Two New (Final?) “Dragon Ball Kai” CDs in February
Published by 07 January 2011, 2:58 PM EST

It seems as if these are only just starting to make the rounds to retailer listings! Amazon Japan currently has pages for two new Dragon Ball Kai CDs, both due out the same day in Japan on 23 February 2011, and both of which have heavy implications for the fate of the “refreshed” version of the show:

Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack IV will be a single disc retailing for ¥2960, and while a track listing has not been divulged, it will likely follow the style of November 2009’s Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack 2 with TV-sized versions of the opening and ending themes, along with a decent amount of background music from the show (see: Amazon Japan).

Dragon Ball Kai Complete Song Collection is another single disc which will contain all eleven tracks from the previously-released Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection (sans-“Complete”) from November 2009. In addition to those songs, it will also contain the three new vocal songs (all also used as insert songs in the show) from this past September’s Dragon Ball Kai Soundtrack III & Songs, as well as the current ending theme, “Kokoro no Hane”. The track order has yet to be finalized, but those will indeed be the contents of the disc. The disc will retail for ¥2625 (see: Amazon Japan).

One has to wonder that with the word “Complete” tossed into the title and having a release date so soon after a prior compilation, does this add fuel to the fire of speculation that Kai is indeed coming to a close before it reaches the Majin Boo story arc?

It is unfortunate to see a collection add a mere four songs to what already exists as a disc, which I can only speculate is another last-ditch grab at their audience.

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