosen by God he led an army of Demon Clansmen in rebellion against God. He lost to God and was sealed away, but entrusted his son Garlic Jr. to exact revenge. (Daizenshuu 6, p.44)
Special Characteristics: The strong bond between father and son is depicted in the TV show, when the revived Garlic Jr. pays respect to his father in the Heavenly Realm.

*Garlic Jr.
A Demon Clansman, and Garlic’s son
History:In the movies, in order to avenge his father he gathered the dragonballs to obtain immortality, and then tried to take God’s life (Daizenshuu 6, p.44). He was sealed within the Dead Zone, but was resurrected in the TV show. He plotted to take over the world by changing humans into members of the Demon Clan and resurrecting his father (Daizenshuu 5, p.38).
Special Characteristics: Despite his small body, he has tremendous power. When Planet Makyo draws near, his dormant power is awakened and he becomes many tens of times stronger.
Techniques:Dead Zone, where he generates a zone which sucks everything up. (Daizenshuu 5, p.42)
Battles: He tried to suck the Heavenly Realm up with his Dead Zone, but Gohan destroyed Planet Makyo, the source of his power, throwing him off balance and causing him to be sealed within the Dead Zone himself.

Garlic Jr.’s underling, and a member of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Clan
History:A Demon Clansman whose homeland is Planet Makyo. Together with Garlic Jr., he plots to conquer the world.
Special Characteristics: He’s the smallest of the Four Heavenly Kings, but the most attractive.
Techniques:Together with the other 3, he immobilizes his opponent in a super magical barrier resembling a red net. He also has techniques such as becoming gigantic, and stretching his hair to entangle and bind his opponent.
Battles: He fought Gohan in the Heavenly Realm and was defeated by the Masenko, but revived through the influence of Planet Makyo. However, he then lost to Gohan’s angry power. (Daizenshuu 5, p.40)

A philosopher
First Appearance: chapter 424
Special Characteristics: A person mentioned in the textbooks at Orange Star High School.

A demonic being
History:Appeared in “Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle”. He guards Devil’s Castle.
Special Characteristics: He has a giant red body, and his skin is completely covered in what appear to be warts.
Techniques:He attacks by freely manipulating the sash wrapped around his body, and his staff with an iron ball on the end. He summons things that resemble Kinto-un for both his legs, and uses them to fly through the air.
Battles: He fought Goku and Krillin when they came to Devil’s Castle. As he chased them around, he was ultimately eaten by a monster living in a swamp close to the castle. (Daizenshuu 6, p.24)

*Giant Crab
A giant Namekian crab who lays eggs that look just like dragonballs. She saved Bulma from Freeza’s soldiers when Bulma was in quite a predicament.

*Giant Dragon
A guardian
History:It appeared before the Mountain of Five Elements. It’s apparently an illusion created by Annin, and its mouth became the entrance to the Mountain of Five Elements.

Giant Octopus
First Appearance: chapter 76
Special Characteristics: A large octopus who lives in a cave.
Battles: Goku bakes him with his Kamehameha and eats him.

Garlic Jr.’s underling
History:One of the 3 underlings who appears in “Return My Gohan!!”; he seems to be the leader.
Special Characteristics: He’s the smallest out of the 3 underlings. Like the other two, he also has the ability to become gigantic. His transformation cry is “Shouga-Aki!!” [“We’re out of ginger!”]
Techniques:He fires bullets of orange light from the palm of his hand
Battles: He fought Goku when he came to retrieve the kidnapped Gohan. In the end he was hit by the Kamehameha and defeated. (Daizenshuu 6, p.44)

Ginger Town’s Wealthiest Man
First Appearance: chapter 361
Special Characteristics: He used money to beg for his life, but was absorbed by Cell.

An outlaw
History:He’s Kinkaku’s younger brother, and together they used their man-eating gourd to lay waste to villages, tormenting many people. He has a slender build, and wears gaudy paint on his face. He can’t get the better of his brother Kinkaku, and always tries to keep him in a good mood as they travel around. After Goku was sucked up by the gourd, he tried to conform whether he had melted or not, but was chased off by Goku and sucked up by the gourd himself. Afterwards, as punishment he was forced to help the villagers out with their work. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

The captain of the Ginyu Special-Squad
History:He performed Body Change each time he met a strong opponent, and so only a few people know his original form.
First Appearance: chapter 272
Special Characteristics: The captain of Freeza’s trump card, the Ginyu Special-Squad. He boasts the greatest strength out of all Freeza’s underlings, including the Ginyu Special-Squad, and what’s more is one of the few men who pure-heartedly revere Freeza. On the other hand he’s also as jolly as he is super-duper strong, and does things like think up the choreography for strange poses. His battle power is 120,000. (Daizenshuu 4, p.58)
Techniques:Body Change, etc
Battles: He performed Body Change when he learned that Goku was stronger than him. After that he tried to Change with Vegeta as well, but thanks to Goku’s fast thinking he became a frog.
Anime: After becoming a frog, he Body Changed with Bulma. He then went after Piccolo’s body, but failed and became a frog once more. It seems that as a frog, he came to live in the greenhouse at Bulma’s home.

A participant in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:Born in the year Age 717. Height: 197 cm, Weight: 210 kg. He usually works as a bodyguard. Address: XBC 44735 BB.
First Appearance: chapter 39
Special Characteristics: A monster who Goku fights at the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He can fly with the wings on his back, and has superhuman strength. In his village, he’s hated as a thug. His hobby is knitting, and he hates caterpillars. (Daizenshuu 4, p.70)
Techniques:Guru-Guru Gum
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He passed the preliminaries at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. He toyed with Goku using his flight abilities and Guru-Guru Gum, but was frightened by Goku’s true power and surrendered.

*Giran Tribe
Giran’s tribe
Special Characteristics: They love clean water, and bathe often.
Techniques:They use the Guru-Guru Gum which they spit from their mouths to immobilize their opponents. They also have the power to make objects rock-hard.
Battles: They participated in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. They live upstream to Namu’s village, and dammed the river so that they could keep all the water for themselves. Goku and Namu visited them to request that they let the water flow again. (Daizenshuu 3, p.42)

Girl Like Unto the Death of Buddha
First Appearance: chapter 24
Special Characteristics: A girl that Goku brought to Kame-sennin, having been ordered by him to bring a girl.

Girl Who Oolong Was After
First Appearance: chapter 5
Special Characteristics: A girl with a graceful air to her, she wears Indian-style clothes.

A god who watched over the Earth
History:Born the child of a Dragon Clan Namekian, his real name is unknown. Around Age 250, due to a weather anomaly he escaped Planet Namek and came to Earth. After training as a martial artist, he apprenticed himself to the previous God, and succeeded in becoming the God of Earth after casting off the evil portions of himself. From then on he served as God of Earth until merging with Piccolo and abandoning his throne in Age 767.
First Appearance: chapter 164
Special Characteristics: As the god who governed Earth before Dende became God, he is the creator of the Earth’s dragonballs. He has a gentle heart, and Goku and his friends are indebted to him for training them and introducing them to Enma in the afterlife. Though he’s a Namekian who came to Earth long ago, he himself had forgotten who he was. Piccolo Daimao is the materialization of the evil heart which he expelled during his training before he became God, and because he himself would die if Piccolo were to be wiped out, he left this evil alone. (Daizenshuu 2, p.123, p.174/Daizenshuu 4, p.55)
Techniques:He can breathe a soul into Shenlong, create clothes, and travel between this world and the afterlife.
Battles: He tried to fight Ma Junior, but was stopped by Goku.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai as Shen, by borrowing an Earthling’s body. Though his goal was to defeat Ma Junior, he instead lost by being sealed within a bottle. (Daizenshuu 4, p.122)
Anime: The movie “Return My Gohan!” depicts his past where he contended with Garlic for the throne of God (Daizenshuu 6, p.44). In the Garlic Jr. arc he went into the Divine Sage Realm to spread the Super God Water and remove the effects of the Aqua Mist, but things got to be a mess when he ended up fighting the gods of past generations, who blocked his way for some reason. (Daizenshuu 5, p.42)

*God of the Previous Generation
The God of Earth prior to the God who was one with Piccolo Daimao.
History:He exists in the Divine Sage Realm, a place in the bottom of the Heavenly Realm where the graves of the gods of generations past are located. In the movies, he gained Garlic’s enmity when he didn’t give Garlic his position as god.
Special Characteristics: Being dead, he has no physical body. He appears as a shadow draped in a cloak and holding a staff.
Techniques: Electric shock. Changing his form to twine around his opponent, and removing their soul, etc.
Battles: He tried to remove God’s soul when he came to the Divine Sage Realm, perhaps because it is a sacred place. However, he seemed to forgive God, returning his soul to him and sending him from the bottom of the Heavenly Realm back to the surface. (Daizenshuu 5, p.42)

A Fusion warrior
History:A warrior born when Goku (who had come to rescue Enma Daio) and Vegeta (who was revived due to all the chaos in the afterlife) performed Fusion in order to oppose Janenba.
Special Characteristics: He inherited Goku’s bangs, and Vegeta’s low hairline. The clothes he wears are those of the people of Planet Metamor.
Techniques:He has overwhelming power and speed, and easily obliterates Janenba, who had given Goku a lot of trouble. He defeated Janenba with a small energy bullet.
Battles: He transforms and obliterates the fiendish and uncontrollable Janenba with a barrage of kicks and knee-kick, then finally with an energy bullet. (Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

Bojack’s subordinate
History:Long ago, he rampaged through the galaxy with Bojack. He appeared at the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai sponsored by Gyousan Money, and attacked the participants.
Special Characteristics: By raising his ki, he has the ability to become gigantic and power up.
Techniques:Out of all Bojack’s subordinates, he alone fights with a sword.
Battles: He attacked Trunks after Trunks advanced to the tournament finals. A battle unfolded between them, with him using his sword, but he was defeated when Trunks became a Super Saiyan. (Daizenshuu 6, p.114)

History:The guardians of the Mountain of Five Elements. At first they were 5 warriors, but were blown away by Goku’s Kamehameha and turned into rubble.

A character formed by Goten and Trunks merging through Fusion
History:In order to defeat Majin Buu, who boasted absolute strength, Goku taught Fusion to Goten and Trunks as a last resort, and thus Gotenks was born. After several failures, they finally succeeded in merging together. The two entered the Room of Spirit and Time, and hurriedly trained as Gotenks. As a result, Gotenks leveled up so much that his strength surpassed Vegeta and the others. However, they were taken in by Buu, who had powered up by absorbing the good portion of himself.
First Appearance: chapter 480
Special Characteristics: He has Goten’s hair color and Trunks’ feature. He has an extremely haughty personality, as if only the bad parts of Goten and Trunks’ personalities show through. There is a normal-type Gotenks as well as a Super Saiyan one, and he can also transform post-Fusion, being the only person besides Goku who can become a Super Saiyan 3. (Daizenshuu 2, p.118-119)
Techniques:Rapid-Fire Die-Die Missiles, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Rapid-Fire Super Doughnuts, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack—10-Ghost Finish, etc.
Battles: He battled Majin Buu several times, but though he seized the initiative in battle, it always turned out wretchedly in the end, with him either running out of Fusion time, getting absorbed by Buu, or something.
Anime: He has numerous anime-original techniques. On TV there is the Great Spinning Kick, Balloon Super Bomber, the Finish Flash, the Brain Crush Hammer, etc. In “The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta”, he unleashed the 100-Ghosts-Altogether Super Ghost Kamikaze, where [as you very well might guess, unless you happen to actually be stupider than Gotenks] he puts out 100 ghosts.

Guardian of Hell
History:He guards over Block 1, Area #3 of Hell.
Special Characteristics: A red oni with a firm build. Superhumanly strong, he is said to be the strongest in Hell after Enma Daio. However, he seems to have a naïve personality.
Techniques:Grabbing firmly onto something and then throwing it
Battles: He sumo wrestled with Goku, but was pushed out of the arena by Goku’s shockwave. (Daizenshuu 3, p.163)

Great Saiyaman
First Appearance: chapter 423
Special Characteristics: Gohan’s appearance when wearing the transformation suit which Bulma developed so that he could hide his true identity. While he himself is very enthusiastic about being a hero of justice, other people see him as merely a guy doing some weird cosplay. He participated in the main tournament of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. Since it was forbidden to wear defensive gear, he entered wearing sunglasses and a turban. However, he abandoned his match when the wizard Babidi appeared. (Daizenshuu 2, p.116, p.142)
Anime: Besides taking care of evil-doers, he was very active solving numerous incidents, including saving people and putting out fires. A movie was even made about him, without him even knowing. In the movies, he first appeared in “The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta”, and battled the strong enemies who were resurrected from Hell. (Daizenshuu 5, p.148)

*Great Saiyaman #2
Videl’s transformed form
History:Being very active in getting rid of evil-doers, Videl followed Gohan’s example (?) and transformed for the first time.
Special Characteristics: She looks fundamentally the same as Great Saiyaman No.1, but is individualized by the large heart on her helmet and her red cape. She shows of suburb, a well-timed combination with No.1.
Techniques:Her standard routine when making an appearance or taking care of some incident is to strike a combination pose with No.1. (Daizenshuu 6, p.150)

A errand boy
History:He assists Kaio in his daily life. During the Cell Games, Goku brought Cell to Planet Kaio, and he was caught up in Cell’s explosion. Though he died at this time, he became a dead person with a flesh and blood body.
Special Characteristics: His body is small, but as hard as a rock, and he looks just like a grasshopper. He has a haughty personality.
Techniques:He can fly at furious speeds while shining brightly. He helped Goku during his training, making Goku able to keep up with him. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

*Guidance Robot
A robot on the Big Gete Star
Special Characteristics: He took the captured Namekians as well as Gohan and the others along, and tried to pulverize them and suck out their energy to give to the Big Gete Star. Though he’s only about half as big as an adult, he’s so tough that not even Yajirobe’s punch budged him. His appearance is identical to one of the author’s old self-portraits!? (Daizenshuu 6, p.88)

Guide Oni
A civil servant in the afterlife
First Appearance: chapter 205
Special Characteristics: An oni who guided Goku to the Serpent Road. He wears black-rimmed glasses.

A member of the Ginyu Special-Squad
First Appearance: chapter 272
Special Characteristics: A strange, small alien with 4 eyes. Unlike the other members of the Ginyu Special-Squad, his power is insubstantial, but he uses psychic powers, so you can’t let your guard down. He has a pretty nasty personality too, and it seems he planned to skewer and eat Gohan and Krillin. (Daizenshuu 4, p.58)
Techniques:Various psychic powers, including Paralysis Arts, Psychokinesis, and Time Stop.
Battles: He drove Gohan and Krillin to the wall with his Paralysis Arts, but was caught off guard when Vegeta barged into the fight and broke his head off.
Anime: He fiercely resented Vegeta for telling him that he smelled. After his death, he fought Chaozu on Planet Kaio.

*Gurumes, King
The king of Gurumes Kingdom.
History:After the discovery of the Rich Stones, he became a monster able to only eat luxurious food. He tried to gather the dragonballs to obtain unknown delicacies. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)
Special Characteristics: He used to be a human, but became a giant, purple-skinned monster.
Techniques:Though he doesn’t particularly have any techniques, he can become gigantic. He has a powerful army, and ravaged the nation’s houses and fields digging up the Rich Stones.
Battles: Unable to beat not eating delicacies, he turned into a giant. When Bulma learned that he had 6 dragonballs hidden in his stomach, she threw the remaining dragonball into his mouth. He returned to normal when Shenlong appeared, and had a change of heart.

A scientist
History:Appeared in the movie “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. Like Kakuja, he’s a scientist who works for Slug, and he carries out research to try and restructure Earth into a Planet Cruiser. However, it seems that restructuring Earth was considerably difficult. When Slug asked him how long it would take, he said 10 days, but Slug didn’t like this answer and executed him. (Daizenshuu 6, p.70)

Chi Chi’s father
History:In his youth he studied under Kame-sennin. At that time, Grandpa Son Gohan was Kame-sennin’s #1 pupil, and he was #2.
First Appearance: chapter 11
Special Characteristics: He used to be feared and known as the emperor of devils. However, now he’s Gohan and Goten’s nice grandfather, and comes to Goku’s house to see his grandsons’ faces whenever he has time. He also acts to calm his daughter Chi Chi down when she gets mad at Goku or her sons. He stockpiled his treasure in Mt. Frypan, and even after Kame-sennin blew the mountain away with his Kamehameha, he gathered all his treasure up again. The reason Goku and his family are able to live without doing any apparent work is, frankly, due to this fortune. He speaks with an incredibly thick accent. (Daizenshuu 2, p.132)
Anime: He risked his life protected the wedding dress which was a memento of his dead wife (Chi Chi’s mother) from a huge fire. (Daizenshuu 3, p.118)

History:A 12 year old boy. He lost his parents in a tsunami and was put in an institution since he had no other relatives, but escaped. He ended up living with Pigero in an abandoned building. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

*Hakkake, Grandma
History:An old lady who lives at the foot of Mt. Frappe. When Goku and Chi Chi came to Mt. Frappe in search of the Bashousen, she told them about the mountain’s curse. She also made Chi Chi do cleaning and draw water, saying it was bridal changing.
Special Characteristics: She’s a good-hearted person. It seems that she got her name due to her teeth being almost all gone [“Hakkake” derives from ha ga kakeru, to have teeth broken or missing]. She happened by chance to pick up the Bashousen when it fell on the beach, and used it as a dustpan. She also raises bees, and gave Chi Chi some honey when they parted. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

History:A hatred-amplifying device created by the Tsufuru scientist Dr. Rachii.
Special Characteristics: It is capable of transforming into a humanoid battle form.
Battles: It was beaten by Goku and co. when they caught it off guard as it was firing his special attack, the Revenge Cannon. It appears in the strategy anime “DBZ Side-Story: Plan to Exterminate the Saiyans”. (Daizenshuu 5, p.200)

Hedge, Hog, and Lee
First Appearance: chapter 6
Special Characteristics: 3 village girls who were kidnapped by Oolong. They enjoyed living in luxury, and didn’t want to return to the village.

Phantom majin
History:1,000 years ago, it wrecked Planet Konatsu in the Southern Galaxy. It was born when wizards sent evil energy into a demon statue, but after its upper and lower halves were divided, it was locked inside the bodies of the heroes Tapion and Minoshia.
Special Characteristics: After its two halves merge, it transforms as if shedding its skin, reaching a winged form.
Techniques:It spits tremendous flames from its mouth, and can erase its physical body the moment it is about to be hit by an attack.
Battles: It was revived through the scheme of the wizard Hoi, but was defeated by Goku’s Dragon Fist. (Daizenshuu 6, p.150)

*Hire Dragon
A dragon
History:Gohan saves him from a mountain fire in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”. Though he’s not too fond of people, he likes Gohan.
Special Characteristics: He’s distinguished by his two horns, round eyes, and large wings.
Techniques:He can fly freely through the air, and give people rides. In “Super Saiyan Son Goku”, he performed by dancing along to Gohan’s whistling. In appeared not only in the movies, but in the TV show as well. In the middle of the Garlic Jr. arc, he noticed the Aqua Mist, and saved Gohan by pushing him into a cave. (Daizenshuu 5, p.38/Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

A wizard
History:One of the band of evil magicians who turned a statue of an evil god into the phantom majin Hildergarn 1,000 years ago on the Planet Konats. After Hildegarn is sealed away by some heroes, he plots to revive it and use it to take over the universe. Though he succeeded in fully reviving Hildegarn, he failed to control it, and it crushed him to death.
Special Characteristics: An old man with red skin and white hair. He’s agile and can move quickly.
Techniques:He has spells to control Hildegarn, and can fire beams from his fingertips. (Daizenshuu 6, p.150)

HTV Lady Interviewer
A TV network employee
First Appearance: chapter 431
Special Characteristics: She was ignored by Vegeta and Piccolo.

Human-Shooting Man
First Appearance: chapter 483
Special Characteristics: An extremely evil man who used humans as target practice. He shot Bee, but was kicked away by Satan, and ultimately blown to smithereens by Buu.

Human-Shooting Man’s Attendant
First Appearance: chapter 483
Special Characteristics: At his master’s urging, he also took up hunting humans.

