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Published by 08 February 2012, 11:59 AM EST

Perhaps in light of the recent news that FUNimation has (after only six months from the original project announcement) suspended all work on their own in-house Blu-ray remaster of the Dragon Ball Z TV series, FUNimation has put up a new survey indicating they are interested in releasing additional Dragon Box versions of the franchise, and are requesting fan input on which series to go with next.

The “Dragon Box” versions of the franchise were originally released in giant DVD box sets in Japan from 2003 to 2006, and later re-released on individual DVDs — it was actually the first time the series (other than the movies) ever received a home release in Japan. Toei and Pony Canyon went back to their film masters for the franchise in cold storage and performed a meticulous remaster for the expensive products.

FUNimation released the Dragon Ball Z TV series in its Dragon Box form (spanning seven smaller boxes) in North America from 2009 to 2011 shortly after completing their cropped “season set” run. As a part of the initial press release back in July 2009, FUNimation noted (emphasis our own):

…it has acquired the original masters for the entire Dragon Ball Z anime series, episodes and films, and will release all as the Dragon Box for the first time in the U.S.

Nothing was ever stated about the movies after that point, and inquiries were always met with the (expected, of course) answer that the current focus was on the TV series.

It is worth noting that FUNimation’s blog entry for the survey has the following disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: Now, before anyone starts to go into conniptions, this is not a guarantee that we will be releasing more Dragon Boxes. At this point, we are considering it. But, we need input from all of our fans. So, if you want to see your favorite Dragon Ball saga get the Limited Edition Dragon Box treatment, make sure you take this survey and tell all your friends to take it too. The more responses we get, the better.

So with all that being said, take the survey and let them know what you are interested in!

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