Podcast Episode #0156
Published by 21 December 2008, 8:17 PM EST

Episode #0156 of the podcast is available for download! Despite a couple minor mentions of the live-action movie, the episode is actually available on time! We brought on Marc (The Fanboy Review) to discuss FUNimation’s new Dragon Ball GT “season one” DVD box set.

It seems like quite a different monster than the Dragon Ball Z TV “season” sets, but is it ultimately worth it in the end? We cover everything from the video encode, to the audio tracks, to what has been removed or inserted. Definitely check it out.

That is not all we have for you, though. Marc has broken some some hilarity with the menus (which we mentioned during the podcast episode), so here are some versions for laughs. The first one here is a typical menu from the DBZ TV season sets. Note that the video on the DBZ sets is anamorphic widescreen. The menus are matted/letterboxed in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Here we have the DBGT season set main menu. Note that the video on the DBGT sets are 4:3. The menus have been added to (based on the same template as the DBZ ones) and are stretched to super-widescreen.

Finally, we have a fun little video for you to check out. On the show we discussed FUNimation’s marketing campaign back in 2003 for Dragon Ball GT, and how these box sets are almost an apology, or at least a convenient “forgetting” of the past. With us being Dragon Ball superfans that do not forget anything, we are happy to provide some more chuckles with a little comparison video.

Do not misunderstand us — while we have zero interest in watching FUNimation’s dub of the series, we absolutely adore that they went back and did dubbed versions of the songs. However, the real losers in this situation are the entire fanbase. Once again, FUNimation has further fragmented their market. By not simply including them in the first place five years ago, now the dub fans do not even have an option to get their “Step Into The Grand Tour” for an opening, and are happily proclaiming the original songs to be “gay”.

ERRATA: Just to clarify a couple things, it sounds like the name “Mr. Satan” is indeed used at some points in the English dub tracks on this set. Was the “uncut” GT dub inconsistent with this? Also, the set goes to episode 34, which is indeed not the complete Baby arc. That would be through episode 40, and even Super Saiyan 4 Goku does not really show up until episode 35…

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