Anghelo Called Out As A “Pirate”
Published by 13 December 2009, 8:52 PM EST

The one bit of new news covered this most recent podcast episode comes to us courtesy of Ayelén. You may remember the news back in August about a certain “Anghelo” claiming to be the official performer for the Spanish versions of the Dragon Ball Kai theme songs. The website ANMTV has back-and-forth debates with Anghelo, Eduardo Garza (the local voice actor for Kuririn), and even Toei Animation by way of their Latin America marketing director, Eduardo Lucio. Long story short, Garza called Anghelo out as being a “pirate” that did not have the rights to perform these songs, which were followed by legal threats from Anghelo’s production company, Magic Sound Records, who stood by their remarks that Anghelo had the rights to this music. In comes Lucio with an official statement that Kai is in no way licensed at all for any production outside of Japan, which includes its music:

“At the moment, there’s no authorization that allows the existence of any official product”

You Spanish folk can read the latest story bits on ANMTV, but it seems to be pretty resolute for the time being. It will be interesting to see if Anghelo or Magic Sound Records come back with any further nonsense.

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