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TV Anime Guide: Dragon Ball Tenka’ichi Densetsu

Narration / Kaiō…as voiced by…Jōji Yanami

Kaiō felt really lovable, and I was able to enjoy playing him. (Yanami)

How did you end up handling narration duties?
The producer requested me specifically. It was the same with the role of Kaiō. I’m truly thankful for everyone’s many years of support!!
In doing the narration for such a long period, over 10 years, did things like your manner of expression change at all?
At first, it was like a monologue, but I gradually came to do more ordinary narration. That way was more interesting. Because of that, I tried to use a rather restrained tone of voice, but it was a struggle at times.
What sort of impression did you have of Kaiō, and how did you go about making the role?
With the way he looks, I didn’t have a good idea of what sort of personality he had, so I thought he would be impossible for me to play. Because of that, at the beginning, I interpreted him as a weirdo according to his appearance, and played him that way. But along the way, the story began to show a “god worried about the fate of the universe” aspect to him, rather than just a pun-loving old man, so I gave serious thought to how I should go about distinguishing both aspects in my performance. Also, that Kaiō felt really lovable, and I was able to enjoy playing him.
In your view, Yanami-san, what sort of character is Son Goku?
He’s so human that you wouldn’t think he’s an animated character. If he actually existed, I’d want him to be my son. (laughs)

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English Translation: Julian