Sony announced in an e-mail and blog post to members this morning that the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be coming to the Japanese PlayStation Network for rental and download-to-own services.


The film will be available tomorrow (14 December 2013). A purchase of the movie in high definition will run ¥4,000, a standard definition purchase ¥3500, HD rental ¥500, and SD rental ¥400. The HD version can only be purchased / viewed on the PS3; no further distinction is made about how that affects either the PlayStation 4 — which is not actually available yet in Japan — or Vita.

There is also a promotion going on from tomorrow through 15 January 2014 where if you purchase (not rent) the movie through the PlayStation Store, you will automatically receive a Battle of Gods exclusive custom theme for your PS3, as well as be entered in a drawing where six people will win a free download-version of the upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (three for PS3, three for Vita).


Battle of Gods currently retails in Japan for ¥3,990 on DVD and ¥5,040 on Blu-ray (MSRP) for standard editions, with the “Limited Edition” versions running ¥8,190 and ¥9,240 for the same formats, respectively. Various retailers — such as Amazon Japan — do have the film for a lower price, however.

  1. Lance Freeman

    I know the games section of the PSN is “region-by-account”, but what about videos? Can I just create a Japanese PSN account, get a points card from Japan, and get it that way?

    13 December 201310:33 AM EDT
  2. sangofe

    That a hefty prize for a download…

    13 December 20131:38 PM EDT
  3. TheGmGoken

    The game section isn’t blocked region wise. I made a JPN PSN and downloaded tons of games. I assume you can do the same with Videos with a JPN money card .\

    13 December 20133:47 PM EDT
  4. supersayianprime

    I’m fairly certain the video store is restricted by IP.

    13 December 20135:18 PM EDT
  5. milton

    It is, unfortunately, region restricted. The Japanese PSN Store video section isn’t listed at all when viewed in North America.

    15 December 20137:48 PM EDT