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Sachie-chan GOOD!!
Sachie-chan GOOD!! title page from the May 2008 issue of Jump SQ
Sachie-chan Gū! !
Author Akira Toriyama, Masakazu Katsura
Publisher Shueisha (JP)
Viz (EN)
Publication Jump SQ
Demographic Shōnen
Manga Series
Original Run Jump SQ May 2008
(02 April 2008)
Chapters 1
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Sachie-chan GOOD!! is a single-chapter ("one-shot") manga by Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura spanning 53 pages which originally ran in the May 2008 issue of Jump SQ, released 02 April 2008 in Japan. Sachie-chan GOOD!! marks the first entry in the authors' "Galactic Patrol" series.


Cover of the May 2008 issue of Jump SQ featuring Sachie-chan GOOD!!

A young girl — with a poop-shaped birth mark — is visited by aliens who have come looking for strong martial artists. They hope to use these champions to drive away invaders, as the Galactic Patrol has not yet arrived to save them...


Zalid looks over a barren village, sampled from a color page in the original May 2008 Jump SQ serialization of Sachie-chan GOOD!!

A spaceship overlooks a barren village. A young man pages through a book in front of a group of clearly-suffering people. The young man asks if the visitors can restore the land to how it used to be, but alas, while they cannot do this, they can grant anything from the catalog he is holding. Regardless, the young man agrees to go with them, but he is wary about traveling alone and requests that they seek out Momochi-sensei from Japan. The visitors, two octopus-looking aliens, agree to this idea; they will depart immediately!

A middle school girl runs and attempts to jump over the vault during class at school, but simply lands on top of the vault itself. Her teacher is rather disappointed, considering the fact that this young lady, Sachie Momochi, has actually jumped over the entire school building before. A group of boys on the sideline begin laughing at the poop-shaped birthmark Sachie has near her butt. Sachie strikes a fighting pose, frightening the boys. As Sachie says goodbye to a friend, there is chatter about how Sachie apparently gets freakishly strong from time to time.

Sachie begins dancing her way down the street along to the tunes on her digital media player when a spaceship suddenly appears above her. Two octopus-looking aliens exit the ship and, using a tentacle to place a translation device on Sachie's forehead, greet her as aliens from a planet named Octo. Sachie is impressed with how cool the device is, but thinks it would look much cuter as an earring rather than on her forehead. The aliens ask if the martial arts champion named "Momochi" is located around here; Sachie explains that he is actually her father. The aliens are relieved to hear this, explaining that a group of villains called the "Mil gang" have invaded their homeland from another planet; the Octo aliens are a weak and peaceful people, and while they have heard Earthlings have a low level of culture, they are quite strong, and would like assistance in defending their home. Sachie is paying attention and understands they want her father to help, but still finds a moment to sneak a photo with her phone. The aliens are prepared to grant any one item from a special "Gift Catalog: Earth Edition" they have brought along. Sachie flips through the catalog, noting all the cool items such as jewels, clothing, and even breast enhancement. Despite the follow-up from the aliens and a local asking who these aliens are, Sachie continues flipping through the book, landing on birthmark removal as her preferred gift! The aliens wonder if Sachie herself intends to go; she is of ninja descent herself, and might even be stronger than her father! The aliens are excited and relieved to hear this, and the group departs on the spaceship.

The young man from the barren village, Zalid, is already sitting inside the ship. Sachie recognizes the name as the martial arts junior champion, and is excited to be traveling together (to the point of once again jumping in for a selfie on her cell phone). Zalid wonders if Sachie has come instead of her father, and is confused how Sachie is not the junior champion if her strength is indeed to such a level. Sachie busts out some chopsticks and breaks them in half with her hand to demonstrate her strength; she hurts her hand in the process. As the group continues their flight through space, Sachie asks to use the shower. Zalid, meanwhile, questions the Octo aliens about these invaders. They are wanted criminals and are similar in size and shape to humans; the leader is named Mil, with two henchmen named K'cho and Colate who carry weapons. Zalid notes how advanced the Octo civilization appears to be, and asks if there is not some kind of police force to intervene. The aliens explain that their place is very peaceful and has no real concept of "evil", and so while they have put in an official request with the Galactic Patrol, there must be many incidents across the galaxy as they have not yet responded. Sachie exits the shower and asks which gift Zalid has selected; he is still deciding between the beans that will feed the village, or perhaps the seed set. Sachie says she is getting her birthmark removed; Zalid may or may not have seen it as he turns around to look at Sachie...

