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Since yesterday’s reveal of the upcoming bonus DVD containing both Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans and Episode of Bardock, the official Saikyō Jump website has been updated with this information, noting that the March issue will go on sale 03 February 2012.

The latest issue of Saikyō Jump also notes that the magazine’s featured manga will begin receiving tankōbon releases 03 February 2012. So far only releases for Chopperman (One Piece spin-off) and Rock Lee (Naruto spin-off) have been announced, which are set at ¥400 (~$5.20) a piece. Oddly enough, there has been no mention of Dragon Ball SD or any other main series being released.

This lack of a tankōbon announcement for Dragon Ball SD could be due to said series being produced in full-color (as opposed to most of the other spin-offs), or it could simply be the same as every time we never knew whether or not the next issue of the magazine would even have a chapter of Dragon Ball SD — they just do not announce this stuff in a timely fashion!

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C21Media is reporting a new deal between Toei Animation and Nicaragua’s Televisora Nicaraguense that will bring the original 153-episode Dragon Ball TV series to the TV channel. It comes as a part of a multi-franchise deal that also includes both modern and newer franchises alike, such as One Piece, Slam Dunk, and Saint Seiya.

The article does not list any type of time frame or language options, so you fans out there from Nicaragua (and we know you are out there!) will have to let us know what eventually goes down.

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As initially reported on French anime news Twitter account (@manganewsjapon), the March issue of the recently monthly-relaunched Saikyō Jump will be packed with a bonus DVD that contains both the 2010 Raging Blast 2 feature Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans as well as the recent animated adaptation of Episode of Bardock, as previewed in this month’s issue (February 2012) of the magazine:

The March issue goes on sale 03 February 2012, and should be available at all the usual online retailers — we will be sure to post up a few links as soon as they pop up.

Saikyō Jump is also home to Dragon Ball SD, the spin-off manga by Naho Ooishi, who was also responsible for the original manga version of Episode of Bardock.

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2011 sure was a strange year. As you will hear us talk about during this week’s show, none of us could have predicted all of the shenanigans that would go down with the franchise these past twelve months. What were the top stories, how did our (and your!) predictions from last year turn out, and what’s on deck for the future? Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0283! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian ring in the new year with a look back at the past twelve months. None of us could have predicted what 2011 would bring us: a music fiasco with “DragonBall Kai”, a new Blu-ray transfer from FUNimation, an all-out Bardock media assault, and so much more. How did our predictions from last year turn out in light of all these major stories, and what do we (and you!) think is on tap for 2012? Here’s to 14 years of Daizenshuu EX, and another gazillion more with our favorite franchise!

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Episode of Bardock has been an interesting ride. You have read the manga and our review; now you have watched the anime and can listen to our review! This week the crew dives into the animated adaptation of Shueisha’s Bardock marketing blitz. How does it differ from Naho Ooishi’s original manga version, and does it stand on its own?

Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

It was December 24th in Age 762 that Goku became a Super Saiyan and defeated Freeza. Have a wonderful Super Saiyan-filled holiday weekend!

Episode #0282! VegettoEX, Meri, and Hujio review the anime adaptation of “Episode of Bardock” from Jump Festa 2011. How does it differ from Naho Ooishi’s original V-Jump manga version, and does it stand up on its own as an enjoyable feature? “Ultimate Blast” Japanese launch details, new cover songs, and your thoughts on “Episode of Bardock” round out the episode!


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Last month, Sayaka Sasaki released her debut album entitled sympathetic world (LACA-15174) on the Lantis record label in Japan:

As a special bonus, and presumably due to the convenience of residing on the same record label, a bonus cover version of the second Dragon Ball Z TV series ending theme (“Boku-tachi wa Tenshi Datta” / “We Were Angels”) is included featuring backing vocals from original performer Hironobu Kageyama himself.

The album is currently available for just under $40 on CDJapan or ¥3000 on Amazon Japan. The song can also be purchased individually for ¥200 via the Japanese iTunes Store, though it will require a Japanese credit or gift card.

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Toei Animation’s “Anime Jan” retail website is now offering a free stream of the Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock anime adaptation until 28 December 2011, at which point you will have to begin paying to watch it. However, unlike other websites, this stream is not region-locked and is available worldwide, of course with no subtitles. The only requirement is that you have the latest version of Microsoft’s Silverlight installed. For those of you with legal concerns, I will note that this is a completely legal free stream provided by Toei, so enjoy it to your heart’s content while you can!

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Announced in conjunction with this year’s Jump Festa in Japan this weekend, the anime adaptation of Episode of Bardock is set to be streamed online for a limited time beginning 19 December 2011.

The “Bandai Channel” page unfortunately features some video content that will not play outside of Japan due to IP restrictions. While the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour special was streamed online globally (and subtitled in multiple languages), this may not be the case with Episode of Bardock.

It should be noted that, as of this update, a blurb lower on the page about the streaming availability notes the 19th as being a Wednesday, which is not accurate (the 19th is a Monday; the 21st is a Wednesday). The most prominent splash notes Monday the 19th.

A preview of the feature was shown at Jump Festa this weekend in 45-50 minute blocks. A flyer handed out at the advanced screenings details the online availability, along with character profiles and a few screen shots from the special (photo courtesy of Radittsu0395). There is nothing confirming earlier rumors that a TV broadcast of the new anime will taking place in April 2012. However, it has been confirmed through various Japanese blogs that Masako Nozawa did return to voice Bardock and that Chilled was indeed voiced by Ryusei Nakao (Freeza, Coola, Tambourine).

Episode of Bardock was a three-part manga series penned by Naho Ooishi as a “sequel” to the character’s original TV special from 1990. One chapter per month was published in V-Jump, Shueisha’s video game magazine in Japan, over the course of August, September, and October this year.

UPDATE: The online streaming version of the animated Episode of Bardock adaptation became available on the “Bandai Channel” website at noon on December 19th in Japan, and is indeed region-locked.

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Ultimate Blast (which we received internationally last month as Ultimate Tenkaichi) launched in Japan this past week on 08 December 2011, and the first week sales are in.

The game managed to push 44,593 copies on the PS3 (no 360 sales are reported, as per the norm for Japan and this franchise’s games) between its release date on the 8th and the reporting period’s end date on the 11th.

Last year, Raging Blast 2 pushed 47,610 copies its first week, itself down almost 10,000 copies from the prior year with the original Raging Blast.

Amazon Japan is filled with interesting comments from fans in its home land. While the few five-star reviews are short and to the point, the 57 one-star reviews (out of 100 total at this time) are moderately lengthy, occasionally praising the graphics, while noting “the bad” as “everything else”. Almost every single review notes the rock-paper-scissors basis of the game, something we discussed at length a few weeks back on our podcast while reviewing the game.

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This week on the show, the dynamic duo of VegettoEX & Hujio go it alone to answer a never-ending slew of your questions. From deserted islands to mysterious Blu-rays, from name pronunciations to new fans, and from new web series to old dōjinshi, we cover just about everything there possibly is to ask with this franchise. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0281! VegettoEX and Hujio cover a tiny bit of hilarious-yet-confusing Korean political forecast news (yes, all based around DragonBall) before diving into an endless ocean of listener questions. From deserted islands to mysterious Blu-rays, from name pronunciations to new fans, and from new web series to old doujinshi, we cover just about everything there possibly is to ask with this franchise.