Published by VegettoEX
08 April 2013, 10:47 AM EDT

If you have been keeping tabs on the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods — as we have! — then you are probably already aware that, in its first weekend, it was doing pretty well! It probably comes as no surprise that it continued that trend in its first full week.

As reported this past Thursday by Cinema Today, the film was set to top one million in attendance on its sixth day, keeping a steady pace from its opening-weekend figures.

As of this past Wednesday (its fifth day in theaters), the film had already reached attendance of roughly 990,000, and was seen as certain to reach 1,000,000 on Thursday (its sixth day), thus making it the fastest movie to reach that milestone this year (in Japan). The precise numbers as of Wednesday stood at attendance of 988,790 and gross revenue of ¥1,146,467,600.

The Cinema Today article goes on to state that other family-oriented films for the spring vacation period, Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum and Wreck-It Ralph (renamed Sugar Rush in Japan), are also doing well. Dragon Ball has many parents taking their children to see the film, but it is also attracting older fans of the series, as well as pairs/groups of women in their teens to early 20s, truly demonstrating its strength across generations.

In addition to totals at the end of the spring vacation period, Toei is looking ahead with great expectations for audience turnout during the Golden Week holiday at the beginning of May.

A recent article from Kōgyō Tsushinsha does not give any hard numbers for attendance or earnings, but shows Dragon Ball Z maintaining its place at the top of the pack for its second weekend.

  1. barunks

    Here’s to hoping the success of this film will inspire a GT remake at the least.

    08 April 201312:20 PM EDT
  2. Chuquita

    *Really hopes this film reaches and exceeds its $ expectations*.
    I want BOG to do well!

    08 April 20131:10 PM EDT
  3. hellspawn28

    The movie will keep on doing well until Super Hero Taisen Z comes out and knocks it out of the box office.

    08 April 20134:38 PM EDT
  4. sangofe

    GT remake… Why in the Lords name a GT remake?! And what’s Super Hero Taisen Z?

    08 April 20134:40 PM EDT
  5. hellspawn28

    Super Hero Taisen Z is a crossover with Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Space Sheriff Gavan.

    08 April 20137:49 PM EDT
  6. bullza

    It’s made $18.7 million in 10 days.

    09 April 201311:28 AM EDT