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Kanzenban Official Guide: Dragon Ball Landmark

Surprise Project!!

We suddenly asked him in the middle of dinner!

What kind of person is Akira Toriyama?!
We went right ahead and asked Sensei all kinds of questions about his personality!

Q1: What do you now hope to accomplish now?
I guess I want to complete this plastic tank model.
Q2: Is there anyone you hold in high esteem?
I suppose it’d be my wife. I get the feeling that I can’t win against her taste and knowledge.
Q3: Are you picky about food?
I have absolutely no preferences when it comes to food.
Q4: What animals do you like, and which do you hate?
The ones I like are amphibians, and after that dogs or cats. Rodents are the only ones I dislike, but I’m getting over it now that my kids made me get a hamster.
Q5: If you were to sum up your personality in a few words?
Not even I understand my personality.
Q6: Do you like girls?
“Girls”, you say? I like them! I love them! But it’s tough for me to communicate with them, ever since way back when…
Q7: What kind of girl do you like?
I like assertive, masculine ones. After that, I like girls who wear glasses ♥. Glasses-girls1 sure are great!
Q8: Recently, have you had moments when you thought you were perverted?
I’ve always thought that. (laughs) Like when I unexpectedly see someone’s underwear… or when I sometimes see something perverted on a video or the internet. And I also love perverted stories ♥.
Q9: What did you do with the pair of panties2 you once received from a reader?
I hung them up for a while, but they got yellow with tobacco stains, so I threw them away. (laughs)
Q10: What do you use as background music while you work?
I don’t like music that much… I put on the TV. But I often play things like fast-tempo disco, or QUEEN. I’ve liked those since way back when.
The following translator notes are included for the benefit of the reader as supplemental information.

1The term “glasses girl” is a straightforward way to describe females who wear glasses, especially when it is considered their most attractive trait.
2Akira Toriyama first mentions that a fan sent him a pair of panties in his Weekly Shōnen Jump commentary that went along with Chapter 27, and the comment was later reprinted in Daizenshuu 7.
English Translation: Herms