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Dragon Ball Daizenshuu Volume 7: Dragon Ball Large Encyclopedia

A Thank-You From Akira Toriyama

So many, many people have helped me out with Dragon Ball through the years. Obviously, there are the fans from all over the world who’ve cheered me on. And I’m particularly indebted to my three editors (Torishima-san, Kondo-san, and Takeda-san). Then there’s everyone involved with Shueisha, the comics, the special collections, the animation, TV, movies, toys, games, merchandise, events, etc. And then there’s my wife, family, and friends, all of whom I am tremendously indebted to. Goku and the rest of the characters all did their best, as well. I truly am a happy man.

Thank you all so very much!!

Come to think of it, even though I’ve received tons of fan letters and presents from everyone, I’ve never written anyone back. How rude of me! Let me take this opportunity to apologize: I’m sorry.

Well anyway, farewell.

 — Akira Toriyama, December 1995

English Translation: Herms