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23 April 2012, 11:49 AM EDT1 Comment

Originally announced back in August 2009, France finally received a proper home release of the first Dragon Ball series spread across two giant collector’s edition DVD box sets, with the second set seeing its release back in May 2010.

Taking a card from FUNimation’s play book, it seems AB Video will be re-releasing the series in smaller, lower-priced sets. All three sets will be released 07 May 2012 and retail for 29,99 €, compared to the 149,90 € each the original two collector’s edition sets went for. As with the original two sets, the Japanese version is included with French subtitles, though since an uncut French dub was never produced, that particular track switches to the original version where it had been edited in the French dub.

Despite Dragon Ball Kai airing in three different incarnations over there (original Japanese + subtitles, uncut dub, edited dub), there are still no hints about a home release for the “refreshed” Dragon Ball Z TV series.

Thanks to our buddy sangofe for the heads-up.

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23 April 2012, 10:23 AM EDT1 Comment

Originally announced back in late 2010 and more formally launched almost a year ago in May 2011, the Japanese, arcade-only, multiplayer fighter Zenkai Battle Royale has still been getting consistent updates, including the most recent revision which includes two new playable characters: Mr. Satan and Majin Boo.

Mr. Satan participates, believing all the fancy energy attacks and such to be a trick (much as he did in the original series). Amazingly (and heading into even more gag-character territory), ki attacks and energy beams have no effect on him. His attacks include high-powered guided missiles, a remote-controlled bomb, “I just remembered some urgent business!”, and “Number One!” — this last one allows him to recover his strength from the cheers of his fans.

Boo’s special ability is to replicate others’ attacks just by watching. The only special technique he starts out with is “chocolate beam”, which turns the opponent into chocolate and allows him to regain strength by punching it (if other players hit the chocolate, it also recovers his health). However, after seeing an opponent’s long-distance energy attack, he can use “Kamehameha” to replicate it, and seeing a close-range physical technique, can replicate it using “Boo Rush”. Additionally, if his health goes below a certain point, “Angry Explosion” activates, causing the people around him to be engulfed in an explosion.

This is still no word on a possible home release of the game, and with Dragon Ball Z for Kinect looking to be this year’s exclusive home console game, Zenkai Battle Royale may be sitting another year out.

Thanks to Super Saiyan Prime for the heads-up.

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Europe has an interesting history with the Dragon Ball franchise. Countries like Spain, Italy, and France imported the series early on and have been enjoying it for many years with multiple home video releases. The UK has always been the odd-man-out over there, though — despite the entire series airing on television via an English dub, it never stuck around, and never received a proper home video release. Manga Entertainment is looking to finally change that with their release of the Dragon Ball Z TV series via FUNimation’s orange bricks. Jerome Mazandarani, Manga’s Head of Marketing & Acquisitions, joins us to talk about what took the series so long over there and where they hope to go from here.

Episode #0296! VegettoEX and Hujio discuss a little bit of international news before taking it over to an interview with Jerome Mazandarani, Manga Entertainment’s Head of Marketing and Acquisitions. The “Dragon Ball Z” TV series is finally seeing a home release in the UK, but what took it so long to come out, and where can the series go from here?


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While the larger story is more relevant to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, 4Kids’ proposed assets sale to (what appears to be) Saban-owned KidsCo Media Ventures LLC includes a couple interesting tidbits relating to Dragon Ball, and more specifically the North American TV broadcast of Kai.

(…) all of Seller’s rights under the Dragon Ball Term Sheet dated March 15, 2010 between 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and Toei Animation Inc., represented by Funimation Productions, Ltd, as amended by a letter agreement dated February 16, 2011 (“DBZ Agreement”), relating to the Dragon Ball Z Kai series

(ddd) “Library Assets” means (i) 26 episodes of Cubix; (ii) 52 episodes of Viva Pinata; and (iii) 52 episodes of Dragon Ball Z, each episode of which is listed on Schedule 2.1(p).

