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Published by 28 February 2006, 9:15 PM EST

Our next bit of big news comes to us courtesy of our friend Sean “Onikuno” Forster:

I was at Megacon today and spoke with Lance Heiskell the Funimation rep. I asked him the obligatory “what’s up with DB eps 1-13?” question. But this time I learned something new.

According to Lance, when Funimation set up the original contract with Kidmark who is now owned by Lions Gate, it was put in the contract that Kidmark would own the rights to those episodes indefinetley. Meaning they would always have distro rights.

The good news is that Funimation has NOT GIVEN UP. What they may have to do according to Lance is that they would be able to work out a deal where they would give a percentage of profits to Lions Gate. They are intent on making this happen. When this will happen is still up in the air.

After… how many years has it been, exactly?… we finally have confirmation that FUNimation is indeed trying to do something about it. It would not surprise me that all of us asking about the darn episodes convention after convention after convention finally got them to realize we want to purchase the episodes!

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