A beautiful entrepreneur hired by the Red Ribbon Army for 1 million zeni in order to steal the two dragonballs held by Goku,
Techniques:She possess a genius intellect and technique, in order to steal any object and get away without leaving a trace.
History:When Bulma, in the middle of a fight with Yamcha, guided Goku to the floating amusement park, she took advantage of the opportunity and tried to steal Goku’s dragonballs. She put up a considerable effort, disguising herself as a fortuneteller and whatnot, but ultimately failed to steal the dragonballs. (Daizenshuu 3, p.50)

History:Born in the year Age 759.
First Appearance: chapter 432
Special Characteristics: Ikose’s older brother. Like his brother, he’s got a bad personality and is about as weak as you’d expect.
Battles: Trunks took him down instantly.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the Youth Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but lost to Trunks in the first round.

Idasa’s Mother
A vain, unpleasant middle-aged lady, the sort of mother you’d expect her sons to have.
First Appearance: chapter 432
Special Characteristics: An immature person who was mortified when her sons lost to Goten and Trunks in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and jumped on Bulma. It seems that she makes her sons learn fighting as a sort of after-school lesson.
Battles: She was knocked unconscious by Chi Chi’s punch.

History:Born in the year Age 760.
First Appearance: chapter 433
Special Characteristics: A mean spirited guy who’s actually incredibly weak.
Battles: He was knocked out by Goten in one blow.
Techniques:Murderer Punch
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the Youth Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but lost in the first round.

History:It was kept as a pet by Kame-sennin and Tsuru-sennin when they were boys. After Kame-sennin moved, it seems that Tsuru-sennin kept it himself, and it later appears with Tsuru-sennin’s pupils Tenshinhan and Chaozu.
Special Characteristics: A rare animal that has a boar-like body, deer-like horns, and butterfly-like wings on its back [boar=inoshishi, deer=shika, buttefly=chou; hence “Inoshikacho]. On Tenshinhan and co.’s orders, it rampaged through villages far and wide. Tenshinhan and co. would then pretend to get rid of it, swindling the village out of lots of money. However, they ultimately betrayed it, and Goku saved it when it was in danger. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

First Appearance: chapter 393
Special Characteristics: He sought to get a comment out of Satan after Satan got well known for entering the Cell Games.

Jacky Chun
A participant in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, who is Kame-sennin in disguise
First Appearance: chapter 35
Special Characteristics: He wears a wig as well as perfume, as a sign of his gentlemanly tastes. However, his true identity is Kame-sennin, who entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai with his pupils’ futures in mind. He wears perfume to prevent the unusually sharp-nosed Goku from uncovering his identity. (Daizenshuu 2, p.131)
Techniques:Kamehameha, Yoiko-MinMin-Ken, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He had a difficult fight with Goku during the finals of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. In the end, he won by being the first to call out “I totally won~”. He went up against Tenshinhan during the 2nd round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, but willingly dropped down from the arena, losing by ring-out. (Daizenshuu 4, p.120, p.121)

*Jaga Badda, Baron
A rich man and Mister Satan’s childhood friend
History:He was Satan’s rival and like him aimed to become a martial artist, but abandoned that path after losing to Satan. From then on, he harbored a grudge against Satan, and used his financial assets to develop bio-warriors, but created Bio-Broli at the same time. Perhaps because of his privilege, he is surprisingly fat for someone who used to want to be a martial artist. One of his faults is that he gets common sayings and adages wrong?! (Daizenshuu 6, p.132)

A monster from the afterlife
History:A monster born when the Psyche-Oni who worked at Enma’s palace was bathed in evil ki. He seals Enma Daio and his entire palace inside a magical barrier, causing both the Earth and afterlife to be thrown into chaos.
Special Characteristics: At first he has a stout body and blank expression, but in the middle of his battle with Goku he transformed into an evil form.
Techniques:He has the ability to create magical barriers, and utilizes overwhelming speed and power. He uses numerous techniques, including Psychokinesis, mini-Janenbas, a space-transference attack, and disassembly teleportation.
Battles: He fought Goku and Paikuhan when they came to rescue Enma Daio, and battled the resurrected Vegeta as well. He was defeated by Gogeta, the Fusion warrior of Goku and Vegeta. (Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

A participant in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 438
Special Characteristics: Universally recognized as a pretty boy, he is very popular among female fighting fans. He made a pass at No.18, but was turned down.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He came in second at the 24th tournament. At the 25th he came after No.18, angry at her for turning him down, but was sent flying out of bounds with one side-kick, leaving him dizzy.

A member of the Ginyu Special-Squad
First Appearance: chapter 272
Special Characteristics: A warrior with crimson skin, white hair, and chiseled good looks. He has a tendency to rely too much on scouters, and he sometimes misreads his opponent’s strength. Out of the squad members, he is particularly good friends with Burta.
Techniques:Crusher Ball, various types of energy waves
Battles: He has about the same battle powers as Recoom and Burta, but Goku handles him like a child, and Ginyu gives him hell for it. Ultimately he was hit at point-blank range by Vegeta’s energy wave, and was blown to smithereens.
Anime: He attacks Goku with anime-original combo moves with Burta, such as the Purple Comet Crash.

Jingle Village Mayor
First Appearance: chapter 66
Special Characteristics: An important person who was held captive in Muscle Tower.

A 7-year old orphaned wolf boy.
History:After losing his parents in a tsunami, he lived in an abandoned building with Pigero, who he adored like an older brother. Out of all the orphans, it seems that he’s in charge of supplying food, planning strategies with Yodon and the others, and stealing a large number of canned goods from the grocery store. It seems he and Hacchi enjoy playing sumo together. After befriending Gohan, he seemed to be very jealous when he heard Gohan had a mother. Though he continued to run from the custody workers, he was ultimately captured. (Daizenshuu 3, p.164)
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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

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Kahn, Barry
First Appearance: chapter 476
Special Characteristics: An extremely popular super-star who was featured in a magazine.

Kaio (North Kaio)
A god who supervises the North Galaxy
History:For a long time now he has continued to watch over the North Area’s galaxy. In Age 767 he was caught up in Cell’s self-destruction and died. However, since he was originally a resident of the afterlife anyway, his life hasn’t really changed too much.
First Appearance: chapter 210
Special Characteristics: Using the antennas on his head, he can check out the positions of the planets scattered throughout the vast universe. He has the ability to instantly create anything, and once made Goku a Kaio-mark dougi. He lives with his pet Bubbles on Planet Kaio, located in the afterlife at the end of the Serpent Road, and devotes himself to collecting and driving old-model cars. His greatest hobby is telling puns, and continues to think up new puns day and night. A master of the martial arts, he only trains those who cross the Serpent Road. Also, as a second test, those who want his training must make him laugh with a joke. This is a rather eccentric test, but also a very harsh one for any true martial artist. He is also the one who taught Goku the Kaio-ken and Genki-Dama. Goku wasn’t the last person he trained either: Piccolo and the other mighty warriors who live on Earth visited him to receive his training. (Daizenshuu 2, p.175/Daizenshuu 4, p.55)
Techniques:He can communicate directly with peoples’ minds, and can transmit objects to other worlds. Though he worked out the theory of the Kaio-ken and Genki-Dama, it seems he never thought anyone actually able to use them would appear.
Anime: He often gives speeches dealing with the setup of the DB world, and told about the past of the Saiyans and Planet Vegeta (Daizenshuu 3, p.122). In the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai, the East and West Kaios also appear. All the Kaios were gathered. (Daizenshuu 5, p.140)

Kaioshin (East Kaioshin)
The god who currently stands above all other gods in the world
History:He alone survived when the other 4 Kaioshins (including the Dai-Kaioshin) were all either absorbed or killed by Majin Buu, the creation of the wizard Bibidi. After Majin Buu was resurrected by the wizard Bibidi’s son Babidi, he merges with his attendant Kibito through the Potara, becoming unable to return to his previous form.
First Appearance: chapter 437
Special Characteristics: Despite his small and weak appearance, he gives off the sense that he is concealing great power. He has an overly serious personality, and is excessively self-conscious. He also has telepathic powers, and can communicate with people over long distances. He supervised the East Area, and though originally there were 5 Kaioshins, he and his attendant Kibito are all that are left now, and so are the grand gods who stand over all. (Daizenshuu 2, p.176)
Techniques:Kiai cannon, paralysis, etc
Battles: His strength is far superior to the Super Namekian Piccolo, but he was still the weakest out of the 5 Kaioshins who used to exist. He was beaten up to the verge of death by Majin Buu both before and after Buu’s revival.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, calling himself “Shin” to disguise identity. He passed through the preliminaries, and won by default against Piccolo in the first round.

A warrior in The Tullece Corps
History:Appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”. He served Tullece, and came with him to Earth.
Special Characteristics: A cyborg warrior who has had half his body converted into machines. He has a fish-like face, both of his arms are flesh and blood, and he never speaks. Nozzle-like objects are tucked into every part of his body.
Techniques:His high-speed tackle attack is powerful enough to send Yamcha into the ground.
Battles: He fights Yamcha and wins overwhelmingly. However, afterwards he is KO’d by Goku in one blow. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

A scientist
History:Appeared in the movie “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. A scientist who works for Slug, he tried to convert the Earth into a Planet Cruiser. It seems that he immersed himself into this work inside Slug’s spaceship, and never went outside. When Slug asked him how many days the conversion would take, he answered that he could do it if he only had 3 days. (Daizenshuu 6, p.200)

A perverted martial artist
History:Born in the year Age 430. After studying the martial arts under Mutaito, he founded the Kame-sen School of martial arts. Height: 165 cm, Weight: 44 kg. Address: NBI 8250012 B.
First Appearance: chapter 3
Special Characteristics: A funky old man who wears sunglasses and a turtle shell. He’s Goku’s master, and at the same time is such a legendary martial artist that it’s said that all who enjoy the martial arts know his name. Throughout the world he’s called “Muten Roushi”. He’s incredibly perverted by nature, and thinks of nothing but hot girls. In particular, he’s sexually harassed Bulma any number of times. He makes those who want to become his pupils and train under him first bring him a hot girl or show him some dirty books. Despite this, he also has many fine aspects to him, such as secretly watching over his pupil’s growth, and risking his life to confront Piccolo Daimao. (Daizenshuu 2, p.130/Daizenshuu 4, p.108
Techniques:Numerous ones, including the Kamehameha, Bankoku-Bikkuri-Sho, Zanzo-ken, and the Mafuuba.
Battles: He staked his life using the Mafuuba against Piccolo Daimao, but failed to seal him inside an electric jar, and died. The Red Ribbon Army mistook him for a scientist who had created the Dragon Radar and tried to capture him, but he easily defeated them.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: Thinking of the future of Goku and his other pupils, he entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai twice in a row as Jacky Chun. He won the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai, and during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai he withdrew midway through his match with Tenshinhan.
Anime: He was said to be the strongest in the world as long as 50 years ago, but has he gotten a little rusty with age? [Daizenshuu 6, p.52] During “Super Saiyan Son Goku”, he wasn’t bothered by the Earth being on the brink of destruction, taking an afternoon nap and otherwise acting as usual. (Daizenshuu 6, p.70)

Dende’s younger brother
First Appearance: chapter 252
Special Characteristics: He was cruelly murdered by Freeza.

A cat sage who lives in Karin Tower
History:He is over 800 years old. Address: FFA 44195 SQ, Karin Tower.
Special Characteristics: A cat sennin who has lived for over 800 years. His entire body is covered in soft fur, and he holds a rather ordinary staff. Though he looks like a dirty, stumpy cat, he’s actually a master of the martial arts, so much so that he is held as a god of the martial arts world. He has a gentle personality and always has a philosophical expression on his face. Living at the top of Karin Tower, he serves as a link between the Heavenly Realm and the lower world. It’s said that he’ll train only those who climb up the tall, tall Karin Tower, giving them rigorous training requirements. However, the truth is that when it comes to training people, he is strict yet kind-hearted, always attentively watching over his pupils, and the results of his training are amazing. A person who will help you out with anything, he gives out numerous items including the Super God Water, Senzu, and Kinto-un. Having lived for over 800 years, he is very patient, enough so to spend 3 years on a single pupil. His hobbies are to watch things in the lower world, and to raise Senzu. There are some cute aspects to him as well, such as how he hates dogs. (Daizenshuu 2, p.174)
Battles: Most of his battles are training, such as when he trained Kame-sennin for 3 years, Goku for 3 days, or Krillin and co. for an unknown number of days. Rather than battle enemies, he’s a master who trains those who become his pupil.
Anime: Despite being a grand cat sage, he swooned over Maron when she appeared in the Garlic Jr. arc. He made a big commotion over her, giving her clothes and preparing her meals. In the end, he lost to her at cards, and had to bet the bell needed to reach the Heavenly Realm, and even the Nyoibo. (Daizenshuu 5, p.40)

*Karin Village Villagers
They live at the base of Karin Tower, and were forced to cooperate with the Miphan Empire’s search for the dragonball. (Daizenshuu 6, p.32)

*Karoni the Hurricane
Martial artist
History:One of Mister Satan’s best pupils
Special Characteristics: Mister Satan’s no.2 pupil, and the self-styled world’s greatest beautiful warrior. It seems that he is a popular martial artist among women. His manager Pizza explains that, as a master of Kuuchuu-Sappou [mid-air killer kenpou], he is even capable of catching a flying swallow. He has the sort of snobbish personality as to scatter roses before fighting.
Techniques:Flying Attack, a special attack where he jumps high into the air and attacks.
Battles: He is the first to challenge Cell, but is easily blown away by Cell’s battle ki. (Daizenshuu 5, p.88)

A Dragon Clan Namekian
History:He died in the weather anomaly on Planet Namek around the year Age 250.
First Appearance: chapter 265
Special Characteristics: He’s the true parent of Piccolo and God.

Kenpou Fighter
First Appearance: chapter 68
Special Characteristics: He enticed people to fight a match with him by staking 100,000 zeni on the match, but quickly surrendered to Goku.

Kaioshin’s attendant
First Appearance: chapter 437
Special Characteristics: An old-looking man who works as Kaioshin’s attendant. Though a good person, it seems that at first he was disdainful of Gohan and the other humans of the lower world, and did not trust in Super Saiyan power. His battle power is considerably high, enough to give Gohan a difficult fight as long as he wasn’t a Super Saiyan. (Daizenshuu 4, p.55)
Techniques:He can teleport between worlds using a spell called “Kai-Kai”, and has the ability to instantly produce clothes. He also has the ability to heal wounds.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He passed the preliminaries at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but abandoned his matches.
Anime: For fused characters, it’s standard for the two voice actors to speak at once, but after Kibito and Shin merged, Shin’s voice actor just made his voice deeper.

Kimidori Akane
Arale’s classmate
History:Born in the year Age 732. She’s currently a 3rd-year student at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A girl who lives in Penguin Village, and a bit of a delinquent. In school she’s part of a group of delinquent girls, and she and Arale are always pulling pranks. In the future she marries Tsun Tsukutsun.
Techniques:Cobra Twist

Kimidori Aoi
A resident of Penguin Village
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Akane’s older sister, she runs the “Coffee Pot” coffee shop. She’s great at brewing coffee, but an unbelievably awful driver. Because of this she gets into an accident every time she drives, and people hate to ride with her. She has a driver’s license, for the time being. Incidentally, her father’s name is Kon, and her mother is named Murasaki.

The sovereign of Earth
History:He has kept his position as kind since taking the throne in Age 733.
First Appearance: chapter 149
Special Characteristics: He’s the political ruler of the entire Earth, and lives in King Castle, the center of the world. He is a man of integrity who always thinks first of the nation’s peace, but has experienced numerous hardships, such as being temporarily driven from his throne by Piccolo Daimao, Cell’s rampage, and the like.

King Castle Guard
First Appearance: chapter 149
Special Characteristics: He challenged Piccolo Daimao with his bare hands, but was killed.

An outlaw
History:He has a mysterious gourd which sucks up humans when their names are called. He and his brother Ginkaku used this gourd to threaten villagers and plunder their fruits and vegetables.
Special Characteristics: A bearded, brutal-looking man. He attacks villages, riding in a sidecar while Ginkaku drives. He’s cruel, and even tried to have his gourd suck up a 2-weak old baby. However, thanks to Goku’s efforts, his gourd was stolen and he was punished. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

A participant in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: A handsome boy who wears a Chinese-style costume. He drew #6 in the lottery, and was scheduled to face off against Captain Chicken, who had #5. In Vegeta’s opinion, he’s the contestant with the highest battle power, outside of Goku, his friends, and Uub.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He passed the preliminaries at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai.

A participant in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 438
Special Characteristics: A petty man who tried to conspire with Goten and Trunks (=the fake Mighty Mask) during the finals Battle Royale. He must be pretty weak to be ever weaker than Mister Satan.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost in the 2nd round of the 24th tournament. In the 25th tournament he was easily downed by being sent flying out of bounds by a lii~~ight punch from Goten and Trunks.

History:An artificial human created by Dr. Kochin. Appeared in “The World’s Strongest Guy”.
Special Characteristics: Despite his small body, he enough super speed to confuse Goku. He never talks.
Techniques:He fires an electric shock from out of the numerous cords which he extends from his arms. He attacks by shrinking and stretching these electric whips, and seizing his opponents with them.
Battles: He made Goku suffer with a combo attack together with his fellow artificial human Ebifurya. In the end he was beaten when Goku used the Kaio-ken and nailed him with a kick. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

A contestant in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: A bandana-wearing young delinquent. He picked a fight with Vegeta, and was knocked down with one back-handed blow.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He withdrew right before the 28th tournament.
Anime: He watched Goku and Uub’s fierce battle from the contestant waiting room. Though it seemed that until then he had planned on participating in the matches, he pretended to have to go to the bathroom, and ran off.

*Kochin, Doctor
A scientist
History:Dr. Uiro’s assistant, and a biotechnological genius. He transplanted Dr. Uiro’s brain into a mechanical body, and also created the Brutal Warriors. He’s actually a robot, and his left arm is equipped with a gattling gun. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

History:A girl from Natade Village. In order to save the village, which was being threatened by a monster, she volunteered as a sacrifice following the directions of the village shaman.
Special Characteristics: She’s a brave girl who thinks only of the village. It seems that she has no living relatives besides her grandfather. Though still a child, she is very level-headed, and even comforted her grieving grandfather. Her clothes seem to be the village’s native dress. (Daizenshuu 6, p.124)

A fox boy
History:Goku saved him when he was being attacked by Gorotsuki and co., and they went off together. Learning that Goku was participating in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, he gathered money to pay for airfare to the tournament grounds. However, he was captured as a bank robber, and it turned out that he was a thief. Goku believed Konchiki when he said he wasn’t a thief, and captured the real criminals, Gorotsuki and co. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

* Kori, Professor
An elderly scientist who created the bio-warriors under Jaga’s supervision. (Daizenshuu 6, p.132)

A participant in the Tenkaichi Budoukai’s Youth Division
Special Characteristics: Though he’s still just a 10-year old boy, he has the dignified build of a sumo wrestler, and appears wearing a sumo wrestler loin cloth.
Battles: He cornered his fleeing opponent with his sumo thrusts, and in the end won by shoving him off of the arena. However, he also knocked the announcer off as well. He seemed like a fairly strong contestant, but unfortunately he lost midway through, and didn’t make it to the finals. He might have been interesting to see him fight Goten or Trunks.

Martial artist
History:Born in the year Age 736. Wanting to become popular with girls, he became a pupil at Oorin Temple dojo. However, he couldn’t endure the upperclassmen’s hazing, and was frustrated for 8 years. After that, he became a pupil of Kame-sennin, known far and wide as a god of martial arts. He endured harsh training with Goku, and even entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai. However, after the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai he was killed by Piccolo Daimao’s assassin Tambourine. After being revived by the dragonballs, he had a stormy life for a human, journeying to Planet Namek and battling Freeza and his men, fighting against Cell, and being turned to stone by Dabura. What’s more, he married No.18, though they first met as enemies, and together they have a daughter named Marron.
First Appearance: chapter 25
Special Characteristics: He shaves his head, and has no nose. As Goku’s best friend, they’ve experienced countless battles together. When he first appeared he was a devious boy, but while training under Kame-sennin and living with Goku, he became honest. However, the perverted aspects of his personality were powered up by Kame-sennin’s influence. (Daizenshuu 2, p.128, p.149)
Techniques:Kienzan, Bukujutsu, Taiyo-ken, etc
Battles: On Planet Namek he had a difficult battle against the Ginyu Special-Squad, and was absolutely no match for Freeza. He also suffered a crushing defeat during his battle with Cell.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost against Goku in the second round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. In the 23rd tournament, he squared off against Ma Junior in the first round, and regrettably lost. He broke through the first round at the 25th tournament, but abandoned the matches. (Daizenshuu 2, p.128~129)
Anime: In the anime he seems like a gag character, and in “Burn Up!! A Close—Intense—Super-Fierce Battle” he displayed his prided (!?) singing voice. In “The Dangerous Pair! Super Warriors Never Rest”, he appeared disguised as Piccolo. His girlfriend Maron appeared in the TV series, but they quickly broke up. However, he also has some cool moments, like when he shielded No.18 and their daughter when Buu turned them into chocolate.

