“Episode of Bardock” Receives Two New Pages in “V-Jump”
Published by 29 February 2012, 9:03 AM EST

We really dropped the ball on this one. Despite receiving the issue about a week ago and flipping through it briefly, we totally missed something pretty neat.

The April 2012 issue of V-Jump was set to receive a reprint of Episode of Bardock, Naho Ooishi’s spin-off sequel manga to Bardock’s TV special from back in 1990 (itself tied in with various Dragon Ball Heroes updates and other merchandise). Originally published in the August, September, and October 2011 V-Jump issues, the three chapters came, went, and led in to an anime adaptation.

What we were not expecting was the fact that the manga reprint would receive new material! An additional two pages were added to wrap things up; instead of closing almost directly with the defeat (and likely death) of Chilled and the passing-down of the Super Saiyan legend, similar to the anime adaptation, these new pages cut back over to Bardock and the residents of Planet Plant that he just saved (and, for some reason, Bardock heroically walking off into the sunset):

The April 2012 V-Jump issue is currently sold out on Play-Asia, but is still available via Amazon Japan.

We have a full review of the original version of the manga over in our “Reviews” section here on the website, and we also gave it a shake-down back on Episode #0271 of our podcast — we also reviewed the anime adaptation back on Episode #0282.

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