Manga Entertainment Says UK DBZ Release Not Happening
Published by 24 August 2011, 1:50 PM EDT

A couple days ago, observant fans noticed a listing on the British Board of Film Classification website that contained four bits of Dragon Ball Z material, all with names and run-times similar to the DVD extras present on the first DBZ “season set” FUNimation released in North America back in 2007. The materials were attributed to the UK-branch of anime distributor Manga Entertainment. Was a legit release of the series finally on its way to the starving British fans?

Alas, Manga UK has confirmed in multiple tweets that fans should not bother getting their hopes up, with quips such as:

@ukanime Love how u guys add 1 and 1 and get 3. Just some DVD trailers on a Madman PAL disc we r using. (source)

@desmondbale Madmans DVDs. We sometimes get their trailers and extras. They r the Aust disti for DBZ. (source)

Sorry, all you folks across the pond — looks like you are still best off importing the Dragon Box sets from North America!

Oh well. You’ll always have Big Green.

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