New Rumor Guide Additions: Super Saiyan Pan & Akira Toriyama’s “Battle of Gods” Involvement
Published by 23 May 2024, 11:55 AM EDT

The “Rumor Guide” has been a consistent favorite of staff and visitors alike here at Kanzenshuu — the entries are a blast to put together, and they each act as an authoritative, one-stop-shop with verified original research and (generally!) definitive answers. As part of the guide’s latest update, two new entries have been added!

RUMOR: Pan Can/Can’t Turn Super Saiyan

While we have never actually seen Pan turn into a Super Saiyan, different supplemental guidebook statements and production staff interviews seem to contradict each other. Had either the Dragon Ball GT story continued, or perhaps in the as-of-yet-still-undetermined future of the franchise, could Pan have ever transformed…?

RUMOR: Akira Toriyama Created Battle of Gods in Response to Dragon Ball Evolution

While Akira Toriyama did later become more involved in productions in part due to Dragon Ball Evolution, the fact of the matter is that Battle of Gods was already in development at Toei Animation without Toriyama to begin with!

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