It seems Sachie is 14 years old, three years younger than Zalid. Sachie presents Zalid with a shuriken... which she found in a closet and has no idea how to use. As Sachie dozes off, Zalid begins to freak out, wondering if it would have been better if Sachie had not come along...

After only about an hour the group arrives at Planet Octo, which sports an atmosphere similar to Earth. The group receive an incredibly warm welcome from the local residents, with the village chief and "Miss Octo" acting as hosts. A bell suddenly rings; it is a warning that the Mil gang has arrived! Sachie panics that they have come so soon, and asks who she believes to be the village chief (she cannot tell the difference between the aliens) to prepare some hot water.

"Lord Mil" and his crew have indeed arrived, and Zalid sets out to confront them. The villains wonder if he is from the Galactic Patrol, but ultimately figure he must just be some kind of bodyguard. Scanning the area, Zalid notes that two of them have guns... Meanwhile, Sachie prepares some instant ramen with the hot water. Mil orders K'cho and Colate to attack, but Zalid handily dispatches them. Mil offers Zalid a position with him, which Zalid has no interest in. Mil has no choice but to kill him, and lets loose with his own barrage of attacks, wondering if the Octo aliens dragged him from some place like Planet Rock or Earth.

The Octo aliens plead for Sachie to do something, and Zalid is getting pummeled by Mil. It has been three minutes, so Sachie downs her ramen; it is a special recipe passed down in her clan that Sachie's grandfather had distilled down to an instant ramen recipe that is tasty and easy to digest, though this renders its effects shortened in time span.

Sachie leaps into battle, slapping Mil across the face, launching him away from Zalid. Mil is utterly unprepared for the severity of Sachie's attacks. Colate sneaks a bear hug from behind to hold Sachie in place to allow Mil to shoot, but as Sachie launches them up into the air, Crate is distracted by Sachie's birthmark... which sends him into a frenzy, believing her to be from the Galactic Patrol. Mil grabs a baby Octo alien hostage, and as Sachie ponders what to do as her time runs out, Zalid remembers the shuriken... and though he only manages to throw it on the ground in front of Mil, this is enough to distract him long enough for Sachie to run in with a full-power kick.

As Sachie, Zalid, and all of the Octo aliens celebrate Mil's defeat, the Galactic Patrol suddenly arrives! Sachie notices the symbol on the patrolmen's suit, which looks suspiciously similar to her birthmark. For defeating the Mil gang, the Galactic Patrol bestows medals upon Sachie and Zalid, which feature their insignia.

Sachie and Zalid are eager to get home, each having decided upon their respective gifts. A catalog can only be used once, so while Zalid's request for the beans is expected (and quite appreciated by the villagers), Sachie's request for the seeds instead of her birthmark removal comes as a surprise.

Zalid is rushed off for a celebration in the village, while Sachie freaks out that it is late, grabs one of the Octo aliens, runs to the spaceship, and sets off for home. Zalid reflects over the village's return to prosperity, while Sachie, enjoying some tea, is admonished at home for being late.


Sachie and Zalid arrive on Planet Octo.
The Mil gang: Mil, K'cho, and Colate

Major Characters

  • Sachie Momochi (百地さちえ Momochi Sachie): A young girl who attends Satoyama Middle School and the daughter of a martial arts master.
  • Zalid (ザリド Zarido): A martial arts junior cup world champion, recruited by the Octo aliens to combat Mil.
  • Mil (ミル Miru): Leader of the Mil gang. When combined with his henchmen K'cho and Colate, their names approximate the full phrase "milk chocolate" (ミルクチョコレート miruku chokorēto).