KTV Female Interviewer
A TV staff member
First Appearance: chapter 430
Special Characteristics: She looks like the HTV lady.

Freeza’s underling
History:Died in the year Age 762.
First Appearance: chapter 246
Special Characteristics: There’s been bad blood between him and Vegeta since long ago. With a battle power of 18,000, he’s about as strong as Vegeta was before he went off to Earth. Despite being an elite warrior, he’s also quite a coward.
Battles: Under orders from Freeza, he took the opportunity to try and kill Vegeta, but was instead blown up in one blow.
Anime: There are many of this same type alien among Freeza’s underlings, and Freeza has promised to eventually revive their race.

Kung-Fu Man
A participant in the preliminaries of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 34
Special Characteristics: Krillin scared him stiff.

Kurigashira Taigorou
History:A teacher at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: He’s Arale and co.’s homeroom teacher.

King Moai’s wife
History:A female of Planet Aria
Special Characteristics: She has a slender build, and large wings on her back. The day of her and Atora’s wedding, she was cruelly kidnapped by King Moai. In the temple by King Moai’s side, she always continues to think of Atora. The ring on her right arm matches Atora’s. She reunites with Atora after King Moai’s death, but they are wiped out together in Planet Aria’s explosion.

History:A girl who Gohan met during the 9 days before the Cell Games; her parents were killed by Cell.
Special Characteristics: She lives with her grandfather Lao, a martial artist who even entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai, but who now runs a general store. She fell into a river while picking fruit from a tree. She’s saved by Gohan, who was out getting groceries, and they become friends. She isn’t happy about the Shelter Dome which is being built in the village for people to hide from Cell, and at the dedication ceremony she sent people into a panic by claiming that Cell had come. (Daizenshuu 5, p.86)

Line Instructor Ghost
Uranai Baba’s menial servant
First Appearance: chapter 98
Special Characteristics: Apart from providing general guidance, it also performed a blood transfusion.

Demon King
History:A demon king who plotted to destroy the sun and turn this world into one of darkness. He kidnapped Bulma and tried to make her into a sacrifice. He appeared in “Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle”.
Special Characteristics: He has the “Sleeping Princess” gem, which is needed to operate a giant, sun-destroying cannon. At first he had a gentlemanly calm appearance and manner, but when he shows his true colors his face becomes terrifying. He tried to make a toast with Bulma’s lifeblood.
Techniques:He fires energy balls from both hands
Battles: He battled Goku when he came to save Bulma. In the end, he died when the Kamehameha Goku fired made the sun-destroying cannon explode, taking him with it. (Daizenshuu 6, p.24)

*Lucifer’s Butler
A demonic being who looks after the demon king Lucifer
History:A butler who serves Lucifer, king of the demonic beings who haunt Devil Caste. He takes blood from Bulma so that they may drink the lifeblood of a beautiful woman.
Special Characteristics: He’s a small, middle-aged hunchback. His overbite and large right eye leave an unsettling impression. He always carries around a giant syringe almost as big as he is. He has a polite speaking style.
Battles: He came after Yamcha when it seemed that their plans would be foiled by Goku and co., but was sent flying with a kick. (Daizenshuu 6, p.24)

A person who used to live in Kame House
History:While fleeing after robbing a bank, she met Goku and Krillin, who had been ordered by Kame-sennin to find a hot girl. In this way she went to Kame House, and began to live there. She later set out in pursuit of Tenshinhan, and her whereabouts afterwards are unknown.
First Appearance: chapter 26
Special Characteristics: She a girl with dual personalities, becoming either violent or mild-mannered each time she sneezes. Her hair and eyes also change. She has a crush on Tenshinhan only when in her violent state, and otherwise she is the sort of domestic girl that Kame-sennin likes. Also, when she was taken hostage by the Red Ribbon Army, she easily sent her opponent flying after she sneezed and transformed. (Daizenshuu 2, p.172)
Anime: In “Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Tower”, the violent Lunch appeared as a female bandit after the Sleeping Princess gem. (Daizenshuu 6, p.24)

Pilaf’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 18
Special Characteristics: She’s beautiful enough that it doesn’t really seem fitting for her to be Pilaf’s underling, but she takes after her boss in being extremely clumsy and undependable. She always wears clothes similar to that of a military officer. She’s surprisingly fond of low-class humor like dirty jokes, to the point where she once unintentionally brought out some poop. Pilaf, refined gentleman that he is, rebukes her for these things.
Battles: Together with Pilaf and Shuu, she challenged Goku with the Pilaf Machine, but lost, as expected. Later she was abandoned by Piccolo Daimao, and where she went after that is unknown.

Maid Robot
First Appearance: chapter 69
Special Characteristics: A robot who performed housework at Capsule Corporation.

Man Who Tries to Support the Genki-Dama
An ordinary citizen
First Appearance: chapter 515
Special Characteristics: A bearded, middle-aged man who lives in a snowy country.

A participant in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:Born in the year Age 719, he normally works as a zoo staff member. Height: 175 cm, Weight: 80 kg. Address: XS 89001 JB.
First Appearance: chapter 116
Special Characteristics: A perverted wolf who transforms into a human when he looks at the full moon. His hobby is flirting. He’s a wanton guy who, despite being a wolf, only likes human girls and hates hairy ones. Though his skill as a 30-dan in kenpou doesn’t look all that elegant, his face as a wolf is handsomer and would probably get him more girls.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: During the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai he challenged Jacky Chun, who he bore a grudge against, but quickly lost.

Krillin’s girlfriend
Special Characteristics: A girl with a glamorous, super-hot body that’s enough to leave not merely Kame-sennin, but even Karin-sama love-struck. She calls Krillin “Krin-chan”, and acts all lovey-dovey. However, due to her extremely easy-going personality, falling in love with her can be a bit of a nuisance. Krillin proposed to her, even while having little confidence that he could make her happy. Though Maron gave a favorable reply, Krillin failed to notice, and so she soon set off somewhere with another man. (Daizenshuu 5, p.40)

A martial artist in the afterlife
History:A warrior who entered the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai as a representative of the West Galaxy. He kept on winning all the way into the semi-finals of the finals tournament.
Special Characteristics: He has tremendous superhuman strength and a giant, dinosaur-like body. His large tail also serves as a powerful weapon.
Battles: In his match with Frog, a South Galaxy martial artist, he was in danger of going out of bounds and losing, but used his prided strength to achieve a turnabout victory. Then even in his battle with Goku, he kept on pushing and pushing with his power, and a good match unfolded. However, ultimately the difference in their strength emerged, and he was defeated. (Daizenshuu 5, p.143)

Krillin and No.18’s daughter
History:Born in the year Age 771.
First Appearance: chapter 426
Special Characteristics: A girl born to Krillin and No.18, after they married following the battle with Cell. She resembles her father with her round eyes and friendly expression, while she takes after her mother with her platinum blond hair. She’s a daddy’s girl who’s always cuddled up with Krillin, perhaps because he worked harder at raising her than her mother. Unfortunately, it seems that she has not inherited her father or mother’s fighting stock. Also, when she was little she had no nose, like her father, but she grew a nose when she reached puberty. Congratulations, Marron-chan.

Martial Arts Temple Head Priest
First Appearance: chapter 36
Special Characteristics: The grand personage who announced “bark” at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Martial Arts Temple Representative Priest
First Appearance: chapter 33
Special Characteristics: A person in charge of the martial arts tournament grounds, who served from the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai all the way to the 25th.

Slug’s underling
History:A Demon Clansman who appears in the movie “Super Saiyan Son Goku”.
Special Characteristics: He has big eyes, and tentacle-like things on his forehead, rather than horns.
Techniques:He can birth doppelgangers of himself out of his back. These doppelgangers latch on to his opponent, and suck out all their energy.
Battles: He sucked up Gohan’s energy, immobilizing him, and also put Piccolo out of commission when he protected Gohan. He and Angira team up to fight Goku, and though he latched onto Goku together with his doppelgangers, he was beaten in one blow. (Daizenshuu 6, p.70)

Baron Jaga Badda’s cousin.
History:As Baron Jaga Badda’s servant, he delivered the baron’s challenge to Mister Satan. After being saved by Goten and co. from the disaster caused by their own creation, Bio-Broli, they reflected over their past conduct.
Special Characteristics: As you’d expect from a guy with swept-back hair, a silk hat, and a pipe in one hand, he’s a pompous show-off. Still, he’s rather clumsy, dropping his air car into a pool and whatnot, so he’s hard to hate. He speaks with the Osaka dialect. (Daizenshuu 6, p.132)

A witch from the Demon Realm
History:The guardian of the Demon Realm Gate, which exists in the space between this world and the afterlife. Accompanied by Gora, who boasts the greatest physical strength in the Demon Realm, she oversees all those who pass through the gate. However, because Shura fixed the gate so that it would not close, the majin broke the law of the Demon Realm and began freely coming and going between the Demon Realm and this world. Mera was not pleased with this, and so when Goku came to rescue the kidnapped Princess Misa, she allowed him to barge into Shura and Misa’s wedding ceremony. And so, thanks to Goku’s efforts the Demon Realm Gate was closed once again.

First Appearance: chapter 25
Special Characteristics: The second hot gal who Goku brought to Kame House.

*Metal Coola
A cyborg
History:After Coola’s brain became the core of the Big Gete Star, he restored his own physical body. He mass-produced bodies, with each one holding enough battle power to rival a Super Saiyan. It seems that all of them are remote-controlled from the core. Also, the core itself is capable of having a gigantic, mechanical body.
Special Characteristics: They have metallic bodies, whose outward appearance resembles Coola’s normal form.
Techniques:Aside from firing energy bullets from his hands, he can teleport and has the power to automatically repair himself. When he’s repaired, the main computer powers him up by improving upon his prior weaknesses.
Battles: He fought Goku in a teleportation zone. (Daizenshuu 6, p.88)

Metallic, Sergeant
A soldier in the Red Ribbon Army
First Appearance: chapter 58
Special Characteristics: A large man who protected the 3rd floor of Muscle Tower. He’s actually a battery-powered robot. At first, Master Sergeant Murasaki estimated that he would be able to defeat Goku within 1 minute, but even after more than 2 minutes he couldn’t do it.
Techniques:He can fire a missile from his mouth, and unleash a Rocket Punch.
Battles: He’s made remarkably tough, and even Goku faltered before him, but his battery ran out mid-fight, so he sadly self-destructed. (Daizenshuu 4, p.158)

Guardian of Hell
History:He watches over Block 1, Area #3 of Hell.
Special Characteristics: A bespectacled blue oni whose hair and general manner are exactly like that of a business man. He’s such a swift runner that he’s said to be the second fastest in Hell, after Enma Daio. He seems to love to play tag, so much so that he’d like to go on playing it forever.
Techniques:He has such strong legs that he’s able to run across the Lake of Blood Hell as if it were a regular road.
Battles: He played tag with Goku, but Goku tricked him into waiting up for him, and he was soon caught. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

Mighty Mask
A contestant in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 437
Special Characteristics: Before the matches began, he was knocked out by Goten and Trunks, who then stole his clothes. Beneath his mask, he was a homely older man who didn’t seem like he’d be too popular with women.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost in the first round of the 24th tournament. In the 25th tournament, Goten and Trunks posed as him to enter, but their fraud was exposed and they were disqualified.

Afterlife martial artist
History:A master who like Goku hails from the North Galaxy.
Special Characteristics: A hero who bravely battled against an extremely evil alien 7,000 years ago. His appearance is reminiscent of a dog. Like the other martial artists, he continues training on Planet Dai-Kaio in order to receive training from Dai-Kaio. Though he didn’t participate in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai, he came to cheer Goku and Olibu on. He recognized the newcomer Goku’s prowess, and offered the shrewd prediction that he might perhaps become the first person from the North Galaxy to receive the Dai-Kaio’s training.

A hero
History:The hero of the Planet Konats, located in the South Galaxy. 1,000 years ago, together with his older brother Tapion he sealed the divided phantom majin Hildegarn inside his body. In order to prevent Hildegarn from being revived, he and Tapion were then sealed inside music boxes, and sent to separate galaxies. He was killed by the wizard Hoi, and as a result the lower half of Hildegarn that had been sealed away was revived.
Special Characteristics: He sealed away Hildegarn’s lower half with the power of a legendary sword and flute. (Daizenshuu 6, p.150)

History:The princes of the Kres Kingdom, which is near the Demon Realm Gate.
Special Characteristics: The Demon Realm Gate, which links this world to the afterlife, is located in the country where Misa lives, and so at night majin cross through the gate and rampage throughout the surrounding area, doing all sorts of evil. The Demon Realm martial arts master Shura fell in love with Misa at first sight, and kidnapped her to be his bride. However, Goku invaded the Demon Realm in order to rescue her. He squared off against Shura, and brought Misa back. Goku then sealed the Demon Realm Gate, and so peace returned to Misa’s country.

History:An android warrior created by Dr. Kochin. He appeared in “The World’s Strongest Guy”.
Special Characteristics: His physique is fat like a rubber ball, and his super-soft body absorbs punches, kicks, and all other striking-type techniques. Even the Kamehameha doesn’t affect him.
Techniques:Though he doesn’t have any very technical techniques, his weapons are the powerful punches that he unleashes with his fat arms.
Battles: He fought Goku, and surprised him by absorbing the Kamehameha. However, he lost when Goku used the Kaio-Ken and pierced through his stomach. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

Mister Popo
God’s attendant
History:His exact age is unknown, but he has lived for over 1,000 years.
First Appearance: chapter 163
Special Characteristics: A mysterious being who has served as the attendant to the Earth’s Gods since long, loo~oong ago, back before the time of the God who ultimately fused with Piccolo. He’s a martial arts master, and at first Goku was absolutely no match for him, even having defeated Piccolo. The way God makes his creations is that first Popo creates a model, which God then blows life into. To get around, he uses a flying carpet.
Techniques:Simply for training Goku, his specialty techniques are to erase his own ki, and sense his opponent’s ki.
Anime: When Goku came to the Heavenly Realm, Popo made a doll with Goku’s same appearance and abilities, to serve as his training partner (Daizenshuu 3, p.100). Before the battle with Vegeta, he sent Krillin and co. out on a journey through time, making them train with some Saiyans. In the Garlic Jr. arc, he poured the Super God Water down from the Divine Sage Realm, saving the Earth (Daizenshuu 5, p.40).

Mister Satan
The world champion, and Videl’s father
History:He appeared for the first time at time of the Cell Games, which made him famous as the world champion. He entered the Cell Games with the goal of defeating Cell, but Cell sent him flying into a mountain with a single stroke. Still, he saved face by making the excuse that he was simply in bad form. The good Majin Buu became fond of him, and he made Buu promise to stop killing people. In that he led Buu in the right direct, he is a great man. By driving the pure-evil Buu made, and by persuading the people of Earth, to borrow a phrase from Goku, he just might be a true savior.
First Appearance: chapter 393
Special Characteristics: With his curly hair, split chin, and black douji, he looks like the action stars of yore. His skill and bluffing and sweet-talking are peerless, as befits a world champion, and he is loved by all. He also specializes in cheating. (Daizenshuu 2, p.133, p.154)
Techniques:Dynamite Punch, Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch, etc
Battles: He bravely faced off against Cell, but lost in one blow. During the battle with Buu, he mistook everything for a dream, and recklessly challenged the evil Buu, but was overcome with fear and backed out.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He won at the 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai. At the 25th, he won through some back-handed dealings with No.18. The results of the 28th tournament are unknown. (Daizenshuu 2, p.133, p.154)
Anime: After announcing his challenge to Cell, Satan displayed his prowess on a TV program by pulling a bus (Daizenshuu 5, p.36). In the movies, his first appearance was in “The Galaxy at the Brink! The Super Incredible Guy”. He fled from Bojack and co. using his specialty stomachache (Daizenshuu 6, p.114).

*Mister Satan’s Fan Club Members
Mister Satan’s fans
Special Characteristics: After Mister Satan won the Tenkaichi Budoukai, they appeared in his waiting room. All of them were cute girls, and they had bouquets and stuffed animals to give Satan as presents. They saw Satan as he was training to fly in an attempt to master Goku and co.’s Bukujutsu, and looked quite puzzled, but it’s unknown how many members there were or anything…

*Moai, King
The king of Planet Arlia
History:A dictator who rules Planet Arlia. His power and authority is conveyed by the throne on which he sits in the temple of Arlia, as well as the splendid gems he wears on each arm. He stole Lemuria from Atla, and forced her to become his wife. He’s a real dictator, making Arlian soldiers fight each other for his own amusement. He tried to make the captive Vegeta and Nappa into his pets, but decided not to on the grounds that they were ugly. He’s then done in by a stone sent flying by the angered Vegeta.

*Money, Gyosan
An extraordinarily rich person
History:The wealthiest man in the world, he appeared in “The Galaxy on the Brink!! The Super Incredible Guy”. He held the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai as a birthday present for his son. It seems that he left the actual management up to a producer.
Special Characteristics: He’s fat, and slightly shorter than his wife Okkane. He’s bald on top, and has a moustache.

*Money, Okkane
The wife of the tremendously wealthy Gyousan Money.
History:Appeared in “The Galaxy at the Brink!! The Super Incredible Guy”. She watched the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai with her husband and son.
Special Characteristics: She has an Education Mama-type appearance and speaking style [Education Mama=a mother obsessed with their child’s education. Like Chi Chi, in other words]. She pampers her only son, Dollar. While watching the fights, she wore a hat decorated with sunflowers.

*Moose Family
To battle Ma Junior, Goku trained under God in the Heavenly Realm. In order to learn the art of quieting his mind, Goku entered a forest, where he met a man called Moose. After Goku fell into a trap that Moose had set, Moose took him back to his house. His wife is named Écla, and they have 9 children, who (from youngest to oldest) are: Puuri, Crepe, Doughnuts, Zeri, Biscui, Babaro, Choco, Cooky, Shook; then there’s also the grandfather. Goku learned fishing from the grandfather, which prompted him to grasp the basics of the technique of quieting his mind, and so he continued his training with a new heart.

Mou Kekko
A participant in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai.
History:Height: 230 cm
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: A large, Mongoloid man who was defeated by Pan in no time flat during the first round of the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He has bulging muscles, and his hair is tied into a pigtail.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: In the 27th tournament, he lost to Mister Buu in the semi-finals. He passed through the preliminaries at the 28th tournament, but lost to Pan in the first round.

Mountain Bandit Bear
First Appearance: chapter 3
Special Characteristics: A mountain bandit who attacked Goku and co. as they headed for the sea. His favorite food is sea turtle meat.

Uranai Baba’s warrior
History:Born in the year 50 Before Age. Height: 194 cm, Weight: 103 kg. He’s nicknamed “the fighting dried good”.
First Appearance: chapter 101
Special Characteristics: A large man whose entire body is wrapped in bandages. Though at first glance he seems to rely completely on being ridiculously strong, both his power and speed are on a different level than a typical master. His hobby is sewing. When sleeping, he uses a sarcophagus in place of a bed.
Battles: He fought Yamcha in the Devil’s Toilet, and easily defeated him. However, his next opponent, Goku, knocked him unconscious in one blow.

Murasaki, Sergeant Master
A soldier in the Red Ribbon Army
History:Born in the year Age 715. Height: 172 cm, Weight: 61 kg. The eldest of a set of quintuplets.
First Appearance: chapter 58
Special Characteristics: A master sergeant of the Red Ribbon Army. He’s a ninja, and protected the 4th floor of Muscle Tower. His hobbies are tennis, baseball, and watching movies.
Techniques:various ninja arts
Battles: He attacked Goku with fairly high-level ninjutsu, but ended up losing pathetically due to his own stupidity.

