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Big thanks to tinlunlau for the info and links on this one. Dragon Ball Kai apparently began airing in Taiwan back on January 1st. A localized website with a quick trailer is available for viewing — it looks like the dub kept the original Japanese performances on the theme songs, which is a nice touch.

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Big thanks to our buddy sangofe for keeping up on this one. After not being on television for around a decade, the Dragon Ball Z TV series is back on TV in Denmark, airing Monday through Friday at 2:30 pm. The series was originally dubbed up through around the point that Goku turned Super Saiyan. A quick synopsis of the series is up on

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Both CDJapan & Amazon Japan are listing the upcoming Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack IV as coming on 23 March 2011, a delay of exactly one month from its originally-listed date.

Dragon Ball Kai Complete Song Collection appears to still be on-track for release 23 February 2011, though.

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FUNimation has issued a bit of clarification to Anime News Network regarding their streaming of the Dragon Ball franchise. While the original press release noted that FUNimation had obtained “exclusive rights to the U.S. and Canadian online streaming” of the series, the versions that went live this month eventually went with a standard Hulu player that locked viewing to only the United States. While the company does indeed have Canadian streaming rights, they do not currently have “a vehicle in that region.” Sorry, Canadians — I would not hold my breath.

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WorldScreen lets us know that Argentina has some Dragon Ball-branded dinnerware coming their way courtesy of Daysal, while GC Properties will be bringing out scooters and some other accessories. Over in Mexico, Falcom will be releasing a new batch of stickers and albums (we presume “album” to be “sticker albums” rather than a music album). Over in Chile, Richtext will be bringing out a new line of towels.

Latin America has certainly been in the news somewhat frequently over the last couple months, with plenty of licensing news back in July 2009 and a minor fandom “revolt” over Kai voice re-casting this past September.

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The Amazon Japan listing for the upcoming Dragon Ball Kai Complete Song Collection now has cover art:

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We are back after missing a week with a quick catch-up episode. The last two weeks worth of news all gets covered this episode, as well as some of the more recent written content here on the site — FUNimation’s re-release of the first Dragon Ball movie (reviewed last week), and our complete review of the Kokoro no Hane CD single. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0245! VegettoEX and Meri talk a little bit about FUNimation’s re-release of DB Movie 1, the “Kokoro no Hane” CD single, and more. Two weeks worth of news, February’s jam-packed releases, and your e-mails round out the episode.


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Big thanks to Super Sonic on our forum for the heads up on this one! Viz’s American version of Shonen Jump will be hitting its 100th issue next month, and in celebration, none other than Cross Epoch will be presented!

Cross Epoch was a single-chapter collaboration between Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda (author of One Piece) originally published in 2007’s #4/5 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump in Japan (which was actually released Christmas Day at the end of 2006).

The one-shot featured various characters from both the Dragon Ball and One Piece universes all teaming up and going on wacky adventures together, culminating in a giant tea party with Shenlong. No, really. Giant tea party.

The last Dragon Ball spin-off to be featured in the American Shonen Jump was Neko Majin Z 5 back in the October 2007 issue (though the chapter number was removed, leaving any uninformed readers with no idea that it was part of a larger story).

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I figured February’s Kai releases might be the last music we would see for a while, but leave it to Japan to prove me wrong!

A soundtrack for Raging Blast 2 (LACA-15111) is due out 23 March 2011 in Japan for ¥3000. No track listing details are available just yet, and we usually do not expect them until shortly before the disc’s release. By itself this is not surprising news, but is moderately interesting if you look back just one game prior.

Europe received a “Collector’s Edition” of the first Raging Blast (PS3/360) in 2009. Part of the giant package was a bonus soundtrack disc which contained 29 tracks (though the opening theme, “Progression”, was not among them). Beyond this European-only inclusion, no soundtrack for the game was formally released, even in Japan.

Europe also received a “Collector’s Edition” of Raging Blast 2, though this edition did not come with a soundtrack disc.

Other than CD singles with opening theme songs, the last game to receive a full soundtrack was Infinite World two years ago back in January 2009 — last year’s Wii game did not receive a soundtrack, and portable games generally do not get soundtrack releases.

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FUNimation has indeed launched their online streaming for the franchise, beginning with the first fifteen episodes of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. As previously reported, these episodes are based off their orange brick “season set” masters (which includes all extraneous smoothing/filtering, cropped image, etc.). A bit of clarification, though — while the episodes are available subtitled in their original Japanese format, the corresponding English versions do not feature the North American broadcast music, but instead feature the original Japanese score from Shunsuke Kikuchi.