Supporting Characters

  • Nijūdayu Momochi (百地二十太夫 Momochi Nijūdayu): Sachie Momochi's father, a martial arts champion, referenced only in name.
  • Grandma Ishikawa (石川のおばあちゃん Ishikawa no obāchan): Sachie asks this local resident to keep her impending space travel a secret.
  • K'cho (クチョ Kucho): One of the two henchmen seen in Mil's gang. When combined with Mil and Colate, their names approximate the full phrase "milk chocolate" (ミルクチョコレート miruku chokorēto).
  • Colate (コレイト Koreito): One of the two henchmen seen in Mil's gang. When combined with Mil and K'cho, their names approximate the full phrase "milk chocolate" (ミルクチョコレート miruku chokorēto).
  • Galactic Patrol (銀河パトロール Ginga Patorōru): Peacekeepers of the galaxy, who are apparently too busy to rescue the residents of Planet Octo with any real haste.


  • Mil Gang (ミル一味 Miru Ichimi): A gang of criminals led by "Lord Mil", along with his henchmen K'cho and Colate.
  • Planet Octo (オクト星 Okuto-sei): Home to a peaceful race of octopus-looking aliens under siege by the Mil gang.
  • Planet Rakka (ラッカ星 Rakka-sei): A planet Mil suspects Zalid might be from, if not from Earth. May be a play on the Japanese word for "peanuts", 落花生 (rakkasei), which incidentally also serves as the pun source for Rakasei in the third theatrical Dragon Ball Z film.
  • Gift Catalog: Earth Edition (Japanese Version) Vol. 1 (プレゼントカタログ 地球編 (日本語版) Vol 1 Purezento Katarogu Chikyū-hen (Nihongohan) Vol 1): A catalog featuring various items for Sachie to choose from.


Akira Toriyama's designs for Sachie-chan GOOD!!
Masakazu Katsura's designs for Sachie-chan GOOD!!

Jump SQ editor-in-chief Masahiko Ibaraki had expressed interest in having Akira Toriyama develop a work to be drawn with and for Masakazu Katsura, a manga author himself and longtime friend of Toriyama's. Toriyama called Katsura in the middle of the night to share the news that they would be collaborating, which Katsura thought to be a joke considering he was already serialized with ZETMAN in Weekly Young Jump.[1]

Toriyama enjoyed the storyboarding process of manga creation, though he disliked the inking process, which made the collaboration an appealing choice for him. This proved to be a source of friendly rivalry during production, as Katsura found Toriyama's storyboards to be lacking in any real content with no climax or emotion, yet somehow still progressing with a sense of energy. Katsura latched on to certain aspects in the original draft, such as the despair of the villagers suffering in poverty, that Toriyama did not feel the need to actually follow through on in his storytelling; Toriyama noted that if he let his guard down for a moment, Katsura would bring out some humanity in the story. The original storyboard clocked in at 30 pages, with the final story winding up at a "half-cocked" total of 53-pages. Katsura noted one page in particular having 11 panels, which he felt was abnormal.[1]

Toriyama ("Bird Studo") is credited with the "Original Work" (原作 gensaku), while Masakazu Katsura ("Studio K2R") is credited with the artwork itself (漫画 manga). Toriyama provided character designs and storyboards (including the underlying story), all of which were revised in collaboration with Katsura for the final work.

Sachie herself was envisioned by Toriyama as a sort of modern-day Goku. Toriyama provided initial designs for the spaceship, the aliens, Zalid (who at the early design stage wore a turban), as well as Mil and his henchmen. Katsura provided designs for an early version of Sachie, a revised version of Zalid, the Galactic Patrol, a revised version of Mil with a raygun, and Miss Octo.[1]

The work was originally planned to be named Sachie-chan GOGO!, but this was changed due to the existence of a similarly-named anime series[1] (likely Yes! PreCure 5 GOGO!, a magical-girl series which began airing in February of the same year). "Gū!!" can have several different meanings: it can be "GOOD!!", as suggested by the thumbs-up in the logo, "PUNCH!!" (like Sachie's pose on the title page), or even the rumbling of her stomach (from the effects of the special ninja ramen). While they likely meant the various permutations of グー in the sound effects to reference the title, ultimately, the "GOOD!!" meaning is what is most likely intended here.


