Two New “Dragon Ball Kai” Insert Songs
Published by 13 December 2010, 2:52 PM EST

Hot on the heels of episode 82’s new insert song inclusion last month, this past weekend’s episode 85 of Dragon Ball Kai featured not one, but two new insert songs.

“My 18th Magic”, performed by cAnON., played on the radio in the background of a scene with the Son family and Kuririn driving along, shortly before it is announced that the army is about to take on Cell.

“Seru Gēmu no Oshirase” (“News of the Cell Game”), performed by Kenji Ōtsuki, played during Cell’s retaliation against the army.

Both songs recently appeared on the new album Dragon Ball Kai Soundtrack III & Songs, though (like “Tatta Hitori no Senshi” before them) there was no hint that any of the three new vocal songs would eventually end up in the show. Check out our review of Soundtrack III & Songs back on Episode #0237 of our podcast.

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