Fans had noted how the CW4Kids/Toonzai broadcast of Dragon Ball Z Kai recently went back to the beginning of the series after concluding the second “season” at 52 episodes; it appears that this is all that 4Kids had licensed of the show thus far, as opposed to Nickelodeon and Nicktoons who had licensed and broadcast the entire run through the end of the Cell arc.

The situation somewhat brings things around full-circle for this portion of the series in North America, however — it was Saban that handled TV syndication for FUNimation back in 1996-1998 with the first two “seasons” of the English-dubbed Dragon Ball Z TV series, which consisted of approximately 68 episodes edited down to 53 episodes. It gets complicated with the “alternate” English dub in the 2000s created primarily for the European market, but what is often referred to as “the Ocean dub” was always just FUNimation themselves in charge, albeit out-sourcing voice, music, and distribution talent at the time to various other companies (Ocean Studios, Shuki Levy, Saban, Pioneer, etc.).

If this assets sale/transfer goes through according to plan, Saban will be in control of the same portion of the series (as well as a little further than before) they originally handled with FUNimation sixteen years ago, and with a similar overall situation: FUNimation in charge of actually producing the show, but working with other television networks and providers to get the show on the air.

To be clear, this is all sub-license talk for the TV broadcast of Kai — FUNimation themselves has primary control of the overall franchise (via Toei) in North America up through at least 2015.

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19 April 2012, 2:11 PM EDT1 Comment

A commercial for a Portuguese-subtitled broadcast of the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Kai has made its way online courtesy of our buddy Puto:

The commercial is quite an odd one — it is a subtitle parody (a la our 2004 Dragon Ball AF prank commercial) with the original Japanese audio intact, but with the Portuguese subtitles reading as a conversation between Goku and Raditz about what the series is and what to expect from it.

An English translation of the “conversation” has also popped up on our forum. It seems as if the TV station SIC Radical over in Portugal will be airing the show, and the video masters appear to be coming through France.

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18 April 2012, 8:19 AM EDT5 Comments

The press embargo for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z for Kinect lifted yesterday, so in addition to its debut trailer, many news outlets are pushing out their hands-on impressions and such.

As expected, the game will contain over 50 characters and over 100 unique moves. It will also include one “never-before-seen” character — plenty of guesses and speculations are running rampant already, but we can probably guess that said character will likely tie in with the “exclusive anime content” we know to be included with the game, which Enos noted as debuting in the US and Europe for the first time.

The game will of course be played primarily in first-person, but as shown in the trailer, will shift to third-person for certain attacks. There are two different modes of play coming in the game: a standard story mode (where you progress through opponents and story line elements), as well as a score attack mode, which was the one shown off to press last week at Namco-Bandai’s Global Gamers Day. There is no multiplayer currently planned for the game.

Thanks to Super Saiyan Prime for the heads-up.

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17 April 2012, 11:48 AM EDT13 Comments

Namco-Bandai EU has put up the first official trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z for Kinect (Xbox 360) on their YouTube channel:

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A lot has changed since 1984 — Dragon Ball has since come to an end, anime episodes are readily available worldwide hours after they are initially broadcast, and manga is now both drawn and published digitally! With all these great leaps in technology over the past few decades it was only a matter of time before manga artists adjusted their techniques and methods. Can the change in Akira Toriyama’s artistic styles really be attributed to his embracing of the digital age, however, or was it merely a choice on his part? Join us as we delve into the perverse creative process of Toriyama to find out just what his development process for the Dragon Ball manga was, and if it was really all that different from his current methods.

Episode #0295! Hujio and Corey discuss Akira Toriyama’s creative process, from how he drew the “Dragon Ball” manga series during its serialization to his current drawing methods. Many fans attribute the changes in Toriyama’s artistic style to the differences in his drawing methods, such as the addition of a computer to digitize his manga, but are the methods from these two eras really all that different from one another? Can the addition of a computer really make that much of a difference?