Murasaki (Sergeant Master)’s Brothers
Soldiers in the Red Ribbon Army
First Appearance: chapter 62
Special Characteristics: The four younger brothers of the Murasaki Quintuplets. Their names are Kon [Navy Blue], Cha [Brown], Aka [Red], and Ao [Blue/Green].

The promoter of a circus troupe which visits Satan City
History:He kidnapped Chibi, the child of Toto, a monster who lived near Gohan’s house, and made him into an attraction for the circus. He thinks of nothing but money, and trained Chibi to perform against his will, believing that Chibi would bring in lots of money. When the Great Saiyaman came to rescue Chibi, Musuka considered him a thief, and called the police. However, because Toto and his wife came to the city to rescue Chibi, Musuka’s plan fell apart.

Kame-sennin and Tsuru-sennin’s master
First Appearance: chapter 135
Special Characteristics: The person who long ago invented the Mafuuba, and used it to seal away Piccolo Daimao in exchange for his own life.
Anime: When Goku slipped 50 years back in time, Mutaito instructed him in the general concept of ki, and how to control it.

The new Eldest
History:He was killed by Dodoria when Freeza’s army invaded Planet Namek, but was revived through Shenlong’s power. Currently he serves as the Eldest, in place of the former Eldest, now deceased. He increased Porunga’s power.
First Appearance: chapter 251
Special Characteristics: He was one of the 7 elders on Old Planet Namek, and was chief of the village where Dende lived. At the time, he governed 10 villagers, including Dende and Cargo. Though he has never made dragonballs himself, he has the abilities of a splendid Dragon Clansman.

A Warrior-type Namekian
First Appearance: chapter 264
Special Characteristics: The strongest warrior on Planet Namek, he serves as the Eldest’s guard. With a battle power of 42,000, his strength is over 10 times that of a normal Namekian. His face is identical to Piccolo’s.
Battles: In order to buy time for Gohan and co. to summon Porunga, he resolutely challenged Freeza. Though the match resulted in his complete defeat, Piccolo met him as he was on the brink of death, and they fused.

A participant in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:Born in the year Age 721. He works as a farmer. Height: 182 cm, Weight: 68 kg. Address: SAM 275508 S.
First Appearance: chapter 35
Special Characteristics: A young man who lives in a poor, dry village. To save the village, which was suffering under a long drought, he entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai so that he could buy water with the prize money. He has two younger brothers named Ami and Dabu. Though the women of his homeland dress in Arabian-style clothes, for some reason he himself is a Buddhist.
Techniques:Tenku-Pekeji-Ken, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: In the semi-finals of the 21st tournament, he sadly lost to Goku after a super jumping battle.

An elite Saiyan warrior
History:He was over 50 years old the year that he died
First Appearance: chapter 204
Special Characteristics: He’s been Vegeta’s aide since Vegeta was very young. He’s quite a roughneck, even for a Saiyan. As an elite warrior from a noble family, he served as an aide for the royal family. However, though he’s an elite of Saiyan society, he had no significant position among Freeza’s subordinates. His battle power was 4,000.
Techniques:all sorts of energy waves
Battles: He killed Piccolo and the others with his tremendous power. Goku uses the Kaio-ken to render him unable to fight any longer, and so Vegeta executes him.
Anime: When he appeared in “A Solitary, Final Battle” (back when Goku was born, in other words), he still had some hair left on the top of his head. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

NBS Announcer
First Appearance: chapter 161
Special Characteristics: He reported that Piccolo Daimao had been defeated.

A member of the Coola Armored Squad
History:He serves Coola, and they work together. Appeared in “The Incredible Strongest vs. Strongest”.
Special Characteristics: He has a reptilian appearance. He has a rough way of speaking, and seems to have an aggressive personality. He can withdraw his head into his body like a turtle.
Techniques:He can generate a high-voltage electric current from both arms, rendering his opponent numb.
Battles: A fierce battle unfolded between him and Piccolo. Though it seemed he had rendered Piccolo immobile with his high-voltage electric current, Piccolo reversed the electric current back into his body, shocking him. In this way he was defeated with his own technique. (Daizenshuu 6, p.78)

History:Garlic Jr.’s underling, he appeared in “Return My Gohan!!”.
Special Characteristics: He has a somewhat gay speaking style. He has swords inside his thighs, and is a rather skilled swordsman. What’s more, he can become a giant by crying “Nodoameee!!” [cough drop], increasing his power and speed.
Techniques:He can fire bullets of green light
Battles: Together with Ginger, another of Garlic Jr.’s underling, he battles Goku. In the end he and Ginger were both blown away by the Kamehameha. (Daizenshuu 6, p.44)

Nikochan the Great
The cing of the universe
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: An alien who is king of Planet Nikochan and a space pirate, but for some reason was in Penguin Village. He has an extremely nonsensical body structure: his head is his butt, the ends of his feet are ears, and his antenna-like things are actually noses. Though he tries to act like a proud king, since he lacks education and refinement he is often made a fool of.

Norimaki Arale
The mayor of Penguin Village
History:Completed in the year Age 745, in Dr. Norimaki Senbei’s laboratory. At the time she appears, she’s currently a 3rd year student at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A super-duper strong girl who Goku met in Penguin Village. She is actually a robot created by Dr. Norimaki Senbei, and her power is so great that she can cleave the Earth in two with one punch. She runs at mach 1.5, about the same as Kinto-un.
Techniques:Arale Punch, Arale Kick, Poop Attack, N’cha Cannon, etc
Battles: She sent General Blue flying far off into the distance.
Anime: While chasing after Goku as he flew on Kinto-un, she discovered the car that General Blue was driving, and sent it flying with a body slam. She appeared in the movie “Mystical Great Adventure”, knocking down Tao Pai Pai by throwing a rock at him as he flew to Karin Tower. (Daizenshuu 6, p.32)

Norimaki Gajira
Norimaki Arale’s friends
History:Angels who long ago were dispatched to Earth by the god of the galaxy. They’re nicknamed “Gatchan”.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Though they look like winged babies, they’re actually absurdly strong. They’re frightful creatures who eat up anything besides rubber, and on top of that periodically double in number.
Techniques:A beam they shoot from their antennas, the Kaji-Kaji Attack, Poop Attack, etc.

Norimaki Midori
A teacher
History:Born in the year Age 727. A former teacher at Penguin Village Middle School, she currently works at Penguin Village kindergarten.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Dr. Norimaki Senbei’s wife. Though she’s amazingly beautiful, she’s also quite a scatterbrain. Before marrying Senbei-san, she lived in Angiras Apartments. She looks like a Hollywood movie star, but is the domestic type.

Norimaki Senbei
The genius inventor of Penguin Village
History:Born in the year Age 722. Graduated from the Penguin Village College of Science and Technology, and completed his doctoral course there as well. He’s an inventor, and his major was physical science.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A self-proclaimed genius inventor, and Arale’s creator. He’s a huge pervert, and his hobby is looking at dirty books. After marrying his beloved Midori-sensei, he has started restraining himself.
Techniques:Skirt-chasing (at least that’s what he says)

Norimaki Turbo
History:Born in the year Age 749.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Senbei’s son, he has a super genius intellect. Though the Dragon Radar left Senbei completely baffled, he was able to understand its construction with just once glance, memorize it, and then make a completely identical one out of parts from a nearby plane.
Techniques:Due to receiving special medical treatment from some aliens, he can use psychic powers, and can even fly at faster than light speeds.

North Kaioshin
First Appearance: chapter 508
Special Characteristics: One of the 4 Kaioshins who was killed by Majin Buu long ago.
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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

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A super-duper strong robot, the same model as Arale
History:He was completed in the year Age 747 inside Doctor Mashirito’s laboratory located on the outskirts of Penguin Village. His old name was Caramel Man No.4. When he appears he is currently a 3rd year student at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: He has a just and upright personality, and is more or less Arale’s boyfriend. His favorite word is “love”. He’s a working student who delivers milk.

Old Farmer Guy
A farmer
First Appearance: chapter 195
Special Characteristics: A pitiful old man who is killed by Raditz.

A perverted transforming pig
History:Born in the year Age 740. Height: 121 cm, Weight: 32 kg. He attended the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, but was expelled after stealing his teacher’s panties. He met Goku and Bulma in his village, and turned over a new leaf. After being captured by Goku, he journeyed together with them and often ran away when things got violent. When Pilaf and his gang first tried to wish to Shenlong for world domination, he became a hero by stopping their plans by crying “Give me a gal’s panties!”
First Appearance: chapter 5
Special Characteristics: Being from the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, he specializes in transformation. However, perhaps due to the fact that he never graduated, his transformations have a 5 minute time limit, and he must rest for 1 minute before he can transform again. What’s more, he only takes the shapes of things, and his strength remains the same. He’s extremely perverted: kidnapping the sorts of girls he likes, wishing to Shenlong for panties, and such. He is a long-running character who appeared for many years, always staying at Goku and co.’s side. However, he’s one of the few characters who never enters the Tenkaichi Budoukai or fights an enemy. (Daizenshuu 2, p.171/Daizenshuu 4, p.69)
Techniques:He has the ability to transform only his shape (and not his strength) for 5 minutes at a time.
Battles: He used his transforming abilities to intimidate Goku, but it didn’t work at all, and he was quickly captured.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He watches all the Tenkaichi Budoukais from the 21st onward, but he never once participates, not even in the preliminaries.
Anime: In “The Legend of Shenlong” he transforms into an oni and demands that Panji marry him. Even in the movies, his desire to be popular with girls is still the same. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

An afterlife martial artist
History:A hero born on Earth, he is Goku’s senior, and his acts of heroism have become the stuff of legend. He enters the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai as a representative of the North Galaxy, and like Goku advances all the way to the finals tournament.
Special Characteristics: An orthodox martial artist, he has excellent speed and power, and can use energy bullets and the like.
Battles: He squared off against Paikuhan, and lost after a good fight. He’s a proud martial artist who’s sportsmanlike even in defeat. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

Otoko Suki
A participant in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: Since he managed to progress through the preliminaries all the way to the main tournament, his fighting skill must be reasonably strong. However, true to his name he’s a guy-crazy [otoko-zuki] middle-aged gay man, and makes flirtatious glances at Trunks.

Oorin Temple Upperclassman
First Appearance: chapter 33
Special Characteristics: They’re Krillin’s former seniors, and are surprisingly mean-spirit for martial artists.

A Penguin Village policeman
History:Surprised when General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army suddenly appeared in peaceful Penguin Village, he thought that the village must be under attack and went into a panic. He tried to capture Blue together with his partner Gala and their coworker Tarou, but Blue got away. They went out to capture Blue again, but when Nikochan the Great’s spaceship happened to appear, they mistook it for Red Ribbon property. They attacked, dropping it into the sea, and were very happy to have restored peace to the village. At about this time, General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army was sent flying far off into the distance by Arale’s head-butt.

An afterlife martial artist
History:A martial artist from the West Galaxy, he’s Goku’s rival in the afterlife.
Special Characteristics: An orthodox martial artist who combines power with technique. Though he doesn’t talk much, he conceals a fierce fighting spirit inside him.
Techniques:The Hyper Tornado, where he spins his body at high speed to create a tornado, and the Thunder Flash, where he attacks with glittering flames.
Battles: He defeated Cell and Freeza when they were rampaging through Hell. He lost to Goku in the finals of the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai. (Daizenshuu 5, p.140)

Gohan and Videl’s firstborn daughter
History:A quarter Saiyan born to the half-Saiyan Gohan and the Earthling Videl after Majin Buu’s annihilation. With Goku and Mister Satan as her grandfathers, she was born into what is in many ways an amazing lineage. She’s spent more time being trained by her grandfather Goku than her father or mother, which she enjoys. Her other grandfather, Mister Satan, seems to dote on her incessantly. She lit up the stage in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, defeating a large adult in one blow.
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: Her features are identical to her mother Videl, but she gets her black eyes from her father Gohan. Being a quarter [Saiyan], though she’s never become an Oozaru or Super Saiyan, her Saiyan blood gives her outstanding fighting talent. Compared to Gohan, Goten, or Trunks, who slacked off in their training, she enjoys to train. Goku seems to be extremely fond of her. What’s more, she calls Goku “gramps”, giving off a feeling of rusticity such as Goku used to have when he was a boy, something not seen in Gohan or Goten.
Techniques:Bukujutsu, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: She entered the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai, and in the first round easily won against the giant Mou Kekko with just a slap and a kick. In the second round she won by default, due to Goku and Uub abandoning their match. The results of the matches after this are unknown. (Daizenshuu 4, p.124)

Panda Father and Son
First Appearance: chapter 140
Special Characteristics: A father and son who watch in horror from inside their house as the roughneck Giran is killed by Tambourine.

A girl who lives in Gurumes’ country.
History:She resented the army for destroying the people’s houses and fields in order to dig up the Rich Stones.
Special Characteristics: She’s a young and cute girl, but has the courage to go on her own to visit Kame-sennin to try and have him take care of Gurumes. She made a wish to Shenlong that “We don’t need the Rich Stones, so just return the country back to the way it was”, and it was granted. After the monster Gurumes returned to his human form, she showed her naturally kind heart by giving him an apple when he said he was hungry. She’s a girl who is strong to the core, and won’t give up in the face of hardship. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

*Panji’s Father
A citizen of Gurumes’ country
History:His heart ached for his homeland, which was put into utter disarray in order to excavate the Rich Stones.
Special Characteristics: He has a very sturdy body.
Battles: When Panji fired her slingshot at the army, he relentlessly fought back against the soldiers, as if to add insult to injury. Though he was able to defeat the ordinary soldiers, the giant Bongo rained punches down upon him. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

*Panji’s Mother
A citizen of Gurumes’ country
History:Appeared in the movie “The Legend of Shenlong”. Like her husband and daughter, she was pained by the ruined state which their country was cruelly reduced to thanks to the army.
Special Characteristics: She’s a plump, gentle mother, and a great person who raised Panji to have a sense of justice and compassion that made her not let the army’s heartless actions go unchallenged. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

Saiyan low-level warrior
History:Appears in “A Lonely Final Battle”. As one of the five-strong land shark team, he went around with Bardock and the others destroying planets.
Special Characteristics: He can move faster than his large size indicates. He was a strongly loyal warrior, grateful to Freeza for giving them his patronage. He was the only one of the five to be wounded during the battle with the people of Planet Kanassa.
Techniques:He becomes an Oozaru and rampages.
Battles: After destroying Planet Kanassa, he is defeated by Dodoria and his men on Planet Meat. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

A participant in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 116
Special Characteristics: He is the champion of two worldwide martial arts tournaments other than the Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost in his first match at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai
Anime: When he enters the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he is established as a star who has appeared in popular action movies. (Daizenshuu 3, p.76)

Paozu, Grandma
First Appearance: chapter 5
Special Characteristics: An old lady who was in Oolong’s village, and gave Goku and Bulma the 6-star ball. She was pat-patted by Goku, who still didn’t grasp the difference between men and women, and was embarrassed just like a young girl.

First Appearance: chapter 428
Special Characteristics: The strongest warrior in the South Galaxy, prided by South Kaio. However, it seems that he’s vastly inferior to Goku.

A Saiyan
History:Born on Planet Vegeta. Long ago King Vegeta tried to do away with him, but he was miraculously saved and sought his chance of revenge against the House of Vegeta.
Special Characteristics: The father of Broli, the legendary Super Saiyan. He conspired to kill King Vegeta’s son, Vegeta. He made a planet that was to be hit by a comet out to be New Planet Vegeta, and lured Vegeta there. He tried to use his son Broli’s gigantic power, but was instead killed by Broli, his own son. (Daizenshuu 6, p.106)

King Gurumes’ subordinate
History:She led an army together with her partner Bongo
Special Characteristics: She’s beautiful, but strong-willed. She tried to give Gurmes the dragonballs and collect the Rich Stones. She’s a bit pretentious too, throwing a rose when she shoots down Bulma’s plane.
Techniques:Though she specializes in using guns, she’s also equal to men when it comes to physical combat.
Battles: During her battle with Yamcha, she defeated him in one kick when he got embarrassed after touching her chest. She was dejected after Shenlong restored the country to normal and the Rich Stones were wiped out. (Daizenshuu 6, p.16)

*People of Planet Kanassa
An alien
History:Appeared in “A Solitary Final Battle”. When Bardock and co. attacked their planet, they resisted but were sadly defeated.
Special Characteristics: On Planet Kanassa there is an energy which gives one psychic powers. Apparently there are people there who have gained psychic powers in this way, but the details are unknown. It also seems that Freeza was after that energy, but…
Techniques:They fire beams from both hands, but they don’t seem to be all that powerful
Battles: They fought Bardock and co. when they transformed into Oozaru, but were wiped out.

*People of Planet Litt
An alien race employed in Freeza’s army
History:Under Freeza’s orders, they took over many planets.
Special Characteristics: They are small life-forms who seem like a combination of bird and reptile. In the original story they appear in name only: when Vegeta was searching inside Freeza’s spaceship for some fighting jackets that Gohan and Krillin could use, he said “There are some miniature-sized ones for the people of Planet Litt”.
Battles: Their arms are equipped with things that appear to be guns. When Vegeta was wandering through space in pursuit of Goku, he single-handedly annihilated them and their planet.

*People of Planet Shamo
A small alien race who were forced to work on New Planet Vegeta. (Daizenshuu 6, p.106)

*Phantom Saiyans
History:When Krillin and the others set out from God’s palace on a journey through time, these second-rate Saiyans were in a ruined city. Though they are still immature, they have considerable battle power.
Special Characteristics: They spy Krillin and co., and begin itching for a fight. They are equipped with scouters, and wear matching rings on their left arms.
Techniques:They have a powerful tight grip that renders their opponent unable to fight, and fire rays that pierce through the opponents’ bodies.
Battles: They easily defeated Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu, letting them know the strength of the Saiyans. (Daizenshuu 3, p.165)

Piccolo Daimao’s underling
History:Born in Age 753
First Appearance: chapter 135
Special Characteristics: A member of the Demon Clan who specializes more in acting in an officer-type role than in fighting, he is capable of piloting vehicles. He is always right by Piccolo Daimao’s side.
Techniques:He has no particular techniques for attacking, but can use Bukujutsu.

Piccolo Daimao
The incarnation of evil, who plotted to rule the world.
History:He was once sealed away by Mutaito, but was revived. After having his youth restored through a wish to the dragonballs, his scheme to rule the world went into effect. He was finally killed by Goku, but right before he died he left behind an egg imbued with all of his memories.
First Appearance: chapter 135
Special Characteristics: An individual who is the manifestation of the evil heart that the Earth’s God expelled from himself. He can give birth to Demon Clansmen in the form of eggs. (Daizenshuu 2, p.122, p.180/Daizenshuu 4, p.50)
Techniques:Bakurikimaha, Batsuretsu-Makoho, etc.
Battles: He was almost sealed away with the Mafuuba during his showdown with Kame-sennin, but escaped by a hair’s breadth. He overwhelmed Tenshinhan. During his showdown with Goku, though he defeated Goku once, he was miserably killed after Goku revived.
Anime: The story of Piccolo Daimao in the ancient days, which wasn’t expanded upon very much in the original story, appeared during episode 120 “Krillin’s Death – The Frightful Conspiracy!!”. Pushing the limits of destruction, a battle between Piccolo Daimao’s underlings and an army is depicted, as well as a battle with the young Kame-sennin and Tsuru-sennin, Mutaito’s invention of the Mafuuba, and Piccolo Daimao’s imprisonment within an electric rice cooker.

