“Dragon Ball Kai” First Episode Titles
Published by 18 March 2009, 5:24 PM EDT

The April schedule for Dragon Ball Kai was printed in this month’s issue of V-Jump, which included episode titles for the first four episodes. It should be noted that the titles for episodes 3 and 4 have “tentative” titles, and are subject to change:

April 5th ~ Episode 1
“The Curtain Opens on the Battle! Son Goku Returns”

April 12th ~ Episode 2
“The Enemy is Goku’s Older Brother!? The Secret of the Saiyans, Strongest of Warriors”

April 19th ~ Episode 3
“Goku and Piccolo’s Strongest Tag-Team! The Fierce Battle Against Raditz (tentative title)”

April 26th ~ Episode 4
“Son Goku is Dead… Fierce Training in the Afterlife and Living World! (tentative title)”

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