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To further add to the confusion about FUNimation’s plans for the rest of the so-called “Ultimate Uncut Edition” and the news about a complete “season one” box set, FUNimation’s official DBZ website is listing volume 10 (“The Saiyan Prince”) with a date of 11 July 2006, and volume 11 (“Goku’s Best Shot”) with a date of 05 September 2006.

Saga1 v10 – The Saiyan Prince
Property: Dragon Ball Z
Release Date: 07-11-06

Locked in the final battle with Earth’s Saiyan attackers, Goku begins to demonstrate the skills and training he received from King Kai. As the world waits in wonder, Goku and the powerful Saiyan Prince Vegeta face off in a destructive battle. Both warriors seem evenly matched, but both are hiding their true strength. Will Goku’s hidden abilities be enough to put an end to this once and for all?

Saga1 v11 – Goku’s Best Shot
Property: Dragon Ball Z
Release Date: 09-05-06

Vegeta and Goku continue their one-on-one battle of strength, will, and determination. Blow by blow, the two warriors seem evenly matched, until Vegeta reveals the secret power of the Saiyans. Gohan senses the danger his father faces. He convinces Krillin that they must return and fight. Finally, Goku is left with no choice except to use the Spirit Bomb, but when that fails he is left at Vegeta’s mercy!

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According to Anime News Network and the man’s official site, Tōru Furuya (Yamcha) will be at Anime Expo this year!

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Episode #0030 of the podcast is available for download! In addition to all the gaming news and regular segments, this week we brought on guest Andrew “Deluxe” Kenney, who is presently teaching over in Japan, to discuss today’s Japanese children and their exposure to and experiences with DragonBall, a show that’s far older than any of them. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Episode #0030! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri discuss all the big gaming news from both sides of the ocean. We also bring on guest Andrew Kenney to discuss his experiences teaching children in Japan, and how today’s Japanese kids are exposed to DragonBall. DBZ ABCs, Meri’s list of best characters in street clothes, your e-mails, and final AnimeNext preparation round out the episode!


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Toei has revealed the DVD Covers for their next three DVDs of the Z Dragon Box individual disc release (and I must say that these covers are absolutely gorgeous). Each of these discs will contain six episodes, covering episodes 143 thru 159, and are set to be released on 05 July 2006.

With the release of Volume #25, all of the individual discs from the first Dragon Box Z have been released.

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Episode #0029 of the podcast is available for download! Everyone loves DVD and video game news! Everyone also loves a good excuse to talk about all the things that DBGT did so poorly… so join us!

Episode #0029! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri discuss the big DVD and video game news from the past week, along with some Shonen Jump features. Also discussed are some of the most intelligent moves characters made during the series… that’s right, they did some smart things at some point in time! DBZ ABCs, Meri’s list of derivative DBGT plot points, your e-mails, and much much more round out the episode!


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In addition to the titles and releases we already knew, our forum member Mike found a few updates on for the domestic releases of a few games.

To break down the important information, it looks like both the domestic releases of “Super Dragon Ball Z” and “Sparking! NEO” are coming in at a very affordable $39.99 price point. In addition to that, “Advances Adventure” is sporting cover art changed from its original Japanese version, but still pretty neat on its own:

GameStop.con is listing the domestic PS2 version of “Sparking! NEO” as “Budokai Tenkaichi 2”, with the Wii version (for $60) as “Tenkaichi NEO”. Interesting. There is still no official Japanese release date for the game, but one can probably safely assume September/October (the last game came out approximately two weeks earlier in Japan than it did in the US).

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Tullece, the Goku-doppelgänger and main villain from the third Dragon Ball Z movie, will indeed be making his first appearance as a playable video game character in this year’s upcoming “Sparking! NEO”. Jeux-France is hosting an image from the latest “V-Jump” showcasing not only Tullece, but his apparent Great Ape transformation!

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Episode #0028 of the podcast is (finally) available for download! If you’re reading this, the site’s back up, and you can actually get your hands on the episode :P. Sorry for the delay! Additional information can, as always, be found in the respective forum thread for the episode, with all links on the “Podcast” page.

Episode #0028! VegettoEX, Julian, and Meri go over all the big news from the week (FUNimation DVDs, remastered Spanish DVDs, Viz name changes). We also discuss what we would each like to see done with the property now that it is essentially done being released in the US. DBZ ABCs, Top 5 Kuririn Movie Moments, and AnimeNext preparation round out the episode!


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One of our newer forum members, theoriginalbilis, originally found some listings on DVD retailer sites back at the end of last month. What were they advertising? A complete DVD box set of the first “Ultimate Uncut”… err… “season”. Details were not well known.

But now they are. Apparently, FUNimation will be releasing a 5 DVD set (yes, that is only five discs) on 26 September 2006. What is the insane part? It is only $50. That is right, the same ridiculous amount of discs that are not even done coming out yet are being re-re-released in September on fewer discs for a horrifyingly low price.

Both RightStuf and has listings, the latter complete with an image of the box.

Do with that information as you will, and read what everyone’s been saying about it.

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Special thanks to sangofe on our forum for bringing it to our attention, and then Conan for translating it all for us. Here is a little bit of information:

Two discs will be rocking in this first volume, similar to that of the Cabala of the Zodiac (which included 8 collectible editions). Overall, 36 releases, presented/displayed in sexy double cases (covered with a cardboard cover), and this will comprise the four basic sagas; each one’s cover sporting a distinctive color. This’ll divide DragonBall Z into the respective Saiyan, Freeza, Cell and Majin Boo arcs.

The image quality of these editions is taken from the original masters without censorship, as well as has been re-mastered to offer the best possible visual quality. Not to mention, the inclusion of the original language, the diverse additions, and Castilian subtitle track. We, the distributors, confirm that we’re working on translating this directly from the Japanese version to accomplish the greatest possible quality, with respectable accuracy to the original dialogue.

Extras include some video game openings, OP/ED karaoke versions, image galleries, tons of audio tracks… this is definitely something to keep an eye on! The original news can be found over at