Piccolo (Ma Junior)
A doppelganger that Daimao gave birth to immediately before his death
History:Calling himself “Ma Junior”, he participated in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai in order to defeat Son Goku, who had previously destroyed him. A death match then unfolded between him and Son Goku. During the battle with Raditz, he pierced through both Raditz and Goku with a Makankosappo. Afterwards, his evil heart began to fade as he trained Gohan. Even later, he merged with Nail and God, becoming a Super Namekian. He ended up usually fighting formidable enemies together with Goku. He is one of the Earth’s first-rate warriors.
First Appearance: chapter 161
Special Characteristics: He is Namekian originally of Dragon Clan lineage, but who currently has inherited the abilities of a Warrior-type. While his healing ability and memory are outstanding, high frequency sounds such as whistling cause him pain. His entire body can freely expand and contract, most prominently his arms, giving him the ability to unleash surprising attacks. (Daizenshuu 2, pp.122-123, 182/Daizenshuu 4, p.50)
Techniques:Super Giant Body Technique, Reverse-Mafuuba, Makankosappo, etc.
Battles: He died protecting Gohan during the battle with Nappa. During the battle with Freeza he merged with his fellow Warrior-type Namekian Nail, and his battle power surpassed one million. He merged with God during the battle with Cell and cornered first-form Cell, but afterwards was almost killed by Cell after Cell powered up by absorbing life extract. During the battle with Dabura, he was turned to stone before he could fight. During the battle with Majin Buu he was absorbed along with Gotenks.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: Was the runner-up in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. At the 25th, he withdrew during his first match. (Daizenshuu 4, pp.122-123)

An orphan
History:A fifteen year old boy. He is the leader of the orphans who saved the shipwrecked Gohan. Having lost his parents in a tsunami, he lives inside a ruined building with his fellow orphans. He’s the oldest of his friends, and everyone trusts him. With his great agility, he continues living while fighting with the custody workers, saving his friends, and escaping. He keeps his friends in mind to the point of standing guard on his own while everyone else is asleep, in order to make sure that no prowlers comes. After befriending Gohan, he escorted him back to Gohan’s house. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

A self-styled grand scientist.
History:Born in Age 715. Height: ? cm. Weight: 32 kilograms. Calls himself Pilaf the Great.
First Appearance: chapter 18
Special Characteristics: He tried to take over the world using the dragonballs. He calls himself “the Great” but is a selfish midget without a shred of dignity. However, he is in fact very wealthy, and owns expensive weapons and vehicles, as well as a castle.
Battles: He interfered with Goku, using his underlings Shu and Mai as his arms and legs, but was always too soft and was defeated. He finally conspired with Piccolo Daimao to receive a portion of the world, but this too ended in failure.
Anime: He plotted to steal the egg of the Fire-eating Bird and sell it to enthusiasts. In the course of doing this, he met the grown-up Goku in the caves of Mt. Kiui, and was quickly defeated. He then followed Goku to Mt. Frappe, but was blown away with a flap of the Bashosen.

The child of a couple who lived in the village that Inoshikacho attacked.
Special Characteristics: The village where the Pinfu family live was attacked by the violent monster Inoshikacho, so they moved to a different village. On the way there, the breaks of the tractor that their household goods were placed in broke, and it ran out of control. They were saved by Goku, who was passing through. However, the village they moved to was also attacked by Inoshikacho, and they had no choice but to move again. They’re a luckless family.

Pirate Robot
The guardian of the pirate treasure
First Appearance: chapter 75
Special Characteristics: A robot which the pirates built long ago to repel anyone who came after their treasure. It can fly with the nozzles on the soles of its feet, and has the ability to hover as well. (Daizenshuu 4, p.158)
Techniques:Besides being equipped with a sword and machine gun, its tail has a mechanism which runs an electric current.
Battles: Though being a machine it was naturally quite tough, it was destroyed by Goku.

*Piroshiki the Mighty
Martial artist
History:Mister Satan’s leading pupil.
Special Characteristics: He’s Satan’s #1 pupil, and has the world’s greatest physical strength (according to him). Piza explains that his strength rivals 20 elephants, and he can even defeat an ox in one blow. It seems that he hates bell peppers. At the Cell Games, he rolls up the steel mask he was wearing and swallows it.
Techniques:His finishing technique is the Megaton Bull Crusher, where he merely charges into his opponent.
Battles: He challenged Cell to battle with his specialty finishing move, but was sent flying out of bounds by Cell’s ki. (Daizenshuu 5, p.88)

Mister Satan’s female manager
History:Right before the Cell Games, she made a flashy entrance together with Satan’s pupils Piroshiki and Karoni, by riding in on a helicopter. She is a shameless woman who on top of beginning to introduce the two pupils on her own, called herself a “beautiful manager”. Afterwards, she ended up managing the live broadcast together with the TV reporter who had come to cover the matches. But like Satan, it seems that she never realized just how out of place she was.

Planet Freeza No.79 Control Man
First Appearance: 246
Special Characteristics: While playing a game with his comrade, on his radar he picked up the spaceship of Vegeta, returning from Earth.

A person who guided Goku to Bulma’s house
First Appearance: chapter 68
Special Characteristics: He patrols the city on his air scooter.

Policemen Who Have Their Patrol Car Smashed
First Appearance: chapter 359
Special Characteristics: A pair who pursued No.18 and co. when they stole some clothes, but had the tables turned on them. They would probably get along well with the policemen of Penguin Village.

*Psyche Oni
A young-looking red oni
History:He worked under Enma Daio in the Enma Realm, and was in charge of the Spirits Laundering Machine’s tanks. In the middle of his job, he dazed off listening to his radio cassette player, and neglected to monitor the gauges, which resulted in the tanks filling up with evil ki and exploding. He was possessed by the evil ki and became the monster Janenba. He managed to return to normal when Janenba was defeated by Gogeta.
Special Characteristics: He likes psychedelic rock, but this causes him to not take his job seriously, and so his wages are lowered every now and then. (Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

Species of large reptile
First Appearance: chapter 1
Special Characteristics: A dangerous winged dinosaur said to prefer female flesh. Their membranous wings are about eight meters long. Carnivorous. They usually climb to tall places and glide.
Battles: One tried to take Bulma as prey, but was sent to the afterlife when Goku’s sure-to-kill Nyoibo crashed into the crown of his head.

Transforming animal
History:Born in Age 740. He graduated with honors as a student of the same Southern Transformation Kindergarten as Oolong. After meeting Yamcha, he took on the role of a bandit watch-keeper. This was when he met Goku and the others. After that, having learned of the dragonballs, he followed Goku and the others’ activities together with Yamcha. When Goku transformed into an Oozaru, he became a pair of giant scissors and returned Goku to his normal form. He was a spectator at every Tenkaichi Budoukai that his beloved Yamcha participated in. During the match when Yamcha received a critical injury from Tenshinhan, he came to help Yamcha as fast as he could.
First Appearance: chapter 7
Special Characteristics: He’s an animal-type Earthling who looks half cat and half rabbit. He can transform into any sort of object, without any time limit, and can even utilize that object’s abilities. (Daizenshuu 2, p. 171)
Techniques:Shape-shifting technique
Battles: At Uranai Baba’s palace, he won against Dracula Man by transforming into a porcupine and then a large hand.
Anime: In the movie “The Legend of Shenron”, he and Yamcha were once again a famous pair of bandits. (Daizenshuu 6, p. 16)

Pui Pui
History:Born on Planet Zun.
First Appearance: chapter 446
Special Characteristics: The wizard Babidi’s underling. He had confidence due to his upbringing on a planet with ten times the gravity of Earth. However, this was completely ineffective against Vegeta, and he was instantly blown away. Incidentally, all of Babidi’s ordinary soldiers are equipped with the same uniform as him.
Techniques:He fires a powerful energy bullet from his fingertips.

A contestant in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai
First Appearance: chapter 438
Special Characteristics: A fat man who severely made fun of Krillin before the tournament matches began, but was then easi~ly defeated. He moves his giant body with great speed, but in the end was only at the level of an ordinary man.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: Lost during the semi-finals of the 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai. As you’d expect, there was no way an ordinary person could be a match for Krillin, the mightiest Earthling.

First Appearance: chapter 433
Special Characteristics: During his match at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, he made his opponent cry.

Rabbit Gang Members
Toninjinka’s underlings
First Appearance: chapter 16
Special Characteristics: An ill-bred pair who’ve claimed Mushroom City as their territory. Goku gets rid of them.

Goku’s older brother
First Appearance: chapter 195
Special Characteristics: Goku’s true older brother, and Bardock’s eldest son. He was raised as a pure-blooded Saiyan, and so has a heartless personality, showing no compassion to his younger brother. Born as a lowest-level warrior, he lacks experience fighting to the death against strong opponents, and so his battle power is of the lowest level for a Saiyan. He also hasn’t strengthened his weak spot, the tail, and is called “weakling Raditz” by his comrades.
Battles: He was pinioned by Goku, and together the two were pierced by Piccolo’s Makankosappo and died.
Anime: Before coming to Earth, he worked with Vegeta and Nappa. On Freeza’s orders, the 3 of them invaded Planet Shirts, and took control of it in 3 days.

History:An alien who was on the fake Planet Namek. He was caught up in a space tide, and crash landed on fake Namek.
Special Characteristics: He waited for someone to come so that he could steal their spaceship and escape. It seems that he grabs on to people’s noses when greeting them. He was initially kind to Gohan and the others.
Techniques:He and Zarkuro use illusions to replicate Planet Namek, and also turn themselves into Namekians.
Battles: Since they have hardly any battle power, they couldn’t win through a direct fight, and so used illusions. (Daizenshuu 3, p.182)

*Raichii, Doctor
A Tsufuru scientist
History:He developed the thought-amplification device Hatchi-Hyack, among other things.
Special Characteristics: Though he was killed by the Saiyans, through Hatchi-Hyack’s power he was revived as a ghost warrior. He appeared in the strategy guide anime “DBZ Side-Story: Plot to Eradicate the Saiyans”. (Daizenshuu 5, p.200)

A warrior in the army corps led by Tullece
History:Appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”. Like the other corps members, he’s not a Saiyan.
Special Characteristics: He and his twin brother Rezun look so much alike that it’s impossible to tell them apart.
Techniques:Taking advantage of their special nature as twins, he launches joint attacks with Rezun, giving their opponents lots of trouble.
Battles: He battled against Tenshinhan and Chaozu. Though he had a hard time against Tenshinhan’s Taiyo-ken and other techniques, he KO’d them both. However, he’s no match for an angry Goku, and is defeated in one blow. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

A participant in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:Born in the year Age 726. She married after the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai, and is currently a housewife. Her husband’s name is Mr. Trunks. Her hobby is collecting underwear. Height: 168 cm, Weight: 50 kilos. Address: WWB 131348 C.
First Appearance: chapter 35
Special Characteristics: A sexy young lady who entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai, using her sex appeal as a weapon. She’s reasonably skilled at fighting.
Techniques:sex-appeal attack
Tenkaichi Budoukai: She entered the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and passed the preliminaries. In the first round she attacked the pure-hearted Namu with her sex appeal, but was left helpless when Namu closed his eyes and counterattacked, and lost.

A member of the Ginyu Special-Squad
First Appearance: chapter 272
Special Characteristics: The second largest squad member after Burta. He goes through his battles only half serious, but his power, speed, and toughness are all tremendous. He’s an odd guy, always striking a pose before he fights.
Techniques:Recoom Eraser Gun, Recoom Kick, Recoom Mach Attack, etc
Battles: He effortlessly beat down Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, but Goku knocked him unconscious with one strike of his elbow, and he was finished off by an energy bullet from Vegeta.
Anime: After his death, Kaio summoned his spirit, and he appeared on Planet Kaio. He fought Yamcha and lost, and was cast down to Hell together with the rest of the squad members.

Red, Commander
The boss of the Red Ribbon Army
History:From the time he was in elementary school, his friends would tease him, saying “hah, hah! You’re a shrimp, Red!”, or “Even though you’re a shrimp, you’ve got an old man’s face”, and so he developed a long-standing complex about his height. Right before the fall of the Red Ribbon Army, he was shot dead by Assistant Black, who had long endured his tyranny.
First Appearance: chapter 56
Special Characteristics: The most powerful person in the Red Ribbon Army, notorious as the strongest, most evil army in the world. He has a cruel, selfish personality, killing all those in his way, and even immediately executing any subordinates who he doesn’t like. Because of this, he was greatly feared, but not respected. He tried to gather the dragonballs in order to grow taller.
Battles: He never fights himself, and blames all his failures on his subordinates.
Anime: His desk is equipped with switches that activate trap doors and poison gas.

Red Ribbon Army Robot
Silver Company equipment
History:Broken when he crashed with Goku in the plane
First Appearance: 56
Special Characteristics: The robot that came out of the capsule that Goku threw when he was looking through Silver Company’s base. He’s blunt but has a good humored personality, and takes Goku north by plane. (Daizenshuu 4, p.158)

*Red Shark Gang
An evil criminal group in Satan City
History:A gang of criminals led by a man named Rock. They took the mayor of Satan City hostage and challenged Mister Satan to come, but Satan stayed hidden inside his attic. Videl came in his place and defeated Rock, while the Great Saiyaman rounded up all the gang members.

*Red’s Pet Cat-like Animal
The pet of Red, commander of the Red Ribbon Army. It looks like a cat, but has big ears, sharp fangs, and claws. Its purple fur and golden eyes leave an unsettling impression. It’s very ferocious, and suddenly attacked General Blue when he came to Commander Red’s room, scarring his cheek. However, it’s very fond of Commander Red.

Registration Man
A priest
First Appearance: chapter 32
Special Characteristics: The person who registers the participants at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

A warrior in The Tullece Corps
History:Appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”.
Special Characteristics: He has a small physique, and is about as tall as Chaozu. He has a twin brother named Rakasei, but it’s unclear which one is the elder brother.
Techniques:His greatest weapon is he and Rakasei’s combo plays.
Battles: He fought against Chaozu and Tenshinhan, and easily defeated them. However, he was absolutely no match for the furious Goku. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

Rich Couple
First Appearance: chapter 98
Special Characteristics: They paid Uranai Baba’s extremely high divination fee.

*Robber Boy
A boy who stole Goku’s clothes while Goku was bathing during his search for the dragonballs.

Ruins excavation robot
History:SSS Type All-Purpose Capsule Robot No. C-6.
Special Characteristics: He is equipped with the ability to create fuel merely by entering in the ingredients. He worked to investigate excavations, but was buried in sand by a landslide and laid dormant for 80 years. His vision sensor was repaired by Gohan after Gohan become lost in the cave. When the cave entrance caved in, he used up all of his strength to allow Gohan to escape.

*Roundworm Family
Roundworms that lived inside Buu’s body
Special Characteristics: They have antenna and sharp fangs, and their skin is hard enough to bounce back Vegeta’s energy bullet. The father roundworm has a polite personality.
Battles: Goku blew the roundworm siblings away with a kiai when they came after him. The father roundword appeared after that and apologized for his sons’ rudeness, but immediately afterwards Buu had a bowel movement and the whole family was carried along with it.

*Rubber-Suit Z Warriors
Rubber suits that resemble Goku and co.
History:Appeared in the movie “The Savior Mister Satan’s Record of Glory!”, which was screened as a special event at the Tenkaichi Budoukai. It’s a movie adaptation dramatizing the Cell Games, which some TV station went and made. Its story is that the rubber-suit Z warriors lose to Cell, but then Satan appears and defeats Cell. (Daizenshuu 5, p.150)
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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

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Portable battle life-forms
First Appearance: chapter 214
Special Characteristics: Battle life-forms used by the warriors who serve Freeza. Their inventor was a Saiyan scientist. Currently the ones mainly used are a strengthened model which began to be introduced around Age 737. They possess only enough intelligence to understand orders, and are equipped with a battle power of 1,200, which rivals that of a lowest-level warrior. (Daizenshuu 4, p.153)
Techniques:Besides firing a powerful acid from their head, they also have the ability to self-destruct.
Anime: Akira Toriyama’s memo for the anime contains background information on them saying that they were created by a Saiyan scientist using biotechnology.

A warrior
History:Appeared in “Return My Gohan!!”. He’s one of Garlic Jr.’s 3 henchmen.
Special Characteristics: He has grey skin, and is the largest of the 3 henchmen. He becomes gigantic with the rallying cry “Unajuu!!” [broiled eel]. Both his speed and power increase when he becomes big.
Techniques:He fires bullets of pink energy from his hands.
Battles: Piccolo was defeated after being caught off guard by Garlic Jr. and co. Afterwards, Sansho battled Piccolo one on one when Piccolo counterattacked, and was quickly defeated by Piccolo’s energy bullet. (Daizenshuu 6, p.44)

Sarada Kinoko
A resident Penguin Village
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A girl with close-cropped hair who rides a hip tricycle. Though she tried to make a casual appearance, she stood out like a sore thumb. Her favorite food is mammoth strawberries. At any rate, she’s a bothersome little brat who never says anything without using the words “hip”, “lame”, or “what a hick”.

An afterlife martial artist
History:A warrior from the North Galaxy, he is Goku’s senior. He is a hero who 3,500 years ago protected his home planet from colliding with a meteor. Because of this achievement he was recognized as a just martial artist, and kept his body when he went to the afterlife. On Planet Dai-Kaio, he continued training with numerous other martial artists to try and receive training from Dai-Kaio himself. He’s distinguished by his long hair and pointy ears. He has a strong but buff body. Unfortunately, he was not chosen as a contestant in for the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai.

A member of the Coola Armored Squad
History:He serves as the leader of the Armored Squad, and appeared in “The Incredible Strongest vs. Strongest”.
Special Characteristics: He has a calm personality. He has the power to endure an attack from Goku, before Goku becomes a Super Saiyan.
Techniques:He fires beams from the tips of his 5 fingers, and also uses a technique where he concentrates ki in his fingers, changing it into a blade.
Battles: He fought against Piccolo, but their battle was interrupted when Coola defeated Piccolo. Afterwards, he was blown away by Goku’s ki, but revived in the end. Piccolo then fired a Makankosappo at him, which finally used up the last of his strength. (Daizenshuu 6, p.78)

A female Saiyan low-level warrior
History:Appeared in “A Final Solitary Battle”. The sole female member of Bardock’s “5-Person Land Shark Team”, which destroyed and took control of planets.
Special Characteristics: As a female warrior, her feelings towards children is warmer than the other members?! After Bardock’s child was born, she advised him “How about you go see him?”
Techniques:she turns into an Oozaru and runs wild
Battles: Along with Bardock and the others, she destroyed Planet Kanassa. However, on the next planet they set out for, Planet Meat, she is killed by their supposed ally Dodoria and his men.

*Serpent Princess
A princess
History:The princess of a castle located on the Serpent Road. Her true identity is a gigantic serpent named Jadoushin, who has lived on the Serpent Road since about 1,500 years ago.
Special Characteristics: She has such good looks that she even won the laurels at the Afterlife Beauty Pageant. She seems to be the type who likes manly men, and fell in love with Enma Daio back when he crossed the Serpent Road about 500 years ago. Long after that, she falls for Goku. She tries to eat Goku as he hurries on to Kaio’s place, and attacked him in her true form, but he managed to get away (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

*Shaman of Natade Village
A shaman
History:He forced the people of Natade Village to offer up a sacrifice to the monster. He chants a rather suspicious spell.
Special Characteristics: He took advantage of the monster’s presence to take control of the village. However, he loses his prestige when Goten and Trunks visit the village and quickly defeat the monster (Daizenshuu 6, p.124). He collected blood from Broli’s space capsule and sold it to Baron Jaga Badda for a large sum of money. However, he was swallowed up by the cultivation fluid, and died (Daizenshuu 6, p.132).

A young person from Planet Shamo
History:Broli rampaged through his home planet, and he and his friends were brought to New Planet Vegeta. He was used for forced labor as part of Paragus’ conspiracy, but was saved by Gohan and the others when they saw Paragus’ underlings tormenting him. His home world was ultimately destroyed by Broli. Together with Goku and co., he and his entire race escaped from New Planet Vegeta.
Special Characteristics: He’s only about as tall as an adult’s waist. He has yellow skin and purple hair. It seems that he has grandparents as relatives. (Daizenshuu 6, p.106)

A martial artist
History:The younger brother of Tenron, the master of the Leopard-Fang School. However, he’s actually a thug who rampages in the name of the Leopard-Fang School. He viewed the Chin Taiken of the Chinke-Sei-Kyoku-Ken as an eyesore, and caused an uproar by framing his son Shouken as a pickpocket. He’s no match for his older brother
Special Characteristics: A big man as large as a bear, he looks strong, but has no substantial skill in the martial arts. He attacked Goku, but wasn’t even able to touch him, and fell into a river after being too forceful. However, he ultimately reformed after Tenron was beaten by Goku.

