“Zenkai Battle Royale” Official Japanese Launch
Published by 25 May 2011, 9:07 PM EDT

After a lengthy test release, Zenkai Battle Royale is finally making its way to arcade spots throughout Japan, starting in 392 locations across 46 regions. It debuts today with a marketing push across Twitter (following their account and tweeting #zenkai_wget) to gain access to Vegeta with his Saiyan arc scouter, while playing with Namco-Bandai’s “Bana Passport” (a card to save statistics and progress) gives you access to Goku in his outfit from Planet Yardrat.

Playable characters in the game’s launch are Goku, Kuririn, Vegeta, Freeza, Piccolo, #16, #18, Trunks, Cell, and Nappa.

The launch is not without its issues, though. The game’s official website has a large posted notice indicating that players are receiving errors stating, “Your Bana Passport card or cell phone is being used by another game machine”. The company is looking into the issue.

Thanks to Rachel for digging into some of the tidbits for us.

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