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ヤモシ (Yamoshi)
Name Pun Bean sprouts
Created by Akira Toriyama
Classification Saiyan Characters
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Yamoshi is a Saiyan with a righteous heart from a time before the Saiyans conquered Planet Plant, renaming it Planet Vegeta. Everything known about Yamoshi comes from supplemental material[1] as he has yet to appear in the manga or anime, but his story retroactively serves as background for the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and its subsequent adaptations.


The "Dragon Ball Vol. S: Saiyan Super Strongest Comics" supplemental pack-in booklet which accompanied the January 2018 issue of Saikyō Jump; thus far, this booklet's "We Asked Toriyama-sensei! Saiyan Special Q&A" interview serves as the only primary source regarding Yamoshi.

Yamoshi and five comrades started a rebellion; when cornered by combatants, Yamoshi became a Super Saiyan. Though this transformation and fearsome fighting style shocked the other Saiyans, Yamoshi was outnumbered, eventually wore himself out, and was defeated. After this time, Yamoshi's spirit wandered in continuous search of six righteous-hearted Saiyans, seeking a new savior: Super Saiyan God.[1]

Beerus began his search for Super Saiyan God by perhaps picking up on information about Yamoshi's spirit in his prophetic dream. Information regarding Super Saiyan God is recorded in the Namekian Book of Legends due to the elder Namekian who wrote it sympathizing with Yamoshi's spirit.[1]


Yamoshi's name is likely a play on bean sprouts (もやし moyashi). This name source was previously used in the 2016 Nintendo 3DS video game Dragon Ball Fusions for an original Saiyan character named Yashimo (ヤシモ Yashimo).


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