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Katsura Akira (04 April 2014)

Author Comments

We’re a pair of middle-aged friends who only feel young. I thought we’d probably be able to get along well doing a comic, but neither one of us gave an inch. Still, that’s fine, too.
— Akira Toriyama
The typical Toriyama-san is a big character who doesn’t make you at all aware that he’s a great master. It’s a wonderful thing, and I greatly respect that. So even in the collaboration, I gave him my opinions as I pleased, and had quite a bit of fun doing it. However. Now that it’s become a book like this, looking at it calmly and objectively, I am intensely ashamed of this title!! What’s up with “Katsura” coming first? What’s up with that??
— Masakazu Katsura
English Translation: SaiyaJedi