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V-Jump December 2013 (21 October 2013)

V-Jump Cartoonists’ Museum


A mega-rare project to approach the cartoonists of V-Jump, who are normally shrouded in a veil of mystery!! There might even be some seriously awesome information!!
From the perspective of the supervising editor,
“This is what’s great about Toyotarō-sensei!”

Supervising editor: Daisuke Terashi
More than anything, he has some serious skill with art in Toriyama-taste!!

Author of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission
Toyotarō-sensei Profile
Born: 17 May 1978
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
Debut Work: Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission
Favorite Manga: Dragon Ball
Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts series

We’ll approach the cartoonist’s true circumstances with a Q&A!!
Iyoku’s direct questions!!
Editor-in-Chief Extraordinaire Iyoku asks Toyotarō-sensei directly

Please tell us what caused you to aspire to become a cartoonist.
I don’t know the precise reason. Ever since I was a kid, I kept on drawing manga with Dragon Ball’s supporting characters as the protagonists. In elementary school, junior high, high school, university… and even after heading out into society, I continued drawing, and then luck smiled on me. It’s like a dream, honestly.
Please tell us the secret to drawing well.
I think it’s probably to draw a lot… I’ve drawn while thinking that.
What person/work/etc. has had the greatest influence on your manga?
Naturally, it’s Toriyama-sensei and Dragon Ball. Rather than “influence”, it’s more like my life in manga itself. However, what definitely caused me to become aware of my own style was the serialization of [The Brief Return of] Dr. Slump and Cashman in V-Jump, by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru-sensei and Tadayoshi Yamamuro-sensei.1
Please tell us your number-one favorite hero and heroine from cartoons around the world.
That would be Son Goku from Dragon Ball and Ai Amano from Video Girl Ai.
When you draw illustrations in the style of Toriyama-sensei, what are you most careful about?
I of course try and make it resemble [Toriyama’s work], but since I’m drawing borrowed characters, I’m careful not to make the readers feel a sense of dissonance, or become unhappy, through the facial expressions or dialogue.
Who is your favorite Dragon Ball character?
Son Goku! I don’t know why anymore! I love him!
What is your favorite special technique from Dragon Ball?
The Kamehameha. Sorry for continuing with the predictable answers. (^^;) The naming, the pose, the way it’s fired: everything about it is so simple, yet so original! Just by doing the motions, people all the world know that it’s the Kamehameha. It’s the absolute coolest!
Please tell us the deck you use for Dragon Ball Heroes!
It’s got things like HG2-53 Gogeta, GPB-15 Paikuhan, PBC4-05 Gotenks, HG3-CP5 Janenba, and HG1-52 Dr. Mu; I gather up 10 Hero Energy in the first round, then then take the first turn in the second round using Dr. Mu’s system hacking and do a super unit technique, and such. It feels good when I pull it off. It seems that I can’t really use it in practice, though. (^^;)
If you could have a wish on the Dragon Balls, what would you wish for?
I guess I’d really have to go for “immortality with eternal youth”. If it’s OK to add conditions, please allow me to add, “I can die if I truly want to”. It’d be the worst to end up like Garlic Jr., after all. (>_<)
A message for the readers of V-Jump!!
Thank you very much for your constant support. Just like I’m sure all of you are, I’m also one fan who really likes Dragon Ball. I’d like to go on making one part of the Dragon World, together with all of you! Please [keep on giving me your support] in the future, too.

Send your fan-letters to Toyotarō-sensei
Attn: “Toyotarō”
V-Jump Editorial Dept.

The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

1 Nakatsuru drew both mentioned, while Yamamuro drew the V-Jump version of the New Dr. Slump TV series. These were adaptations / continuations of series created and originally drawn by Akira Toriyama.
English Translation: SaiyaJedi