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Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Opening theme to the PlayStation 2 & GameCube game Battle Stadium D.O.N




Shiho Aiyoshi



h. ueda 

h. ueda



Hironobu Kageyama, Hiroshi Kitadani

Translator’s Note:
This song was used in the Dragon Ball / One Piece / Naruto crossover game Battle Stadium D.O.N, partnering Dragon Ball Z stalwart Hironobu Kageyama with iconic One Piece singer Hiroshi Kitadani (of the opening theme “We Are!”, and more recently, “We Go!”). (As Naruto relies exclusively on commercial tie-ups with mainstream artists, it had no one to represent the series musically for this game.)

As this song (along with its lyrics) was never officially released outside the game, what follows has been transcribed by ear. Information on its composer and lyricist was taken from Hiroshi Kitadani’s official web site. We welcome any additions or corrections from individuals close to the production.

Lyrics in Japanese
Romanized Japanese Lyrics
Lyrics in English
ほら 始まっちゃうよ 遅れないよう
Hora hajimatchau yo okurenai yō
Look, it’s starting — don’t be late
ばっちりと決めたら 勝ちにゆくぜ
Batchiri to kimetara kachi ni yuku ze
When I decide for sure, I move to win
おい そこの君 誰だっけ?
Oi soko no kimi dare da kke?
Hey, you there — what was your name?
まあ 戦うなら どうでもいいさ
Mā tatakau nara dō de mo ii sa
Well, if you’re going to fight, it doesn’t matter
Nan datte ari no sekai
A world where anything goes
Genkai nante arienai
There’s no such thing as limits
You don’t give up (______________)
You don’t give up (_______________)
___________ (___元気さ)
___________ (____ genki sa)
戦いは___ ぞくぞくしちゃう
Tatakai wa ________ zoku-zoku shichau
The battle ________ shivering with excitement
I don’t give up (いつもスパーク)
I don’t give up (Itsu mo supāku)
I don’t give up (Always sparking)
________ ()
________ ()
________ ()
Minagiru pawā wa maji de zekkōchō
This charged-up power is seriously awesome
So we are fighters!
So we are fighters!
So we are fighters!
English Translation: Julian