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It is our pleasure to announce that the “Lyrics” section now contains all songs used in the Dragon Ball Z theatrical films, as well as all insert songs from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai TV series. As with the lyrics we showcased at the launch of Kanzenshuu earlier this month, those which previously existed on Daizenshuu EX have been enhanced with the original Japanese text and new translations, and all of the lyrics from both prior websites have been reformatted to our new-and-improved look.

In doing so, we have also gone ahead and added the remainder of the songs we were missing from both sites (several Z and Kai insert songs, and the ending theme to Evolution); this means we now have lyrics available, in Japanese, Romaji, and English translation, for every last Japanese song actually used in an official Dragon Ball production, both animated and live-action.

Those of you familiar with our former incarnations will note that there are still several Japanese songs previously on Daizenshuu EX that we have not yet re-posted here; these will be coming in another update within the next few weeks. If you are familiar with what they are, however, you will find a hint as to just what that update will contain. Meanwhile, we will be continuing to bring the other sections of Kanzenshuu back online, with content old and new alike. Stay tuned….

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11 April 2012, 1:59 PM EDT16 Comments

Namco-Bandai is holding a “Global Gamers Day” press event in Las Vegas today, and among a few other announcements came a few of interest to Dragon Ball fans. Our buddy Romain from France is there, and shared a bunch of information.

The first hint of things to come arrived via Gamekult on Twitter, who shared the following image of some swag which clearly indicated some Kinect news on its way:

After a bit of Star Trek talk, Namco-Bandai moved on to the Dragon Ball franchise and formally announced Dragon Ball Z For Kinect, which would indeed contain thirty minutes of exclusive animation (which we originally learned about at the end of February with the British Board of Film Classification’s rating). Characters can be unlocked via QR cards, some of which were distributed to press at the event. The game will be playable from a first-person perspective, have over 100 moves to perform, and is due out in October.

Other than a historical reel of past Dragon Ball video games leading up to the Kinect game announcement, no other games for the franchise were announced or showcased.

The October date may mean that the “Dragon Ball Z HD” listing from Walmart may actually be related — since originally posting the news, Walmart has removed the PS3 listing for said game while the 360 listing remains active. We will continue to update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Romain sent along a couple quick shots of the QR card he received.

Additionally, FUNimation themselves were the ones to issue the press release formally announcing the game this evening:



SAN JOSE, Calif. (April 11, 2012) – Leading video game publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced that Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect™ will be coming to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft this October. All of the classic action and intensity of the Dragon Ball Z universe will be felt with an unprecedented sense of immersion when players learn to deliver over 100 moves, including the legendary Kamehameha with their own fists as they charge their way to victory in this ultimate evolution of the classic franchise.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd, players will be entering the Dragon Ball Z universe in an entirely new way. Featuring iconic characters, famous attacks, and epic battles authentically created from the original manga series, Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect lets players unleash their inner Super Saiyan with no controller in the way! Fans will also be treated to new anime footage debuting in the US and Europe for the first time, along with over 50 playable characters and an entirely new character. Leveraging the Kinect sensor, Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect will also support QR code functionality, allowing fans to hold up special QR codes to unlock characters and power-ups in the game.

“There’s going to be no better feeling in the world for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series than standing in front of their screens and unleashing their own fists and raging blasts upon enemies with this game,” said Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, NAMCO BANDAI Games America. “The Kinect sensor has truly enabled the development team to finally realize the dreams of millions of fans of both the classic games and the timeless original anime. This game will truly represent the next generation of interactive entertainment in the Dragon Ball Z universe.”

Choosing between ‘Story Mode’ and ‘Score Attack’ mode, players will enjoy battles and events following the story of Dragon Ball Z in first-person view for the first time. Dramatic battles use anime-style camerawork and require the player to move in the same way as their character and perform the same attack or movement from a particular famous scene, combining CG demo scenes and battle controls to experience giant boss battles like never before! In ‘Score Attack’ mode, defeat opponents in 1-on-1 battles to get the highest score!

Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect will be available throughout North America and Europe this October. For more information on the game, please visit: and

Dragon Ball Z the animated series is available for purchase on the Xbox LIVE Video Store. For more information about the animated series please visit