Gohan’s high school classmate
History:Born in the year Age 756. When he first appears he’s a 2nd year student in Orange Star High School.
First Appearance: chapter 421
Special Characteristics: A boy with long blond hair, he’s tall and stylish, has good reflexes, seems to be popular with the girls, but is a little mean-spirited. He made fun of Gohan when Gohan first came to the school.
Anime: He tries to expose the Great Saiyaman’s identity at the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and follows him around with a camera. (Daizenshuu 5, p.150)

A participant in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai
History:He’s really simply a middle-aged man who came to watch the Tenkaichi Budoukai. God possessed him and took control of him, entering the tournament, but God was sealed inside a bottle by Ma Junior’s Reverse-Mafuuba, causing him to return to normal. He himself had no memory after the match, but he was applauded by his son and the spectators.
First Appearance: chapter 168
Special Characteristics: In order to defeat Ma Junior (Piccolo), God descended to the lower world and borrowed his body to fight in the Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Battles: In the 1st round of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he easily defeated Yamcha. In the 2nd round, he lost to Ma Junior’s Reverse-Mafuuba.
Anime: In the original story, Piccolo and Shen’s conversation was in Namekian. For the anime, this was depicted by running the sound tape backwards, and added subtitles.

Shen’s Son
First Appearance: chapter 182
Special Characteristics: The son of the man whose body God borrowed to enter the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

A dragon created by the Earth’s God
History:He was created by God around Age 470. He’s a dragon who God made for the courage and hope of the people, based on his memories of when he was on Planet Namek. He was killed once by Piccolo Daimao, but for Goku’s sake God and Mister Popo revived him. When God and Piccolo merged and Dende became God, he became able to grant up to 3 wishes, though only 2 when reviving dead people.
First Appearance: chapter 20
Special Characteristics: He’s created by God breathing a soul into the dragon model which Mister Popo created. When the 7 dragonballs are gathered and you recite the chant “Come forth Shenlong, and grant my wish!”, the sky will suddenly become pitch black even if it’s noon. A giant Oriental dragon will then appear amidst a flash of lightning, and grant any wish, though only one. Even if you wish is to bring a person back to life, or to become a billionaire, he will treat it just the same. He will always grant the wish, no matter how evil the person making it is, but it is impossible for him to grant a wish that exceeds God’s power, or to revive a person who has died twice. Also, if you make him wait a long time after summoning him without making any wish, he will sometimes disappear without granting any wish. Furthermore, because the dragonballs’ life is shared with their creator, if their creator God dies or vanishes, the dragonballs will become ordinary stones, like they do after granting a wish. They will regain their effectiveness again until a Dragon Clansman with the power to create a new Shenlong breathes their power into them. (Daizenshuu 4, p.32)

Shenlong (Porunga)
A dragon created by the Eldest of Planet Namek
History:Because the old Eldest reached the end of his lifespan and died, they became stone balls. However, the Eldest was temporarily revived by the Earth Shenlong’s power, and he charged Muuri, one of the seven elders of old Planet Nameki, to become the new Eldest, and in this way the dragonballs regained their light. After the people of old Planet Namek migrated to the new Planet Namek, they were powered up through Muuri’s power, becoming able to restore multiple dead people.
First Appearance: chapter 292
Special Characteristics: He boasts size over ten times greater than the Earth’s Shenlong, and his appearance is extremely bizarre. He has the form not so much of a dragon, but rather more like that of a demonic god. He is much more generous than the Earth’s Shenlong, in that he can grant up to 3 wishes, and revive the same person multiple times. However, when summoning him he will only respond if the chant is in the Namekian language, and so you must use a Namekian to tell him your wishes. He’s prudent in comparison to the Earth’s Shenlong, since he makes the conditional announcement that he will “grant any wish that I am capable of”. He also has some human traits, such as being shy, or making jokes. Like the Earth’s Shenlong, he will disappear if he has to wait a long time without any wishes being made. The title “Porunga” means “the god of dreams” in Namekian. (Daizenshuu 4, p.34)

Shishiga-Ryuu Kenpou Fighter
First Appearance: chapter 34
Special Characteristics: He loses to Goku during the preliminaries of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

South Kaio
The god who manages the South Galaxy.
First Appearance: chapter 428
Special Characteristics: The tallest out of the 4 Kaio. He really hates to lose (though you could say that about all the Kaio), and refused to admit that the North Area’s Goku was stronger than his own Papoi. Despite being a god, he’s a pretty immature. Like the North Kaio, he wears sunglasses and has antennae on his head.

South Kaioshin
First Appearance: chapter 508
Special Characteristics: The most powerful out of the 4 Kaioshin who were killed by Buu long ago.

A Demon Realm martial artist
History:A martial arts master in the Demon Realm. In order to keep open the Demon Realm Gate, situated between this world and the afterlife, he stuck a sword into the ground. Because of this, the law of the Demon Realm was broken, and the majin were now able to come and go as they pleased. Shura furthermore kidnapped Princess Misa from a nearby castle, and tried to make her his bride.
Techniques:He flies freely through the air, and attacked Goku with a spiral-shaped energy wave.
Battles: She squared off against Goku when he came to rescue Princess Misa. He was lost by being blinded by the brightness of the Kamehameha. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

Shuu (Soba)
Pilaf’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 18
Special Characteristics: He dresses like a ninja, and had a dog-like face. However, despite his appearance he can’t actually use ninjutsu, and is simply just a kind of cosplayer. Though he listens attentively to Pilaf’s orders, he can’t be depended upon to carry out his duties. Goku took his clothes once. He has somewhat more common sense than Pilaf.
Battles: In order to take over the world, he tried to beat Goku by hook or by crook. Ultimately he was discarded by Piccolo Daimao, and after that his whereabouts are unknown.

*Shuu Sai’aku
Gohan’s tutor
History:A tutor who Chi Chi hired to provide special education for Goku during the time before Goku’s return from his battle with Freeza. He brags about being the world’s greatest tutor.
Special Characteristics: He doesn’t really look like a tutor, with his beard and big, round head. What’s more, he’s a frightful man who gave the child Gohan 1st year high school problems, and whipped him when he couldn’t solve them. He said Gohan was rebellious when he resisted this unreasonable behavior, and blamed it on his father. Ultimately he was forcibly defenestrated by Chi Chi, who was made at him for saying bad things about Goku.

Silver, Captain
A Red Ribbon Army soldier
History:He began searching for the dragonballs on April 18th, Age 750, but didn’t turn up any results, and what’s more had the dragonball stolen by Goku before his eyes. For his ineptitude, Commander Red placed all the blame on him and had him executed.
First Appearance: chapter 55
Special Characteristics: One of the Red Ribbon Army’s commissioned officers, he commanded an expedition to find the dragonball in a remote region.
Techniques:He uses boxing techniques.
Battles: He used his speed to snatch the dragonball from Goku, but the swift Goku snatched them right back.
Anime: In the anime version, he is established as a solder who specializes in boxing. He also destroyed Pilaf’s secret base, and obtained a dragonball.

Slingshot Kid
First Appearance: chapter 6
Special Characteristics: A boy who bravely shot Oolong in the back with his slingshot.

History:Appears in the movie “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. He’s a Namekian who grew up possessing nothing but a heart of pure evil. He was extremely old, but had his wish to regain his youth granted by the dragonballs. He plotted to rule the entire universe, and tried to convert the Earth into his own personal vehicle, the “Planet Cruiser”. He blotted out the sunlight in order to make it easier for the Demon Clan to move around.
Special Characteristics: Utilizing the power of evil to its greatest extent, he boasts battle power that could be called that of a Super Namekian. He has the power to make himself gigantic.
Battles: He turns into a giant and torments Goku, but is beaten by Goku and Piccolo’s combined power. In the end, he is finished off by the Genki-Dama. His weakness was the sound of whistling (Daizenshuu 6, p.70).

Skeleton Guard
The guard at Uranai Baba’s palace
First Appearance: chapter 98
Special Characteristics: A soldier fixated at the side of the entranceway.

Resident of Jingle Village
History:Born in Jingle Village in Age 740.
First Appearance: chapter 56
Special Characteristics: A girl from Jingle Village, a town taken over by the RR Army. When Goku was frozen and seemed to be on the verge of death, she rescued him by dragging him to her house.

Sno’s Father
Villager in Jingle Village
First Appearance: chapter 67
History:A person forced to search for dragonballs by the RR Army.

Sno’s Mother
First Appearance: chapter 57
Special Characteristics: A gentle person who made Goku some delicious dinner and bento.

Son Gohan
Goku and Chi Chi’s firstborn son; currently a scholar
History:Born in the year Age 756. At Kame House, he was kidnapped by Raditz. Piccolo discovered his talent for fighting and began training him, and so he grew into a martial artist. When Vegeta and Nappa came to Earth, and when Freeza and his men attacked Planet Namek, he always put up a good fight. Then during the battle with Cell, No.16’s destruction caused him to transform into a Super Saiyan 2. After Cell’s annihilation he spent his time as a normal high school student, and also protected the peace as a hero of justice. After Majin Buu’s annihilation he absorbed himself in study, and became a scholar. During this time he also married Videl, and was blessed with a daughter named Pan. In the future where Goku died from an infectious disease, he was called by No.17.
First Appearance: chapter 196
Special Characteristics: He’s a pacifist who from the time he was little has dreamed of becoming a scholar, rather than fighting. Because he is half Saiyan and half Earthling, his latent power is above average, but since he doesn’t like voluntarily fighting or training, it was essential that he be trained by Piccolo and his father Goku. He potentially has wondrous power greater than Goku. Even with great evil gone from the world, he continues to punish the city’s evildoers as a hero of justice (Daizenshuu 2, p.114-117, p.140-142).
Battles: He transformed into an Oozaru during the battle with Vegeta. Though he dealt critical damage to Vegeta, the battle ended in a draw. During the battle with Cell, he won with a Kamehameha that had all his might behind it. He put up a good fight during the battle against Majin Buu as a result of his training in the Kaioshin Realm.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai as the Great Saiyaman, but withdrew in the first round (Daizenshuu 4, p.123)
Anime: He got his name when hearing “gohan [rice]” made him happy. Even as a baby he had unknown power hidden inside him, and he made a large hole in a giant tree when he was about to crash into it. After the battle with Raditz, he matured by meeting Piccolo, the orphans, and others. During the battle with Garlic Jr., he destroyed Planet Makyo and saved the Earth. As a high school student, he experienced his first date. The movies depict the gentleness of his heart, such as how he befriends Hire Dragon.

Son Gohan (Grandpa)
Goku’s adopted father
History:Born in the year Age 658. He’s a martial artist who was formerly Kame-sennin’s #1 pupil. After dying, he became a freeter in the afterlife.
First Appearance: chapter 103
Special Characteristics: The parent who raised Goku. He’s a kind and gentle old man, but he was crushed to death when Goku became an Oozaru. Being a pupil of Kame-sennin’s, he’s naturally girl-crazy, and in Heaven spends his time surrounded by sexy girls (Daizenshuu 2, p.173).
Techniques:Kamehameha, Suiken, etc
Battles: He squared off with Goku at Uranai Baba’s palace. Satisfied that Goku had surpassed him, he returned to the afterlife.
Anime: In “A Final, Solitary Battle”, he finds the infant Goku in a bamboo grove when Goku arrives on Earth. Also, after his death he gets a part-time job with Annin (Taijouroukun [a Buddhist deity]). The job consisted of conveying the souls of the dead to the afterlife, and serving as watchman for the Furnace of Eight Divinations (Daizenshuu 3, p.118).

Son Goku
The main character.
History:Born on Planet Vegeta, in the year Age 737. Height: 175 cm, Weight: 62 kg. His real name is Kakarot. Though born as the second son of the low-class warrior Bardock, he is sent to Earth immediately before Planet Vegeta’s destruction. On Earth, he loses his memory due to an unforeseen accident, and Grandpa Son Gohan raises him as if he were his own child. Being a Saiyan, his battle ability is high, and he has exceptional talent as a martial artist. He learns kung-fu from Grandpa Gohan. He lived alone following his grandpa’s death, but when Bulma appeared he began an unknown adventure. She appreciated his strength, and so they set out on a journey to gather the dragonballs, which ultimately led to him meeting his master Kame-sennin, his good rivals Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta, and many others, and together with his friends he grew up. His first battle where death was on the line was against Piccolo Daimao, but he managed to win with his natural talent, never-say-never spirit, and the help of his friends. Afterwards, the setting of his battles surpassed the level of the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and took on a cosmic scope. He came to fight with strong opponents such as Freeza and Majin Buu, which never failed to stir up his Saiyan blood. After marrying Chi Chi and having a son named Gohan, he took Gohan to Kame House, where he learned that he was a Saiyan from Raditz, who claimed to be his older brother. He died for the first time fighting Raditz, and later died during the battle with Cell when Cell self-destructed. By continuing to appear even while dead, and by being restored to life even after dying, he always kept on being at the center of the story. Currently, he is right in the middle of training Uub.
First Appearance: chapter 1
Special Characteristics: He strong points are his energy and robustness, and his personality is cheerful by nature. He loves to fight, and enjoys being able to battle strong opponents more than anything else. When he had a tail, he would transform into an Oozaru when he looked at the full moon. He has power that far exceeds the normal level. He is able to transform into the golden-haired, legendary Super Saiyan, and through training becomes able to go even higher, powering up into Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. (Daizenshuu 2, p.110-113, p.134-138, p.180-201, Daizenshuu 4, p.44)
Techniques:Jan-Ken, Kamehameha, Bukujutsu, Taiyo-ken, Kaio-ken (x2-x20), Genki-Dama, Shunkan-Ido, etc).
Battles: In his battles with Piccolo Daimao, he almost died the first time around, but ultimately achieved victory through the power of the Super God Water. During the showdown with Freeza, for the first time he had a battle where there was an overwhelming gap in power, but when Krillin was killed, the tremendous rage caused him to transform into a Super Saiyan, and Goku achieved a tremendous turnabout victory. His battle with Cell ended with Cell’s self-destruction. During the showdown with Majin Buu, though there was a plainly evident gap in their powers, he became Vegetto and was on the verge of winning, but the situation changed when Majin Buu transformed. In the end he turned the ki of all the world’s humans into a Genki-Dama and used it to defeat Majin Buu.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He was the runner-up at the 21st and 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and was the champion of the 23rd. He abandoned his matches during the 25th and 28th tournaments. (Daizenshuu 4, p.120-124)
Anime: In the anime, he battled numerous original enemies. In “DB”, when he traveled through time he met a young Kame-sennin and his master Mutaito. During his training under Mister Popo, he squared off against a doll with his same appearance and battle power. When he married Chi Chi, in order to protect her wedding dress he set out on an adventure to put out Mt. Frypan’s fire (Daizenshuu 3, p.118). In “DBZ” there were also stories where, while on his way to Kaio’s, he was tempted by the Serpent Princess on the Serpent Road, and also fell into Hell (Daizenshuu 3, p.162). After the battle with Cell, he participated in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai (Daizenshuu 5, p.142). In the TV special “A Final, Solitary Battle”, it was revealed that his battle power as a baby was only 2. In the movies he presented a more fatherly figure, going camping and shopping, and even wearing a suit for Gohan’s prep school interview. In addition, he has many original movie techniques such as the Ryu-ken, Fusion, and the 3-Person Father-Son Kamehameha.

Son Goten
Goku and Chi Chi’s second son
History:Born in the year Age 767. He was born while Goku was fighting in the Cell Game [?!?!?!]. He normally plays with Trunks and animals, and learned kumite from Chi Chi. When Majin Buu appeared at God’s temple, he and Trunks were trained in Fusion by Goku [!??!]. For a moment, he was destined to fight Buu as a savior. When Goku returns to the afterlife, though he wanted a hug he wasn’t able to say so himself, and seemed to be embarrassed. When he becomes a high school student, he gets a girlfriend.
First Appearance: chapter 424
Special Characteristics: A boy filled with energy, just like his father. He loves Gohan, calling him “big bro, big bro”, and the two often play together. He prefers play to study. Even without training, he is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. (Daizenshuu 2, p.118).
Techniques:Kamekameha, Bukujutsu, etc
Battles: In order for Gohan to enter the Tenkaichi Budoukai, they sparred together as part of Gohan’s training. He had enough latent ability to surprise Gohan, who had undergone much training. This was also when Gohan learned that he could become a Super Saiyan like it were nothing. However, he couldn’t use Bukujutsu.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He was the Youth Division runner-up at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He also participated in the main tournament by disguising himself as Mighty Mask, but during the Battle Royale his identity was exposed by No.18, and he fled. He entered the main tournament at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. (Daizenshuu 4, p.123)
Anime: In “The Dangerous Pair! Super Warriors Never Rest”, Goten’s fake crying is what causes the legendary Super Saiyan Broli to awaken. This is also the first time that Goten, Goku, and Gohan’s 3-Person Father-Son Kamehameha becomes a reality (Daizenshuu 6, p.124). In the first half of “Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?”, he appears in a white tank top, rather than his usual costume (Daizenshuu 6, p.150). His manner of speaking is slightly more subdued than Goku’ was as a child.

Soramame Kurikinton
Tarou and Peasuke’s father
History:A barber and former detective
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A middle-aged man with a rugged face, he runs the barber shop “Barber Soramame”. He and Senbei Norimaki have been a bad influence on each other since way back in the day. Since his is the only barbershop in town, if it weren’t for him the villagers would have to cut their own hair. Being a former detective, he’s quite skilled with a gun. His wife’s name is Mame Soramame.

Soramame Peasuke
Arale’s friend
History:Born in the year Age 732. When he appears he’s currently a 3rd year student at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: A boy whose trademark is his cat-ear hat, he is Tarou Soramame’s younger brother. He’s so short that you wouldn’t think he’s a high school student. He’s currently dating Hiyoko-chan, a girl two years his junior.
Techniques:Sure-to-Kill Sign Bazooka, Peasuke Kick, etc.

Soramame Tarou
Arale’s friend
History:Born in the year Age 730. He graduated from Penguin Village High School, and is currently an officer in the Penguin Village police force.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Though he’s a policeman now, during his school days he was a bad kid. Despite this, he was good enough at his specialty sport, baseball, to be the captain of the high school baseball club. He hates ghosts. He’s currently dating Tsururin Tsun, and in the future they marry.

Babidi’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 438
Special Characteristics: A man who had his evil power drawn out by the wizard Babidi, and became his underling. Together with Yamu, he appeared at the Tenkaichi Budoukai in search of the energy needed to revive Majin Buu. His body has become like a corpse, and he remains perfectly calm even after having his neck broken. He brought Gohan’s energy back to Babidi, but was executed after he was judged to have served his purpose.
Techniques:ki blast, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost in the first round of the 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He withdrew midway through the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Suke-san [Mr. See-Through]
Uranai Baba’s fighter
First Appearance: chapter 100
Special Characteristics: An invisible man. Naturally, not being able to see him makes him extremely difficult to defeat.
Battles: He used his invisibility to give Yamcha a lot of trouble, but he lost after being covered head to toe in Kame-sennin’s nosebleed, which rendered him visible.

Resident of Penguin Village
History:Born on the plant Okakaume-Boshi. Normally he calls himself Kura’aku Kenta and works as an announcer. He’s also Umeboshi, captain of the Earth Defense Squad.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: An unparalleled imbecile. Though he calls himself a hero of justice, he’s nothing more than a perverted, bothersome old man.
Anime: He became a Super Saiyan in the movie “Dr. Slump: Arale-chan Hoyoyo! Carried By The Shark You Rescued To…”, which premièred in the spring of ’94.

Tailor A
First Appearance: chapter 87
Special Characteristics: A pitiful character who worked all night to prepare Tao Pai Pai’s clothes, yet was still killed.

Tailor B
First Appearance: chapter 98
Special Characteristics: A store owner who made new clothes for Goku after they were worn ragged during his battle with the Red Ribbon Army.

Piccolo Daimao’s underling
History:Born in the year Age 753. Height: 188 cm, Weight: 74 kg.
First Appearance: chapter 135
Special Characteristics: A warrior born from Piccolo Daimao. A truly twisted guy, who loves how it feels to kill. As a Demon Clansman made to battle, his battle power is many times greater than Cymbal’s. He easily killed Krillin, stole the Tenkaichi Budoukai name register, and massacred well-known martial artists one after the other. He has the ability to telepathically communicate with his creator Piccolo Daimao over long distances.
Battles: He beat down Goku, who was hungry and unable to put forth his true power, but later confronted Goku again. This time when Goku had a full stomach, and blew him to smithereens with a furious Kamehameha. Originally, Yajirobe had planned to eat him like he had Cymbal.

