FUNimation Calls Wal-Mart DB Season 1 Listing a “Mistake”
Published by 13 June 2009, 10:11 AM EDT

FUNimation has officially stated that the Wal-Mart listing for Dragon Ball: Season One (Widescreen) is a “mistake”. Things still seem a little too fishy based on the comment we received from Lionsgate and the original Saga of Goku sets mysteriously becoming unavailable on retailer sites. While the commonly-accepted “Lionsgate’s rights expire in 2010” nonsense is nothing more than just that — nonsense — based on random Wikipedia edits, we may see some additional developments sooner rather than later. Keep in mind the runarounds in June 2006 when information about the first DBZ remastered “season set” leaked via online retailers.

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