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Dragon Ball Chōgashū: Super Art Collection (09 May 2013)

Introduction by Akira Toriyama

It’s really kind of inappropriate to be saying something like this as my comment for an illustration collection, but I didn’t put that much effort into the art in the work of Dragon Ball.

Although I’ll be in a bind if people come back at me with, ‘So you mean you drew your other works properly?’ (^ ^)

At any rate, in this manga, I put the most emphasis on expressing movement, and I consciously (?) tried not to be too particular about the art.

Thanks to that, I myself think I was probably able to bring out a sense of speed on the screen.

This is my excuse in the event that I’m found out, [and people start saying] ‘Is this art really good enough to be putting out an illustration collection?~’

Even now, I’m continuing my studies, so please try to be kind.

To those of you who have taken a look, and especially those of who have purchased [this book], thank you very much.”

— Akira Toriyama

English Translation: SaiyaJedi