A village girl
History:A girl who lived in a village attacked by Inoshikacho. When Goku battled Tenshinhan (a villain at the time) and was pinned beneath a tree, she found and saved him. From Goku’s story, she realized that Tenshinhan and co. had fooled them by pretending to get rid of Inoshikacho. After Goku protected Inoshikacho, who had been abandoned by Tenshinhan and co., the other villagers chased him out of town. However, Tan-Men brought the mayor with her and appeared in the nick of time, saving Inoshikacho’s life, and clearing Goku’s name. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

Tao Pai Pai
An assassin
History:Born in the year Age 459. Height: 178 cm, Weight: 70 kg. Tsuru-sennin’s younger brother
First Appearance: chapter 85
Special Characteristics: Universally recognized as the world’s greatest assassin, a job he’s been doing for 20 years. He killed General Blue, a master of psychic power, with just one stab of his tongue.
Techniques:Dodon-pa, Super Dodon-pa, etc
Battles: After easily sending Bora, the guardian of the Karin Holy Land, straight to the afterlife, he beat Goku black and blue as well. However, the tables were turned once Goku completed the Super Holy Water training at Karin Tower, and he was left half dead. He was thought to have died in his bomb’s explosion, but he became a cyborg and entered the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. However, Tenshinhan defeated him instantly.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai (Daizenshuu 4, p.158)
Anime: He appeared twice during the 9 days before the Cell Games. The first time was as the evil Bourbon’s bodyguard. He squared off against Gohan, but ran away when he learned Gohan was Goku’s son. Afterwards, he reunited with Goku as Goku was searching for the dragonballs. Knowing Goku’s marvelous strength, he ran away once more. (Daizenshuu 5, p.86)

An afterlife martial artist
History:A warrior representing the West Galaxy, who participated in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai.
Special Characteristics: Though his body is small, he has marvelously strong legs.
Battles: During the finals tournament he squared off against Torubi, a representative of the South Galaxy. He gave Torubi a lot of trouble, using his specialty fleet-footedness to run around the ring, and even Goku was surprised by his super speed. However, while his speed was incredible, it seems he has a problem with stamina, and he soon wore himself out and gave up. Was the ring a little too wide for him? (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

A hero
History:The hero of Planet Konats, in the South Galaxy. 1,000 years ago, he sealed away the upper portion of the divided Hildegarn inside his body. He was then himself sealed inside a music box, and set adrift in the darkness of space. He had a younger brother, Minoshia, who likewise sealed away Hildegarn’s lower half.
Special Characteristics: Though is appearance is hardly different from a human, he has a unique hairstyle, with hair only in the middle of his head. After Hildegarn’s defeat, he gave his legendary sword to Trunks, then used a time machine to 1,000 years ago, where his brother Minoshia was still alive. (Daizenshuu 6, p.150)
Techniques:He can immobilize the phantom majin Hildegarn with his legendary flute, and seal Hildegarn inside his body.

One of the Demon Clansman Garlic Jr.’s underlings, and a member of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Clan.
Special Characteristics: A large-bodied, powerful warrior.
Techniques:He creates a super magical barrier along with the other Heavenly Kings, attacks by moving through the ground, has a beam attack, and also specializes in a combo attack with the Heavenly King Zald.

Tenkaichi Budoukai Grounds Announcer
An announcer and judge
History:It’s unknown when he got the job, but he’s consistently served in it from the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai in Age 750 all the way to the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai in Age 784.
First Appearance: chapter 35
Special Characteristics: A well-known person who serves the three-fold role as master of ceremonies, on-the-spot commentator, and judge. His trademarks are his sunglasses and pompadour. He’s full of professional guts, boldly continuing his on-the-spot commentary even if his life is endangered during the match. As one of the few ordinary people who knows Goku and co., he’s a living witness to history.

A martial artist
History:The master of the Leopard-Fang School, he’s a master martial artist with both strength and skill. However, he conceals evil within his heart. He has a younger brother named Shaoron.
Techniques:The Hyouga-Senpuu-Kyaku [Leopard-Fang Whirlwind Kick], where he attacks by spinning his body at super fast speeds like a top. He broke through Goku’s Multi-Fold Zanzouken.
Battles: He participated in a royally-overseen match as a representative of the Leopard-Fang School. There was bad blood between him and Chin Taiken, the master of the Chinke-Sei-Kyoku-Ken, and when Goku participated in Taiken’s place he made him suffer. (Daizenshuu 3, p.72)

A martial artist
History:Born in the year Age 733. Height: 187 cm, Weight: 75 kg. He aspired to become an assassin, and studied the martial arts under Tsuru-sennin. However, he was influenced by Kame-sennin and Goku when he met them at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and left Tsuru-sennin. He participated in numerous battles with Goku. When his fellow disciple Chaozu died, he trained intensively to learn the Mafuuba so that he could fight Piccolo Daimao. When Chaozu self-destructed in the battle with Nappa, he fired the Kikoho to avenge him, but used up all his power and died. After training under Kaio, he was revived through Porunga. After the battle with Cell, he set off with Chaozu on a journey of training, and during the battle with Majin Buu he saved his comrade from danger.
First Appearance: chapter 113
Special Characteristics: As a descendent of the alien Three-Eyed People, he has physical idiosyncrasies that can’t be considered that of an Earthling, such as splitting into 4 people, and growing arms from his shoulders. He’s a rare pure martial artist, who only wishes to get stronger. (Daizenshuu 2, p.130/Daizenshuu 4, p.69)
Battles: He tried to fight Piccolo Daimao, but had a difficult fight against Drum, who Daimao gave birth to, and was absolutely no match for Piccolo Daimao himself. He fought numerous enemies, such as Nappa, Artificial Human No.19, second-form Cell, and the Cell Juniors, but always lost.
Techniques:Shishin no Ken, Taiyo-ken, Kikoho, Shiyo-ken, Shin-Kikoho, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He won the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and lost in the semi-finals at the 23rd. (Daizenshuu 4, p.121, p.122)
Anime: He first met Goku in Mentanki Village. Tenshinhan and Chaozu used the monster Inoshikacho to trick the villagers out of money (Daizenshuu 3, p.72). He used the Mafuuba during the battle with the original Piccolo, but failed (Daizenshuu 3, p.96).

*3-Man Bus Hijacking Team
A group of robbers
History:Armed with guns, this 3-man group high-jacked a tour bus full of old people, and demanded ransom. Once they got the money, the broke through a police barricade with the hostages on board. However, Videl came to the rescue, getting on the bus and beating everyone up. All 3 of them were quickly beaten by Videl single-handedly, and were captured. (Daizenshuu 5, p.148)

A Saiyan lowest-level warrior
History:Appeared in “A Solitary Final Battle”. He’s the sub-leader of the 5-person land-sharking group that takes control of planets for Freeza.
Special Characteristics: A proud warrior, he told Bardock of Freeza’s betrayal, and asked him to unite the Saiyans and defeat Freeza.
Techniques:He turns into an Oozaru when he sees the full moon, and goes on a rampage
Battles: Though he destroyed Planet Kanassa, afterwards he left Bardock in medical treatment and attacked Planet Meat, where he was defeated by Dodoria and his men. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

The boss of the Rabbit Gang
History:Born in the year Age 698. Height: 159 cm, Weight: 61 kg.
First Appearance: chapter 17
Special Characteristics: The reader of the Rabbit Gang, a famous band of outlaws, who even the bandit Yamcha recognized as superior. His underlings are humans who wear rabbit ear accessories, but he himself is an actual rabbit. (Daizenshuu 4, p.49)
Techniques:turning people into carrots
Battles: He was punished by Goku, and carried to the moon….However, afterwards the moon was destroyed several times, so now it seems he’s drifting through space.

The last survivor on Planet Kanassa
History:Appeared in “A Solitary Final Battle”. He used an illusionary attack, future-predicting attack on Bardock, but was killed by Bardock immediately afterward.
Special Characteristics: He hated the Saiyans, who had destroyed Planet Kanassa. Because of this, he threw away his own life to strike Bardock with the illusionary attack, granting him the ability to see the future! This was so that he could convey to Bardock the Saiyan’s accursed destiny headed towards destruction.
Techniques:Though he can give others the ability to know the future, his battle abilities aren’t greatly different from the other Kanassians. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

Toriyama Akira
The author
History:Born in the year 1955. A manga artist.
First Appearance: chapter 480
Special Characteristics: The ultimate ruler of the DB world, and a far, fa~ar greater person than even Kaioshin. His likes include cars, bikes, plastic models, movies, dogs, and women. His dislikes include having his ideas rejected by his editor, rats, and his job.
Battles: For over 10 years, he bravely battled against having his editor reject his ideas. You should be intensely grateful.

An afterlife martial artist
History:A warrior from the South Galaxy who participated in the Anoyo-ichi Budoukai.
Special Characteristics: A bug-like warrior, his body is covered in a hard shell, and he can even fly with the wings on his back.
Battles: He squared off against the West Galaxy warrior Tapikar during the finals tournament. However, because Tapikar used up all his energy running around at high speeds and then gave up, he won without having to do anything. He fought Paikuhan next, but this time his opponent was too strong, and he lost helplessly. (Daizenshuu 5, p.142)

A Saiyan low-level warrior
History:Appeared in “A Solitary Final Battle”. A warrior in the 5-person land-shark team that went around destroying planets with Bardock.
Special Characteristics: He’s the largest of the 5-person land-shark team. A taciturn warrior, he’s a glutton who’s always eating something.
Techniques:He becomes an Oozaru and runs wild. It seems that as an Oozaru his size isn’t any different from the other Saiyans.
Battles: He destroyed Planet Kanassa with Bardock and the others, and destroyed Planet Meat next, but was killed by Dodoria and co. (Daizenshuu 6, p.162)

*Toto Family
A family of monsters who live in the mountains near the Son family.
History:They’re Gohan and Goten’s friends, and are gentle despite their large size. However, because their child Chibi was kidnapped by the circus manager Masuka, Toto and his wife followed after them and flew into Satan City. The city’s people flew into a panic, but thanks to the activities of Gohan (in the form of the Great Saiyaman), Chibi was safely recovered, and the family returned to the mountains.

A martial artist, and Vegeta and Bulma’s firstborn son
History:In an attempt to save his tragic future, he travels from the future to the world where Goku is alive, in order to give Goku medicine. Because of time paradoxes, for Trunks there are 3 futures. The first is a future where Goku is dead. Beaten by No.17 and No.18, Trunks heads to the past to save Goku. The second is a future where Trunks discovers the artificial humans’ deactivation device, and uses it to shut them down (Goku is dead in this future too). Because Trunks didn’t know about Cell, and wasn’t all that strong, Cell killed him and stole his time machine. The third one is a future where Trunks returned knowing of Cell’s existence. He defeated every evil, and restored peace to the world (see p.34). In the world where Goku is alive, he is spoiled by Vegeta and Bulma, and grows up to be selfish. He lived in peace, training with his father, and entering the Tenkaichi Budoukai. When Majin Buu appeared, he and Goten mastered Fusion, and a fierce battle unfolded.
First Appearance: chapter 331
Special Characteristics: The Trunks from the tragic future is serious and dutiful. Meanwhile, the one in the present is extremely different, being obstinate and full of bravado. He has surprising power for a child, including being able to transform into a Super Saiyan without even training, and managing to hit his father Vegeta once. (Daizenshuu 2, p.120, p.121)
Battles: The future Trunks defeated the revived Freeza and his father Cold the Great in one blow. During his battle with Cell, he admitted defeat. The present Trunks fought against Majin Buu in the form of Gotenks, the Fusion of him and Goten.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: At the Youth Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, he defeated Goten and won the championship. He and Goten then participated in the Adult Division as Mighty Mask, demonstrating strength on par with No.18’s, until she managed to see through their disguise. He passed through the finals at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but the tournament’s final results are unknown. (Daizenshuu 4, p.123, 124)
Anime: The future Trunks was impatient at his inability to become a Super Saiyan, but he finally became one through the anger he felt when his master Gohan was defeated by Artificial Humans No.17 and No.18 (Daizenshuu 6, p.170). In the movies, he first appeared in “Extreme Battle!! The 3 Great Super Saiyans” (Daizenshuu 6, p.96). In “Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?”, it was established that the future Trunks’ sword was something he got from the hero Tapion (Daizenshuu 6, p.150).

The inhabitants of Planet Plant
History:A race who lived with the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta. Though they comprised the majority of Planet Vegeta’s inhabitants, they were conquered by the Saiyans and wiped out.
Special Characteristics: Due to Planet Vegeta’s very strong gravity, their bodies are only half as big as Saiyans’. However, they are intelligent, and have an advanced culture compared to the life-forms on other planets.
Battles: They fought back against the Saiyans with the advanced weapons which they had made, but were no match for the Saiyans after they turned into Oozarus, and were pushed to extinction.

One of the seven elders on the old Planet Namek
First Appearance: chapter 259
Special Characteristics: The chief of the village whose inhabitants were all killed by Vegeta, rather than Freeza and his men, and therefore could not be revived by the dragonballs. He governed about 20 villagers, the largest size for a Namekian village. He quickly recognized Vegeta’s evil ki. Not counting the Eldest, he’s the fattest of the elders.

Tsun Tsukutsun
Arale’s friend
History:Born in the year Age 732, in Tsuba-Peppei, China. When he appears, he is a 3rd year student at Penguin Village High School.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: The son of the Tsun family. He uses kung-fu and has a serious personality, but has the peculiarity of transforming into a tiger whenever touched by a woman. He’s dating Kimidori Akane, and they marry when he’s 22. When he cuts loose, he’s actually stronger than Arale.

Tsun Tsuntsunodanoteiyuugou
Tsururin and Tsukutsun’s mother
History:From Tsuba-Peppei, China. A housewife.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: Tsuruten’s wife, and the person who looks after the Tsun family’s kitchen. She continues to be annoyed by her perverted husband. She is skilled in kenpou, so if you get her made you won’t get away unharmed. She’s worried about the laundry she left drying at their old house.

Tsun Tsururin
Tsukutsun’s older sister
History:Born in the year Age 730, in Tsuba-Peppei, China.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: The eldest daughter of the Tsun family, she can use psychic powers. She’s much smaller than her younger brother Tsukutsun. She’s dating Soramame Tarou, and they get married in the future. She’s incredibly scary when mad.
Techniques:Psychic powers, mainly moving objects through Psychokinesis. However, she never uses these powers during the story of DragonBall.

Tsun Tsuruten
Tsururin and Tsukutsun’s father
History:An inventor from Tsuba-Peppei, China.
First Appearance: chapter 81
Special Characteristics: The pillar of the Tsun family, which rode from Tsuba-Peppei, located deep in the mountains of distant China, in a spaceship named the “Rettsu-Gou” [The kanji mean “The Violent Harbor”, but it’s probably a pun on “Let’s Go”]. He has much in common with Norimaki Senbei, including being just as big a pervert as he is, and being a fellow inventor. Their houses are close to each other, and the two are close (and perverted) friends.

The founder of the Tsuru-sen School
First Appearance: chapter 113
History:After learning the martial arts from Mutaito, he founded the Tsuru-sen School of martial arts, and trained assassins.
Special Characteristics: Long ago, the tremendous might of Piccolo Daimao made this martial artist feel that justice was powerless, and so he chose the path of evil. He has a bad relationship with Kame-sennin, and they squabble and insult each other whenever they meet. They were rivals as fellow students of the Mutaito School of martial arts, but currently Kame-sennin is superior in terms of power. As young men, they were also rivals in love. He is also Tenshinhan and Chaozu’s master, and Tao Pai Pai’s older brother.
Techniques:He can use all the techniques of the Tsuru-sen School, such as the Dodon-Pa and Kikoho. However, the Taiyo-ken is a New Tsuru-sen School technique, which Tenshinhan invented on his own.
Anime: In “Great Mystical Adventure” he appeared as a cabinet minister of the Miphan Empire, and plotted to use the power of the dragonballs to rule the world. (Daizenshuu 6, p.32)

A Saiyan low-level warrior
History:Appeared in “Super Decisive Battle for Earth”. One of the few Saiyan survivors. He powered up by planting the Shinsei-Ju in each planet he attacked, and eating its fruit. He plotted to defeat Freeza and rule the universe.
Special Characteristics: Like Goku, he’s a Saiyan low-level warrior. This is why he looks identical to Goku, but he is also incredibly cruel, a Saiyan characteristic. His strength is greater than Goku’s 10-fold Kaio-ken!
Techniques:He fires energy bullets and a Kamehameha-like energy. He is also capable of creating the Power Ball, which acts as a substitute for the moon.
Battles: After a fight to the death with Goku, he is pulverized by a Genki-Dama Goku made from the Shinsei-ju’s energy. (Daizenshuu 6, p.60)

TV Announcer
First Appearance: chapter 360
Special Characteristics: A person who reported from the abandoned Ginger Town.
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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

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*Uiro, Doctor
A scientist
History:A scientist who advanced his research in human modification so that he could rule the world. 50 years ago he was sealed within the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains’ eternal walls of ice by a weather anomaly, but his brain alone survived. His assistant Dr. Kochi gathered the dragonballs and used their power to revive his brain. He tried to kill Goku in order to obtain the strongest body.
Special Characteristics: Only his brain remains, and his body is completely mechanical. His armor can withstand ever a 4-Fold Kaio-ken.
Techniques:He fires energy bullets from his mouth and claws. When he uses his maximum power, its force is great enough to even wipe out the Earth.
Battles: He fights Goku, and tries to destroy him along with the entire Earth, but is hit by Goku’s Genki-Dama and explodes. (Daizenshuu 6, p.52)

A sea turtle who lives with Kame-sennin for many a long year
History:He is over 1,000 years old, and once got lost for a year while out gathering mushrooms.
First Appearance: chapter 2
Special Characteristics: He used to be just an ordinary loggerhead turtle, but became able to speak over many centuries. His personality is strict and austere, exactly the opposite of Kame-sennin’s, and so he often acts as Kame-sennin’s chaperon. He is surprisingly active, and when the Red Ribbon Army attacked he averted the danger by purposefully changing Lunch into her violent form. He also often serves in place of a ship. (Daizenshuu 4, p.70)
Anime: He celebrated his 1,000 birthday right before the battle with Garlic Jr. He displayed his pure-minded naïveté by blushing when Maron kissed him.

A boy who protects the Karin Holy Land
History:His ancestors have protected the Karin Holy Land for generations. He fell into a dire predicament when his father Bora was killed in the Red Ribbon Army’s attack, but thanks to Goku peace returned to Karin.
First Appearance: chapter 84
Special Characteristics: He keeps his hair in braids, and dresses like and Indian. He acts manly protecting the holy land, and his sense of justice is twice as strong as in most people. When Majin Buu was defeated, he was still protecting the holy land, and had grown into a muscular young man. (Daizenshuu 2, p.172)
Battles: When Tao Pai Pai came to Karin to defeat Goku, Upa threw a rock at him, but he merely deflected it with his breath. At Uranai Baba’s palace, he won his match against Dracula Man by making his body into a cross, and breathing out garlic breath.