Cover of the Jump SQ.M vol.002 compilation magazine featuring a reprint of Sachie-chan GOOD!!
Cover of the Katsura Akira volume featuring a reprint of Sachie-chan GOOD!!

Sachie-chan GOOD!! was originally published in the May 2008 issue of Jump SQ, released 02 April 2008 in Japan, spanning pages 214 to 266. Within this particular issue, each manga series is printed on standard white pages (as opposed to the alternating colored pages typically seen in Weekly Shōnen Jump); the chapter features three full-color pages (two content pages and one title page), with the remaining content chapters in black-and-white. Alongside the Sachie-chan chapter itself, an "Akira Toriyama × Masakazu Katsura: Sachie-chan GOOD!! Collaboration One-Shot Talk" spans pages 8 to 9, and then 267 to 269.

Sachie-chan GOOD!! has been reprinted several times in Japan:

  • The chapter was reprinted in full in "vol. 002" of Shueisha's "Jump SQ.M" (or "Jump Square Masterpiece") compilation magazine released 23 October 2009 in Japan.[2]
  • The chapter was reprinted in full within the Katsura Akira (カツラアキラ katsuraakira) tankōbon-sized volume released 04 April 2014 in Japan, compiling both Sachie-chan GOOD!! and Jiya (each with their color pages converted to grayscale).[3]

Viz included the first 14 pages of Sachie-chan GOOD!! in their Shonen Jump Alpha Yearbook 2013, mailed to subscribers of the company's Shonen Jump Alpha digital manga service, in December 2012. The full chapter was subsequently made available to subscribers in their online account libraries.[4] The translation and editing for Sachie-chan at Viz was handled by Alexis Kirsch and Andy Nakatani, with lettering by Steve Dutro.

Piracy groups "Arienai!" and "Binktopia" released "scanlations" of Sachie-chan under the title "Sachie-chan Guu!!" in 2009.


Example of a Galactic Patroman design from the Dragon Ball Super manga similar to the original design from Sachie-chan GOOD!! and subsequently used in Jiya.[5]

Sachie-chan GOOD!! is the debut work in the ever-expanding "Galactic Patrol" series by Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura. At the time of its publication, Toriyama felt that there was more to be done with the story, and that it perhaps could have been a short-term serial of about 100 pages. Katsura noted that Toriyama took a liking to the Galactic Patrol designs, and that Toriyama could write something in connection with it.[1]

Jiya, a three-chapter series once again produced by Toriyama and Katsura, is the second entry in the Galactic Patrol series, originally running in Weekly Young Jump between 2009 and 2010. In the short series, Galactic Patrolman Jiya arrives on Earth in search of his missing colleague Stece, but quickly finds himself fighting against alien interloper Vampa and his army of giant fleas. Jiya's outer suit sports roughly the same design as the Galactic Patrol as designed by Katsura for Sachie-chan.

Toriyama branched out on his own for 2013's Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, running through 2013 in Weekly Shōnen Jump as a prequel series to Dragon Ball, further expanding upon and revising the lore of the Galactic Patrol. While still sharing some design DNA, the symbol for the Galactic Patrol in Jaco is different than it had originally appeared in Sachie-chan and Jiya.

Toriyama and Toyotarō collaborated on the Galactic Patrol Prison arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga beginning in 2018, which continued to expand upon the lore of the Galactic Patrol within the context of the Dragon Ball franchise.[6] Designs similar to Jiya and the original Galactic Patrolmen in Sachie-chan can be seen in this run.


Toriyama and Katsura's comments from the May 2008 issue of Jump SQ.

Each issue of Jump SQ includes comments from that issue's respective authors. Akira Toriyama's comment in the May 2008 issue is as follows:


I finally got up off my backside to do a comic, but being just the script and all, it was fun!
— Akira Toriyama

Masakazu Katsura also provided a comment the same issue:


I'm exhausted! But I had fun drawing Toriyama-san's story, and that made me happy!
— Masakazu Katsura

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