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Episode 128 // 02 November 2014
It Looks So Dumb?!
Special Training: The Fusion Pose!

Wasted Wisher has not led us wrong in the past yet, so we have faith that the trend continues!

The upcoming “refreshed” version of Dragon Ball Z being produced in HD for Japanese television (now called Dragon Ball Kai, so we will just call it that from here on out) will apparently have the following new content going for it:

- A brief look at the last moments of Bardock and Planet Vegeta
– An overview of young Goku’s growing up years (Dragonball, the pre-Z period) up until his triumph over Piccolo at the Tenkaichi-Budokai.
– The all-too-brief and yet still somewhat triumphant return of FARMER WITH A SHOTGUN!

And sadly (although that really all depends on how you look at things…)
– Goku’s winky has disappeared!

That’s right, through the miracle of “we’re just not gonna draw it anymore”, Li’l Goku is no longer going to be allowed to show off “Even Littler Goku” on TV. But don’t worry, they won’t do anything so blatant as to digitize tighty-whiteys on him.

We are pretty confident with the inside-scoop, but we will see for sure how it plays out on April 5th.

VegettoEX4:18 PM EDTNews

We know about Dragon Ball Evolution coming for the PSP in the next couple months (March in Japan, April in the US), and we know about Dragon Ball Z Story coming for the Nintendo DS in the spring over in Japan.

Anyone interested in another new game?

While we can not confirm any additional details right now, we have it on good authority that yet another Dragon Ball game (note that we’re talking the original DB… no Z or GT here) is in the works right now, and it is a Wii game. Furthermore, it sounds like it will be based around the Red Ribbon Army arc.

The last we heard anything like this was way back in July 2004 when a URL and description for a so-called Red Ribbon Army Saga game for the GBA popped up on Atari’s website. It was quickly taken down, but it would certainly be interesting to see if the idea was being revisited five years later on a new platform.

Hujio4:06 PM EDTNews

The cover art for the final set of Dragon Ball The Movies individual discs have been revealed. The final set includes the first three films, “The Legend of Shenlong” (DB Movie 1), “The Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle” (DB Movie 2), and “Mystical Great Adventure” (DB Movie 3), which are all set to be released 13 March 2009.

So with that, all of the Dragon Box individual discs have been released, minus the TV specials and bonus material. It would be nice if they actually released the three TV specials, but I guess we can not ask for everything. Although we say goodbye to these monthly updates, we can look forward to having weekly Dragon Ball Kai updates starting in April!

It appears that the new “refreshed” version of Dragon Ball Z will actually be getting its very own title, as confirmed in this week’s Weekly Shōnen JumpDragon Ball Kai. Toei will be dropping the “Z” and replacing it with “Kai,” based on the kanji 改, meaning “renewed” or “revised”.

There is not a whole lot of additional information, but you will notice that the two screen shots in the image are indeed semi-cropped, similar to FUNimation’s “faux”-remastered box sets. Keeping in mind that Toei’s promotional materials for the “Dragon Box” versions of the movies are all shown in 4:3 despite the products being 16:9, we should not yet jump to any conclusions. At the same time, it will/would be incredibly disheartening to see Toei go such a cheap route. However, we did receive word from our buddy Wasted Wisher way back when that:

it seems that TOEI is going to be re-drawing some scenes from Dragonball for broadcast on high-def tv. The touch-ups will include some re-done background art (most likely to broaden certain scenes for widescreen)

Will it be a combination of cropping and actual extension, as opposed to FUNimation’s sets which did not create actual new footage? I suppose we will have to wait until April 5th…!

Check out a new trailer for Dragon Ball Evolution (the game for the movie) over on Game Trailers. It is fully in English, but it is technically the Japanese trailer for the upcoming PSP fighting game based on the upcoming live action movie.

Be amazed at the “KamayamaYA!” pronunciation among a couple halfway-interesting things like “character” and “story”. Moderate sarcasm aside, I am going to have to get this damn PSP fixed so I can review the game in the coming months.

VegettoEX2:52 PM EDTNews

Our buddy sangofe has let us know that France is going to be seeing a new DVD box set release for the Dragon Ball Z series.

Here is a run-down on the info for this release:

  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Distributor: TF1 VIDEO
  • Number of DVDs: 17
  • Episodes: 001-117
  • Price: €170
  • Release company: AB VIDEO
  • Release date: 19 March 2009

All episodes have been remastered from scratch and are presented in the correct 4:3 aspect ratio by a team of fans at AB France (we are unsure which film masters were used). The parts of the French dub where there had previously been some type of censoring have been replaced with the Japanese soundtrack with subtitles. The voice actor for Goku (as opposed to the Japanese version’s own narrator) recorded all of the episode title card narrations, where none previously existed for this dub. The Japanese version will be included in addition to the French dub. Finally, next-episode previews are included, but will only appear with Japanese audio.

Go France!

VegettoEX2:51 PM EDTPodcast

Episode #0164 of the podcast is available for download! This week Meri and I discussed those few hints at “love” we see in the series, and the relationships that form this love. Trust me, you have to dig pretty deep to find this stuff in a shônen like DB, but there are some bits here and there. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0164! VegettoEX and Meri go it alone this week to discuss the (few) hints at love we have in the DB series. The various couples, the courting, the marriage… oh, it’s so romantic! Except it’s really not, so we have to dig pretty deep to find these hints. Little bits of news, February’s releases, and your e-mails round out the episode.


VegettoEX12:23 PM EDTNews

We have known that the game is due out 19 March 2009 over in Japan (not to mention the general Asian version of the game, as well), but now we have confirmation of an American release date. Amazon is listing a $39.99 price point for an 07 April 2009 release date — just in time for the movie, itself. You can hear a first-hand account of the game from our buddy Bryce over on the most recent podcast episode from his play-through up at New York Comic-Con.

Hujio4:20 PM EDTNews

Toei Animation’s Official Dragon Ball Z website has posted a statement confirming the “revival” of the Dragon Ball Z TV series:



“Dragon Ball Z” TV Anime Revival!

20th anniversary of “Dragon Ball Z”! The legend of Z returns with the newest digital technology!!
Broadcasting will begin Sunday, April 5, 2009, at 9:00 am, on Fuji TV!
More information will be posted at a later date!

Nothing we do not already know, but at least it confirms we will be getting some more information at some point, though it doesn’t confirm exactly when that will be. The sooner the better, I say!

The announcement of the upcoming “refreshed” version of Dragon Ball Z gave an air date and time of 05 April 2009 at 9:00 am, which is the time slot currently held by GeGeGe no Kitaro. has reported that Toei will in fact be dropping GeGeGe no Kitaro (which is actually the fifth television series by the same name) in order to make room for the upcoming premiere of the “refreshed” Dragon Ball Z on April 5th. This basically confirms the fact that the show will be airing every week.