Podcast Episode #0234
Published by 30 September 2010, 11:23 PM EDT

We have not had an opportunity to crank out a show in the last couple weeks, so hopefully this makes up for it! Our buddy Hujio sat in with me to talk about all the news we have been covering this month, along with your feedback on the Ano-yo’ichi Budōkai filler arc from last podcast episode. Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Episode #0234! VegettoEX and Hujio catch up on all sorts of news. We have home video release details, “Raging Blast 2” character updates, censoring and racism, the Vegeta refrigerator, and a ton more. October’s releases, your Ano-yo’ichi Budōkai feedback, and all sorts of other nonsense rounds out the episode.


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