Uranai Baba
A fortune-teller
History:Her precise age is unknown, but she has lived for over 500 years. Address: FS 199644 CC.
First Appearance: chapter 98
Special Characteristics: Kame-sennin’s older sister, and a brilliant fortune-teller. In fact, her divinations are so correct that you could even call her psychic. “Uranai Baba” is just a nickname, and her real name is unknown. What she likes most is money and to watch fights, and she normally floats on her crystal ball. However, she’s not a mere libertine, but also works under Enma Daio’s orders as an intermediary between this world and the afterlife. Perhaps because of this, her underlings are all some variety of ghost or monster. (Daizenshuu 2, p.173/Daizenshuu 4, p.69)
Techniques:Besides being able to instantly move between this world and the afterlife, she can return a dead person to this world for 1 day, but only once.
Anime: In order to put out the flames of Mt. Frypan, she divined the location of the Bashousen, and determined that the flames were actually from the Furnace of Eight Divinations. (Daizenshuu 3, p.118)

Majin Buu’s reincarnation
History:Born in the year Age 774. He entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai for the prize money, and squared off against Goku.
First Appearance: chapter 518
Special Characteristics: Enma Daio arranged for the evil, original Majin Buu to be reincarnated as this human. He looks like a young hick, raised on South Island. Though he’s normally meek, the stupendously powerful Majin Buu is hidden inside him.
Battles: Though he is not yet used to using his own power, perhaps through Goku’s training he will grow into a warrior unlike any before.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai, where he and Goku abandoned their match. (Daizenshuu 4, p.124)

Member of the Saiyans, a warrior race. The prince of Planet Vegeta.
History:Born on Planet Vegeta in Age 732. Born as the son of the king, he was blessed with a talent for battle. His home planet was destroyed by Freeza while he was off invading planets as Freeza’s underling. After the death of Raditz, he learned of the existence of the dragonballs, which grant any wish, and headed for Earth. A violent battle unfolded between him, Goku and the others. On Planet Namek, Freeza’s attack caused him to shed tears for the first time, and he died. After being revived, he ended up together with Bulma for some reason. When Cell attacked, he fought as a warrior of Earth along with Goku and the others. During the battle with Majin Buu, he tried to save the Earth by self-destructing, but ultimately destroyed only himself. After his revival, like always he trains every day in order to become stronger.
First Appearance: chapter 204
Special Characteristics: He is extremely proud, and as a Saiyan elite his personality was such that he couldn’t stand not being number one. After his marriage, he appeared as a character who had feelings of attachment creep inside him somewhere, while keeping his cool demeanor. (Daizenshuu 2, pp.146-148/Daizenshuu 4, p.144)
Techniques:Gyarik-Ho, Final Flash, etc.
Battles: During the battle with Freeza, while he put up a good fight before Freeza transformed, he was killed with a single blow after Freeza transformed into his final form. He purposefully allowed himself to be manipulated by the wizard Babidi and challenged Goku, but they didn’t settle things. During his battle with Majin Buu, he self-destructed as memories of his allies lingered on.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: At the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, he abandoned his first match. He participated in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Anime: He is more rough-mannered than in the original story, and while on his way to Earth he wipes out Planet Arlia together with its dictator. After the battle with Freeza, he followed Goku’s ki into space, and singlehandedly wiped out Planet Litt. After that he returned to Earth, and a shower scene of him was even shown. When he met the family of intestinal worms while inside Buu’s body, it is revealed that he hates worms. In the movies, he performs Fusion with Goku and becomes the super warrior Gogeta. (Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

Vegeta, King
History:In Age 737, he died in battle against Freeza when Freeza attacked Planet Vegeta.
First Appearance: chapter 296
Special Characteristics: The king of the Saiyan race and Vegeta’s father.
Battles: Though he was the strongest Saiyan at the time, Freeza easily killed him without transforming.
Anime: Under Freeza, he commanded the capture of planets.
Special Characteristics: A genius strategist. It seems that the mark on his chest is the crest of the royal house of Vegeta. As might be expected of Vegeta’s father, he has a rough-mannered personality, and instantly wipes out some of his underlings after getting irritated at them for being unable to capture a planet by the scheduled day.
Battles: According to the Famicom game walkthrough video “Plan to Exterminate the Saiyan”, it seems that King Vegeta was the one who wiped out the Tsufuru. With that kind of power, he ultimately carried out an uprising against Freeza but was defeated. (Daizenshuu 5, p.18)

An individual formed through Vegeta and Goku merging together
History:In order to oppose Majin Buu, who had displayed overwhelming power by absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo, Goku tried to merge with Gohan using the Potara which he received from the Elder Kaioshin, but Gohan himself ended up being absorbed. As Goku tried in vain to think of something, Vegeta appeared. Goku pleaded that they merge, and so Vegetto was born. Achieving a power-up so great that he can make disparaging remarks about Majin Buu, he demonstrates his strength. He displays overwhelming strength, and even after being turned into a candy ball, his attack power remains the same. By attacking in his small candy ball state and piercing through Buu’s mouth, he drives Buu to the wall. Then when he entered Buu’s body, he split back into Goku and Vegeta, even though this was supposedly impossible. Afterwards, the two never became Vegetto again.
First Appearance: 503
Special Characteristics: Being a combination of two Saiyans, his appearance hasn’t changed all that much, and feels like a combination of Goku’s face and Vegeta’s hairstyle. He has both Vegeta’s coolheaded battle strategies and Goku’s pure fighting sense, and there can be no doubt that his strength measures even greater than that of a [Super] Saiyan 3. He is capable of transforming from his normal state into a Super Saiyan form. He has certain Special Characteristics: , including that his strength doesn’t change even if his shape does. He was born only once, and battled Majin Buu (Daizenshuu 2, p.113).
Techniques:ki blade, barrier, etc
Battles: He squares off against Majin Buu, who had absorbed Gohan and Piccolo, and demonstrates overwhelming strength.
Anime: In the original story, after Goku and Vegeta merge they transform into Super Vegetto straight away. However, in the anime version a fierce battle unfolds between Buu and normal Vegetto as well. Furthermore, after transforming into Super Vegetto, he uses Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack against Buu. Incidentally, merged characters such as Vegetto are performed by having both voice actors perform at the same time. This was the original creator’s idea.

Fusion warrior
History:Goku and Vegeta’s failed Fusion form, from their battle with Janenba in Hell.
Special Characteristics: With a stout and short body, he’s assertive, but moves slowly and has weak power. When his stomach gets upset, he lets out a stream of continuous farts. He was born when Vegeta got the pose wrong after agreeing to perform Fusion with Goku.
Battles: He was one-sidedly beaten by Jananba, but managed to last 30 minutes with his unpredictable movements and his continuous farts. (Daizenshuu 6, p.142)

Mister Satan’s only daughter
History:Born in Age 756. She met Gohan while attending high school, and is the first person to see through the Great Saiyaman’s identity. As a child of Mister Satan, she has the makings and knowledge of a martial artist. In addition to training on her own, under Gohan’s training she mastered the use of ki and Bukujutsu at unparalleled speed. She competed in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but was worn ragged by Spopovitch, who had been made violent by the wizard Babidi’s arts. After being healed with senzu, she follows after Gohan and the others, but stayed behind when she became a burden. It seems that by this time her feelings for Gohan had already budded. When Majin Buu appeared at God’s temple, she was turned into chocolate and eaten. After Buu’s destruction, she married Gohan once she graduated college. She was blessed with a daughter, Pan. (Daizenshuu 2, p. 133)
First Appearance: chapter 421
Special Characteristics: Contrary to her cute appearance, she has a strong sense of justice and is strong-willed. She is normally an ally of justice, and protects the peace of Satan City. She has a self-taught knowledge of martial arts, and has enough ability for Gohan to comment that she’s no ordinary person.
Techniques:Her only technique that uses ki is Bukujutsu.
Battles: She quickly took care of some criminals who were fleeing from Randosel Town.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: She participated in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, and fought Spopovitch in the first round. The match ended with her being wounded to the brink of death. (Daizenshuu 4, p.123)
Anime: The TV version of Videl was very active, catching some powerful bus-jackers, going into a burning building in order to put out its fire, and even embarrassing Gohan. (Daizenshuu 5, p.148). Her first movie appearance was “The Dangerous Pair! Super Warriors Never Rest”. In “Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?”, she became Great Saiyaman No.2 and even posed with Gohan. (Daizenshuu 6, p. 150)

Videl’s Mama
First Appearance: chapter 429
Special Characteristics: Deceased. Mister Satan takes advantage of her absence by indulging in womanizing.

Violet, Captain
A Red Ribbon Army soldier
First Appearance: chapter 93
Special Characteristics: A rare female soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. She used the Dragon Radar which General Blue stole from Goku to get a dragonball, and was scheduled to give the radar to General Copper next. Though General Blue said that women aren’t needed in the Red Ribbon Army, it seems that she’s the sole exception. She’s the sort of sexy girl that Kame-sennin likes.

*Warrior-Type Namekians
Three people who came running to help when Freeza appeared at the Eldest’s house.

*Water Jug Monster
A monster that resembles a centipede
Special Characteristics: It’s a monster that lives inside the water jugs in Karin Tower, and appeared when Goku climbed the tower to try and obtain the Super Holy Water. When Goku peeked inside 3 water jugs one by one, a mysterious phenomenon occurred where images of the past, present, and future could be seen. Perhaps the monster was responsible for this? It was then this monster that appeared from the final water jug.

First Appearance: chapter 433
Special Characteristics: A boy who burst into tears during his match in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai’s Youth Division.

West City Punks
First Appearance: chapter 68
Special Characteristics:
A duo who tried to steal Goku’s 100,000 zeni.

West City Woman
First Appearance: chapter 68
Special Characteristics: A young lady who received 100,000 zeni from Goku for telling him where to go.

West Kaioshin
First Appearance: chapter 508
Special Characteristics: One of the 4 Kaioshin killed by Majin Buu, and the only female.

A formal vagabond, now Karin’s messenger
History:Height: 165 cm. He ended up meeting Goku due to the dragonball which he wore around his neck. He quickly killed and ate the Demon Clansman Cymbal, who Piccolo Daimao had dispatched to collect dragonballs. Afterwards, he ran off scared when Piccolo Daimao himself appeared, but later climbed up Karin Tower carrying the defeated Goku on his back. During the battle with Vegeta, he used his katana to cut off Vegeta’s tail after Vegeta turned into an Oozaru, saving everyone. These days he lives at Karin Tower, and seems to be half-retired.
First Appearance: chapter 138
Special Characteristics: A glutton and a coward, but still a nice guy who comes through in the clutch. His voice is just like Krillin’s. He’s fat, but a skilled swordsman, and carries his short katana on his stripped kimono. Whenever a strong enemy appears, he’ll decide that it doesn’t involve him, but he has a surprisingly good-natured side to him as well, in that he’ll come to Goku’s aid when he’s on the brink of death. (Daizenshuu 2, p.174)
Battles: He sliced Cymbal in half with one stroke, then roasted him over an open fire and ate him. His prowess was about on par with Goku at the time. During the battle with Vegeta, he cut Vegeta’s tail off after he transformed into an Oozaru, returning him to his normal form. Also, when Vegeta was trying to cut Gohan’s tail off, he counterattacked by slicing Vegeta from the back, but was taken down in one punch.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He entered the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai wearing a mask, but lost pathetically against Shen during the final match of the preliminaries. (Daizenshuu 2, p. 174)
Anime: In the movies, he first appeared in “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. He showed his good side, bringing senzu to Goku and co. after they were beaten up by Slug.

Babidi’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 450
Special Characteristics: Called a demonic beast, he’s a monster which even Kaioshin is afraid of. He prefers pitch-black darkness, and so can see even in the dark. Though he tried to eat Goku and co., his most favorite meal is light.
Battles: He squared off against Goku on Stage 2. On the Planet of Darkness, which Babidi prepared for them, he used the darkness to his own advantage. What’s more, he sucked up Super Saiyan Goku’s light energy, but Goku then put out an overwhelming amount of energy. Yakon was unable to suck it all up, and so he ruptured and died.

A martial artist
History:Born in the year Age 733. Height: 183 cm, Weight: 68 kilos. Calling himself “Hyena Yamcha”, he was a bandit who made his living carrying off the money and capsules of anyone who crossed his territory, a desert region. He first met Goku, Bulma, and Oolong when he attacked them in this way, and this is also when he learned about the dragonballs. Since he longed to get married, he tried to use the dragonballs to cure his weakness towards women. Though he ultimately didn’t get his wish granted, he befriended Bulma. After the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army, he followed in Goku and Krillin’s footsteps and entered the Kame-sen School, polishing his skill as a martial artist. When Vegeta and Nappa attacked Earth, he died when a Saibaiman self-destructed. He trained under Kaio, but was never given an opportunity to shine.
First Appearance: chapter 7
Special Characteristics: At first he was so weak around women that he couldn’t even stand to look at them, but this was cured as he spent time with Bulma. He’s something of a pathetic character, always getting done-in during battles. (Daizenshuu 2, p.128, p.129, p.152)
Techniques:Roga-FuFu-Ken, Sokidan, etc
Battles: During the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, he died from a Saibaiman’s self-destruct attack. He was pierced through the chest by No.20, and reduced to a half-dead state.
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He lost in the first round of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. In the first round of the 22nd tournament, he lost when Tenshinhan broke his leg, rendering him unable to continue the match. In the first round of the 23rd tournament, he suffered an overwhelming defeat at the hands of Shen. In other words, he lost in the first round all 3 times. (Daizenshuu 4, p.120-122)
Anime: He also had a part-time job as a professional baseball player. He acted like a real slugger, hitting 3 consecutive home runs (Daizenshuu 3, p.162). In “”The Legend of Shenlong”, he was commonly known as Hyena Yamcha. It seems that at the time he was quite the scoundrel (Daizenshuu 6, p.16).

Babidi’s underling
First Appearance: chapter 438
Special Characteristics: He had his evil power drawn out by Babidi, and became his underling. He has a powered up through the forces of evil, just like Spopovitch. He ambushes Gohan midway through the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and returns to Babidi with a full load of energy. Like Spopovitch, he was judged to have served his use, and was executed by Pui Pui.
Techniques:Bukujutsu, etc
Tenkaichi Budoukai: He withdrew midway through the 25th tournament. Originally he was scheduled to fight Jewel.

Martial artist
Special Characteristics: A mighty man who was said to be able to even dodge lightning. After Goku failed at his God-given task of taking the crown from Mt. Goro-Goro when he was struck by lightning, he thought out this character to teach him the main points of lightning-dodging. He lived by a waterfall in the forest where the Moose family resided. Though he’s large and seems strong, Goku was disappointed to learn that he was actually extremely weak.

A disposer
History:He lives beneath the temple arena on Planet Arlia, and disposes of the soldiers who lose in the arena.
Special Characteristics: He is gigantic, and his body build looks just like that of an Earth insect. He apparently can’t speak, and intimidates people by making horrible growling noises.
Techniques:He attacks by firing beams from his eyes. He is relatively fast for his size, which he uses to close in on his opponent.
Battles: He lost to Nappa in a contest of strength, getting his finger pulled off in the process. In the end he was wiped out by Nappa’s energy bullet. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

Yellow, Captain
A soldier in the Red Ribbon Army
First Appearance: chapter 84
Special Characteristics: He searched for the dragonball in the Karin Holy Land. He has the face of a tiger.
Battles: He took Upa hostage in an attempt to steal Bora’s dragonballs, but was defeated by Goku.

Yellow (Captain)’s Subordinate
A soldier
First Appearance: chapter 84
Special Characteristics: He took part in the expedition to find the dragonball in the Karin Holy Land, with a machine gun in hand and wearing a flight helmet and running vest.
Battles: Bora defeated him in one blow.

An orphan
History:A 10-year old dog-boy. After losing his parents in a tsunami, he was put in an institute, but escape with Pigero and the others and lived in an abandoned building. In charge of getting food, he steals apples and other fruit from the town market, and skillfully rides his bike to evade the police. When he returns to their den, he uses binoculars up on the roof to make sure that no suspicious people are coming. Though he tried to run from the custody workers who came to their den almost every day, he was ultimately captured. (Daizenshuu 3, p.162)

Young Namekians
First Appearance: chapter 252
Special Characteristics: Young people of Elder Muuri’s village. They were off in a somewhat distant field doing farm work when Freeza and co. attacked the village, but they sensed this danger to the village and came running. Their battle powers are all 3,000. For Dende and Cargo, they are strong and dependable older brothers.
Battles: They did a good job taking down the low-level warriors, but were no match for Dodoria, and were cruelly murdered.

A teacher at the air car training institute
History:A teacher at the air car training institute which Goku and Piccolo attended about 3 years before the battle with Cell.
Special Characteristics: A doddering old man who can’t even open a door on his own. As Goku’s instructor, he was quite put out when he told Goku to turn the handle, only to have Goku break it off. He declared that it would take Goku 3 years to get his license. He was deeply moved by Goku and Piccolo’s power when they flew through the air to save a kindergarten school bus that was caught in a landside. He didn’t give them their licenses, on the grounds that they didn’t need them with that kind of power. So in the end neither Goku nor Piccolo got their licenses…

Garlic Jr.’s underling and one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the Demon Clan.
History:A Demon Clansman whose home world is Planet Makyo. Together with Garlic Jr., he plotted to take over the world.
Special Characteristics: He has the smallest body out of all the Four Heavenly Kings. He’s distinguished by the small protuberances on his cheeks.
Techniques:Together with the other Four Heavenly Kings, he puts out a red, net-like super magical barrier. He attacks with beam techniques, and by sinking down into the ground. He attacks with the Heavenly King Tard by firing balls of ki. Etc.
Battles: He performs a double-attack with Tard, but is defeated by Gohan’s Masenko.

Bojack’s underling
History:Previously, she rampaged throughout the universe together with Bojack. She appeared at the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai which Gyousan Money sponsored, and attacked Gohan and the other contestants.
Special Characteristics: She looks like a small, cute girl, but her personality is cruel and inhumane.
Techniques:Together with Bujin and Bido, she has psychic powers which immobilize her opponent.
Battles: She appeared at the Tenkaichi Dai-Budoukai and tormented Gohan and the others, but she was defeated when Bojack used her as a shield during his fight with Gohan. (Daizenshuu 6, p.114)

Freeza’s underling
History:Died in the year Age 762.
First Appearance: chapter 247
Special Characteristics: Freeza’s aide, who serves as his intelligent assistant. Normally he’s a pretty-boy who could be mistaken for a woman, but when he transforms and utilizes his true power he becomes a monster. He loves beauty and so hated to transform. His battle power was around 23,000 in his normal state. It was him who originally suggested that the Saiyans be exterminated.
Battles: He used his trump card transformation to defeat Vegeta once, but didn’t finish him off. This backfired, and he was killed by a powered-up Vegeta.

An alien who was on the fake Planet Namek
History:He tried to fool and Gohan and co. and steal their spaceship. Without a spaceship of his own, he was unable to escape, and waited for someone to land on the planet.
Techniques:He reads Gohan and co.’s memories, and turns into a Namekian. He uses illusions to make the entire planet look like Namek.
Battles: He has low battle power, and was instantly defeated by Gohan and co. (Daizenshuu 3, p.182)

Slug’s underling
History:A Demon Clansman who appeared in the movie “Super Saiyan Son Goku”. He boasted the largest body out of all Slug’s underlings.
Special Characteristics: He has two small horns on his forehead, but this is a special characteristic common to all Slug’s underlings. A pitiful character who was executed merely for saying that Slug was old, which angered Slug (Daizenshuu 6, p.70).

The leader of the children who rode in the mirror-covered spaceship.
History:His home world was destroyed by Freeza’s army, and he escaped in the mirror-covered spaceship. He mistook Gohan and co. for Freeza’s underlings, but saw his mistake when they saved his spaceship after it was caught up in a meteor swarm. When they parted ways, he told Gohan and co. of a shortcut to Planet Namek. (Daizenshuu 3, p.182)

ZTV On-the-Spot Announcer
First Appearance: chapter 394
Special Characteristics: He provided on-the-spot coverage of the Cell Games.
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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Herms » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:42 pm

OK, that should be everything.

In retrospect, there was probably some perfectly rational reason for why General Blue is alphabetized under "B" as "Blue, General", while Satan and Popo are under "M" as "Mister Satan" and "Mister Popo"...but it's been lost to the mists of time.
Kanzenshuu: Is that place still around?
Sometimes, I tweet things
We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Khin » Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:28 pm

This is some long stuff to read,thanks herms :D

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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Drayenko » Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:08 pm

Now I'm curious about Akkuman's sister, Majon.

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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Lord Beerus » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:48 pm

Phenomenal work as always Herms. :clap: :thumbup:

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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by Son Edo » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:03 am

Cool, I've been reading this on the defunct site but this makes it easier to find now.

Blue's hobby being karaoke is just really random and amusing to me.

I also thought TPP was really short like the same height as vegeta but he's 5 foot 10.

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Re: Daizenshuu 7: Character Dictionary

Post by B » Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:57 pm

Son Edo wrote:I also thought TPP was really short like the same height as vegeta but he's 5 foot 10.
Well, most of the people he stands next to are pretty tiny(Goku, Upa, Karin, Red). It's hard to say.
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